The dead Greely.

It was a normal day in Animal Jam, I logged on and started dancing in Jamaa Township saying:


But then, out of nowhere a wolf came beside me. He was a normal colored wolf, but he had a golden nametag with the name "Greely."

He said, "Stop! You can't do this!"

I ignored him and went to visit the animals in Mt. Shiveer. A few alphas were watching, along with Greely. He covered his eyes and whispered through everyone's computer speakers,

"This is a fatal mistake you are all making!"

The ice started multiplying into more little bits, this time more than it ever cracked before. A few animals screamed, as they ran off. A fox with the name Count Majorclaw fell in along with his pet cheetah. My jammer somehow grabbed his paw and pulled him out, and the ice below my jammer's feet shaked violently. My animal pushed Count Majorclaw onto the normal snow as all the animals on the ice fell in, making a large splashing sound. The room changed to a water room which was a waiting room to let the real room load. A Hyena named Flora Icytoes said,

"I'm gonna drown!!", she said.

Many jammers laughed with the animated laugh emotion only for members, as non-members just said "HAHA!" in the chat box. But many animals were turning blue, no PURPLE! They were drowning, but then all the animals floated down into a mirror like ground, as everyone sank through it. In there was a shop-like room, which had lots of cool stuff in it. Luckly everything was free, so I went onto a shopping spree. There was free membership givers, rares, betas, plushies, furniture, and dens. I looked in one of the clothing shop areas and in the end was a banned item, which was said to look inappropiate on pandas. Skullies, I was amazed. I bought one and looked at my clothing list. I had bought so many rares. But then, we were pulled into a void. Many animals screamed as we were sent to Jamaa Township, but was empty, and blood was everywhere. There were eyeballs, internal organs, crystal-impailed alphas, but the creepy part was that it was more Realistic than your average pixels. Greely, one of the dead alphas, looked up and at his internal organs, as he said

"I warned you." to all of the jammers.

The jammers were stuck there, as Count Majorclaw ran into Jamaa Township, his animal watching in horror. Count Majorclaw encouraged all the animals to go into the ditch he was watching from. I didn't go, as even Fman122 ran into the ditch. He said he took a break from hacking today. My animal screamed as Greely got up to his paws, as blood dripped from his torn stomach. His eyes were pitch black, with a tiny red iris. The eyes were dripping black blood, as I screamed as well. The other jammer's watched in horror. Greely tore my animal's head off, as Blood Red pixels came rushing from the neck. Greely looked at me through the screen, and I felt breathing on my neck. My heart pounded fast, sending a message to my brain saying

"DON'T, TURN, AROUND." Then the next thing I knew was that my headphones were pulled off and thrown at the floor, as someone whispered in my ear...

"Don't break the ice. Not even once, period."

To be Continued.

-Author's notes-

"Wow, I can't believe I made a creepypasta and it turned out to be good! I can't believe this is my first Animal Jam creepypasta, as I love reading these stories!"