The legends and the rituals -

Duchess was walking around Jamaa, when all of a sudden she sees a weird looking fox-Black with red spots, and white eyes. Who would do this kind of design? He sent me a buddy request, but my buddy requests are off? Strange. With a blank mind, I accepted it, not knowing he was a hacker. After I accepted, he went to my den.

I went to my den, and I saw he was sitting down, doing nothing, just staring. The other eerie thing was, he was a non-member fox. I asked him what he wanted, and he responded with "Your soul.". My eyes widened and I made my lynx back up. He got closer, he started getting creepier, and creepier as he got close. I quickly unbuddied him. I then unlocked and then locked my den and went to Nile. 'That guy was weird...' I thought to myself. My mom called me up to go to the store and I followed.

-----Hours later-----

I was finally home, and I went on Animal Jam again. When I tried to get back on, it said 'This account does not exist'. I was freaking out---Who could've deleted my account?! Suddenly, out of the blues, my computer restarted. When it loaded up, things didn't look normal... My wallpaper was my lynx, but tore up to pieces. I also had nothing, except a file called "This isn't working.."

I clicked it, and it opened up Notepad. It said this:

"It isn't working, he's inserting himself. We can't delete the file, if we do, we would have to get another computer. I'm planning on shutting down Animal Jam. I originally tried to make a new feature, but I scrapped it because it made him keep living. I deleted it, but it wasn't exactly deleting... It just moved to another folder.. It broke my computer, and I had to buy another. Let's try to cover this up."

I was terrified. "ANIMAL JAM IS SHUTTING DOWN?!" I screeched, worried, mad, and sad at the same time. I searched my computer for Firefox, and I found it! I opened up Firefox, and tried to log in again. It worked, but things weren't exactly normal... Nobody was on any server, and only 1 person was in my den. I went to my den, and I saw the fox. I told him to leave me alone, but he was still there. I checked my settings. My den was locked, and the fox was not my buddy either! It suddenly turned all black, and all I saw was my lynx, and his fox. I tried to X out of the tab, but it wouldn't do it. I was scared at this point. I called AJHQ, thankfully, they responded.

"Hello, what is the problem?"

"There is this weird fox..."

"Please describe this fox."

"Black, red, and white."

"Oh no.."


"He is a hacker, he can find out your personal info.."


"We can't do anything, he just keeps coming back."



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