The lost bird flock ( yes this is a creepy pasta, it isn't rlly scary though!)

It was just a regular day of a animal jam, me trading, jammers scamming, and drama. I LOVED the new Animal Jam update! Artic foxes were here and I LOVE them. I was being my arctic fox, Spirit Icygem. I decided I would be my level 11 eagle. I flew around in the big forest in Jamaa Township. ( top right corner, must be a eagle or owl to go there ) Then I saw a TON of eagle jammers flying towards me. I wondered, "How did those jammers come out of the other side of the screen?" That's when a female white and gold eagle came towards me and said," Can you help us? Me and my flock are terribly lost." I looked at her animal nametag and her user was, Unknown. I looked at another eagles nametag and his user was, Unknown. I answered her question, " Sure! Where are you and your flock there heading?" Well at least there eagles had names. The gold-white eagle name was Blossom. Blossom said, " We are heading SW to find our eagle alpha, Empress Theleader. Had you seen him?" I said," Well no, do you know his username?" The pack all looked confused and a male white blue bird with white stars said," What do you mean by, username?" I said," You know, the username how you log in.." I didn't get to finish my sentence cause that's when Blossom said something, she said," Well, we don't know what you mean by username, we just want our alpha back so he can lead us back into the wild! These pesky jammers (P.S. None of these things I say our real! There just for the story. Sorry if there is some typos! Its just for entertainment.) our controlling us, making us wear silly items!" Another white and black eagle says," Making do things we don't want!" I spoke up," Pesky jammers? I don't know what your talking about.." Blossom," Oh no..... Your being controlled to our you." I said curiostly, " what do you mean? Im a jammer playing AJ when you guys just happened to be here!" Blossom," Don't worry Snowflake! WE WILL SAVE YOU FROM YOUR HORRIBLE LIFE!!!" I said," wait what?!"

Snowflake got knocked out and the pack took her to a special place....

:wakes up: "Huh? where am I!" I said confused. My eagle was chanied to a tray what they use in hospitals. There was a big bright light hanging from above. To the left, there was a knife, a stick, a bowl, a needle (those shots), a spoon, duck tape, a red marker, a feather, and some blood. That's when Blossom the gold-white eagle came to me.

Blossom says," Don't feel so tough now huh, jammer?! You will let this eagle go! I said confused," What do you mean?! Isn't this a childerns game?! It isn't now!" Blossom," Don't worry Snow, we will fix you."

That's when the sight I was looking at moved! It moved towards a corner showing Blossom, 2 eagles, myself, and all the other things around me. I tried to speak or type, it wouldn't work. That's when one of the eagles says," What are we going to do with this feather?"

Blossom," Oh, let me take care of it. She had a smirk and glare on her face when she looked at me. I had a feeling that told me it wasn't good. Blossom went towards me and tickled my eagle with the feather. I saw my eagle starting to use the laugh emotion. The other eagle plucked one of my feathers off and tickled in the middle of my legs. (the kidney spot, DONT ASK! My big brother was here and dared me to for 3 quarters. What can I say?) I saw my eagle bursted to tears while laughing. I kinda felt sorry for it. I wanted to log out but, it wouldn't let me. Then Blossom said to the eagle who was tickling me to keep doing it while she got out duck tape. Well, every once in a while it would let me type. So I responded but it came out weird since my eagle was laughing, " hah hah wha- what are y-you d-d-doing whith ha ha th-brahh th-e duck tape?! :bursts into laughs:" Blossom," To keep you quiet while we do some, arrangements, she said evilly. General (the eagle tickling my eagle) Stop tickling her for a momento." She then put duck tape over my beak so I couldn't say anything anymore. Darn!

Blossom," You can start again now." She got out a red knife and marker, and she made a red mark on my eagle's stomache. (Oops! Forgot to say what colors I was. The head color was white and the other color was grey. I have red lighting bolts as my pattern) I started to freak out in real life at what she was gonna do. She cutted on the 'X' mark and got something out of a drawer. Blossom pulled out a piece of metal and put it inside Snowflake. I could see my eagle, tears running down its face from the cut and piece of metal SLIDING inside of her. I could see the chains vibrating from my eagle. Blossom then got out a piece of thread and a needle. (the sewing type) She started sewing my eagle together. Then Blossom got out the needle ( the shot kind ) and put some black-red blood in it. She stabbed it into my eagle's wing. That's when my AJ screen blacked out. I re-logged on my account. I spawned in my den, that was a new one. When I saw my eagle, I screamed. :large scream noise from a 4th grade girl: My eagles eyes were pitch black with red black blood dripping down. I could see that the metal went to the eagles wing bone. I could hear little laugthers from the tickling that went like, :its screechy and high pitched little he ha he ha: he he he hah hah hah phant gasp he hah ha hah. That's when I said something on my aj character," Okay B-blossom, y-you......... win.

That's why I logged off and bad things started happening. I sprained my ankle, broke my arm, and my tear came out red. That's when, I gave up.........

:duhn duh duh!!!!!:

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