Chapter 1: The adventure begin

It's a day before halloween, the 3 adventurers Lucky, Precious and Sparkle found a castle deep in the forest, it's really old, they believe that there's a treasure inside, Precious go in the castle, Lucky and Sparkle wait outside, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes.... he's still inside. Sparkle worry about him..

"Maybe he stole the treasure and hiding it somewhere" - Lucky says

"You don't worry about him? If he is hiding the treasure, it wouldn't have take him too long, hide a treasure only take 5 to 10 minutes"

"what if the treasure were big???"

A jammer stand on the castle's roof, looking down on them but they don't see him, they leave the castle, they don't know they got a curse with them, a horrible curse.....

Chapter 2: The lost jammer

At midnight, the lost jammer 'kidnapped' Precious, he can't log out and can't shut his laptop down. He yell "what do you want from me? why don't you just kill me??" but he don't say anything, he do nothing but stand there and stare at him.

His friend, Little Strongjammer.... a hacker, he knew this'll happen, he know what the curse it, but he will never tell

"You would've died if you have  the curse, see the skull over there? You're next!" - Little says

Lucky wake up in a beautiful day, at least that's what he think....

Chapter 3: Halloween day

The 3 adventurers... no, the 2 adventurers, they're looking for something, the curse or their friend? Lucky, despite his name, he's having his worst nightmare, the curse is a gift he want to return.... Sparkle, he's the only one can rescue Precious. Little, the only one can stop the curse, without teamwork..... They can't do anything...

"It's Halloween! I could've play treat or trick but Precious ruined it! It would've been better if he didn't go in that stupid castle!"- Lucky says

"Calm down, it's not his fault, our goal right now is rescue him"

"Calm down?? I'm having a curse! If... if we didn't find that castle, if Precious decided not to come in, if... if there isn't any treasure inside it and...."

"Hurry up! Rescue him before the halloween end!"

Chapter 4: Precious's death

"why don't we go to his house? It's just a game"

"Good idea"

They go to his house but he isn't there, his animal is inside his laptop, they look at the laptop and see Little stabs him to dead

His little sister can't handle it, she visit his grave every August 11..... She usually play his account whenever she miss him.
Ice screenshot 20160811-133450


Chapter 4.5: The truth

Precious died by a car accident, he was on his way to buy a new laptop with his dad, his dad were driving too fast and hit a car, his dad were ok but Precious couldn't survive... well.... The doctors did their best.... His younger sister play his account everyday but she never change his looks. Rest in peace, Precious (Matt)

- From Handsomeboy910 (Josh)


Chapter 5: Lost jammer revenge

After Precious's death, Sparkle is no longer play animal jam, Lucky comes back to the castle in animal jam everyday, he change his den to Precious's graveyard...

Precious didn't die for nothing, he hided a huge treasure inside his den, the treasure he were hiding was a pirate ship with over 5 million gems and 1 million diamonds, the gems and diamonds wasn't lost jammer's target, his next target is..... Sparkle....

what did Sparkle do to him? Nothing? Sparkle is keeping the skull curse, he don't want Lucky to worry about him so he lied to Lucky, he told Lucky that Lucky's having a curse not him.

Lost jammer, he hasn't kill anyone YET.....

Chapter 6: The fifth victim (coming next)

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