Note before you read: This is not a creepy pasta. Some of the next "chapters" may be more creepy, but i would not count it as a creepy pasta.   (Ages probably 7+)

The alphas jumped at the sound of crackling leaves on the forest floor. The phantoms were around them and they knew it. It wouldn't be long intill they sprung for the attack. Liza took a glance at Greely who was stationed (and content) in the shadows. Ready to leap, peck stood with her large rabbit ears perked. Worryed about what the noise would mean, Sir Gilbert notioned for Sophia to take two steps forward. They were ready for what ever came their way. Nervously they shared glances, they were about to start a long and hard war with the phantoms.

Jessie skiped down the stairs of her house and peeked out the window, to her content it appeared to be raining. "Looks like a good day to go on animal jam!" she said joyfully. "Maybe i will get the rare fox hat i wanted!". She skiped over to the laptop, and logged into animal jam. This time, there was something odd... The first server that loaded was called "The Alpha Meeting", and instead of the usual "buddy" picture, it was Sir Gilbert (as the girl knew). "That looks fun!" she said happily and clicked the server. It loaded very fast. It was a room similar to the Conversation museum, But with a large table in the center. All the alphas sat agound it to the girls content they all greeted her wolf.

"Welcome!" Sir Gilbert bowled and the other alphas aplauded. "Hi." she responded. "We have been waiting for you to come." said Greely growled. "Now greely! Dont scare the poor child!" Liza responded patting him softly. Sir Gilbert lead the discussion, most of it was about the pesky phantoms, but then the new eagles became part of the mix. "Thats what we need YOU for." Peck said with a smile. "What can i do?" She said with a small whine, "Im just a random jammer!" "Oh but that is where you went wrong, You are not just a jammer. You are like US! An alpha! Loyal to the game. "And strong to the Heart!" Cosmo said with a nod. "we were all just jammers once, but like you, we were selected to be alphas." Sophia the horse alpha said warmly. "you mean i get to be an alpha!?!" Said the girl exitedly. "Not just any alpha, the first ever bird alpha. The Eagle Apha Libra."

"Libra? Eagle?" the girl said confused and the other alphas noded. "Do you wish to start the transformation?" Sir Gilbert said calmly. "Yes!" the girl noded with agreement. The room became a bit blurry, the girl was confused. Her normal Aqua colored wolf was transforming. An eagle with a shiny gold nametag read "Libra TheAlpha". She squeeled with delight as she opened her player card. She had betas galore! All the rares in the game (including the fox hat she wanted). All her dreams were comming true! Items were spilling in by the second! She exited her player card and confronted Sophia. "Sophia?" She asked shyly "Yes young one?" She responded with a smile. "Why do i have so many items?" She giggled. "Why you ask? Where do you think items go after you sell them?" She said with a hint of sarcasm. This would be the best thing that would ever happen to the young girl. But her adventure had just started.

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