Ch 1

Miss Icyfox sat in a chair next to Tech. Tech's ears suddenly sprang up. She looked panicked " I hear something . Icy paused " Tech , run..." Tech nodded and ran off. Suddenly a white hellhusky with grey markings ran in to the room. Holding out her paw a spear formed in Icy's hand " Saurtech is it? I don't believe we've formally met!". Saur smiled " save it fox , I brought a friend ". Miss firewolf ran in , her tail lashing " hello old friend " Icy kept her posture and smirked " two against one? You always were a huge piece of sh-" Fire rushed at her and she gracefully dodged , shoving her spear at Fire's feet and tripping her . Icy turned just in time for a fire ball to be thrown at her face.

Ch 2

Tech's ears picked up a scream echoing across the forest. She cringed and continued running away. She had to get Kawaii and the others.

Kawaii's ears perked up " Nicole I hear something." Tech crashed through the bushes on all fours and stood up " SAUR AND FIRE ARE BACK! ". Niclole paused and looked worried " where is Icy?!". Tech shook her head " she told me to run!" Nicole growled and turned to Kawaii " go get the others! " Kawaii nodded and ran off.

Ch 3

The others 1

Icy woke up in a small dark room tied to a pole. She felt where her face had been singed and cringed. She struggled to get out and found Saur laughing in her face "You know it was stupid for an ice elemental to go against two fires right? " .Icy growled and yelled back " It's not stupid if your fighting for your friends!". Saur slapped her " shut up worthless thing." Fire laughed " worthless is an understatement".

Ch 4

Kawaii panicked, being the first one to know about counterparts was scaring in itself. But when one of your friends has been captured , the situation gets dire. She ran into the wikia camp and yelled " the evils are back! ". The 13 deaths jumped up " that means so is 14 murders " Foxstray gasped " and stray fox! ". Nicole ran in next to Kawaii " calm down calm down , I have news to tell" The small crowd went silent , other than worried mews from catqueen , who had never met queencat, her counter part. Nicole's voice boomed across the crowd " Icy has been captured! ". The crowd jumped up and one member yelled " not Icy! " in distress. It was none other than Shystar. The artic wolf sat next to her best friends bold and italic. Bold's deep voice boomed out " she may be annoying as italic sometimes , but she is a friend!". Italic jumped up " Shold would be the most boring thing without her!". Nicole yelled out again " gather up teams!" her voice lowered " we're coming Icy"

Ch 5

Tech raced to a tower " Nikki , Kawaii , Shy! Found it!"

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