This is a little something I wrote in grade 6 for english class. Do not judge. Please leave constructive criticism in the comments. Stormclaw of RiverClan (talk)

The pig, the prince, and the girl 

          Once there were three little pig brothers. They lived together ever since they were piglets, until one day, they were all old enough to live on their own. The youngest pig was very eager to build a house and live by himself. “I’ll build a mansion and everything will be perfect! You two will probably live in cottages and be my servants.” He didn’t even know that none of his brothers had enough money to build a new house until the middle pig yelled at him. “Do you have any idea just how much money we have? Not even enough to build one mansion!” The oldest pig didn’t like it when his brothers were arguing, so he finally thought of a solution. “Okay! If we don’t have enough money to build a house, what about renting one? We have enough money for that.” They all agreed with him and immediately started looking for new houses.

          The youngest pig rented a house that was owned by a really mean girl. The middle pig rented a house that was owned by a girl who looked just like the one in the youngest pig’s house and was just as bad. The oldest pig spent a long time looking for a house he liked, and finally, he found one that was owned by a middle aged woman who was twice as mean as those two girls. Turns out that the evil mother and the two mean girls were related. Third pig was forced to do all the housework. The evil mother had a pet wolf that was hungry almost all the time. Third pig even had to help the evil mother take her pet wolf out for his morning walk.

          One day, the evil mother woke up in an especially bad mood. She made Third pig do even more work than he usually did. By the time he was finished, Third pig felt like taking a nap. But the evil mother wasn’t finished. “You’re just too lazy. There’s much more for you to do! Take the wolf out for a walk!” Third pig was too tired to argue, so he took the wolf out for his walk. This time, he decided to take the path in the woods.  Since he was so tired from all the work the evil mother made him do, he wasn’t paying attention and almost ran into Red. “Oh! It really is you! Hi Red!” Red was Third pig’s friend from kindergarten. He talked with her for a long time, but he didn’t know that the wolf could understand them and had been listening to the whole conversation. Red was taking some cookies to her grandma’s house. No one knew it, except for the wolf. He had found out that the cookies were magic. Even Red didn’t know that her mom had put a magic ingredient in the cookies. The wolf had a very good sense of smell, so just with one sniff, he could smell the magic. The smell of the cookies started to make him hungry, and eating Red for a snack suddenly seemed like a very good idea. As he tried to think of ways to take Red and have her for his snack without anyone seeing him, he recalled the rivalry between Red’s mother and the evil mother when they were young girls.

          On the first day of school, Red’s mother, who was called Magenta, and the evil mother met. They hated each other right from the start. The two of them competed in everything. Magenta always came in first place, while the evil mother always came in second. Finally, she got so mad; she tried to put a curse on Magenta. But Magenta had a charm that protected her from all the evil in the world. Even though she was safe, she was still scared of the evil mother and her spells. So she ran away into the forest and found a magical gingerbread house. Nothing evil could enter the gingerbread house and harm anyone who was inside. For years, she thought of ways to get revenge on the evil mother. Her mother also moved into the gingerbread house with her, so they could all be safe from evil. The evil mother became a witch and searched for Magenta. One day, she heard that the girl named Red was the daughter of the woman she hated so much. She decided that taking Red and her grandma would be the best punishment for Magenta. The wolf wanted to help the evil mother get her revenge on Magenta.

          When Third pig and the pet wolf got home, they were already late and behind schedule. “Where have you been? I told you already, there’s still a lot of work to be done! Now hurry up and wash the dishes!” the evil mother was screaming right in Third pig’s face. Her breath was terrible. “But I’m too tired!” Third pig complained. “I don’t care how tired you are, just wash the dishes.” Then the evil mother stomped upstairs into her room and the wolf followed her.

          While Third pig was washing the dishes, the wolf told the evil mother all about Red and everything else that he had heard during his walk. The evil mother immediately put on her coat and ran out of the house with the pet wolf, and ran into the forest. The pet wolf led the evil mother into the forest, following the path that Third pig had used for his walk. They found Red just as she arrived at her grandma’s gingerbread house. The wolf peeked through the windows, and saw Red with her grandma in the kitchen. “Yes! Now we have both of them! You see how clever I am?” she looked at the wolf. The wolf grinned. “You really are clever. I didn’t think someone like you could think of something like this!” The evil mother took out her magic wand, and in a flash of light, the magical gingerbread house was gone. Where Red and her grandma had been standing, there were now two little birds. “Wait a moment. Where is she?” the evil mother frowned. “Where is who? What are you talking about? We got them didn’t we?” asked the wolf. “No, I mean Magenta! That woman who was the worst person I had ever met in my life!” the evil mother was getting really angry. Finally she sighed. “Oh, well. At least we have Red her grandma.” She put the two birds into their cages and laughed happily. Then the wolf and the evil mother ran home, and trapped the birds into the dark closet.

          Third pig finished washing the dishes in fifteen minutes and wanted to know what the evil mother was up to, so he quietly followed the wolf and the evil mother into the forest. When he saw the evil mother changing Red and her grandma to birds, he got so scared that he ran all the way back home. When he finally stopped he realized how tired he really was, and he went to bed. But he couldn’t sleep, even though he was so tired that he couldn’t get out of bed. So he started thinking of ways to find Magenta and save Red and her grandma. After hours of planning, he finally fell asleep.

          Later at night, when the evil mother and the wolf were asleep, he crept out of the house and went to Magenta’s house. She always slept late in the night, so he wasn’t worried about disturbing her. He knocked loudly on the door and waited, but there was no answer. He tried the door, and found that it was unlocked. Carefully, Third pig stepped into the house. He went upstairs, and found Magenta in a deep sleep. There was no way of waking her. He shook her as hard as he could, she didn’t wake up. He tried yelling and setting off the alarm clock right in her ear, but she still didn’t wake up. Third pig didn’t realize how much noise he was making, until he heard banging on the door. For a moment, he thought that the evil mother would probably be the one behind the door. But of course she couldn’t have followed him all the way here, especially on such a night. So he grabbed a big spatula, prepared to fight anything that might attack him. He threw open the door, and was almost blinded by a flashlight.

          A man dressed in a suit with polished buttons and crown stood on the doorstep. Third pig stared at him in shock. It wasn’t a flashlight that was blinding him; it was the polished crown and buttons reflecting the moonlight into his face. The man didn’t notice his shock. Third pig knew right away that this man was a prince. “Hello. My name is Prince Friendly. I heard you yelling for help, so I came over to check if you were okay. Is Magenta not waking up? When did she go to sleep? She usually doesn’t go to bed this early. Do you need any help?” Third pig thought that this man seemed friendly and really meant what he said. His name also made him sound like a man who would really help. Third pig told him the whole story. When he was finished, Prince Friendly was shocked and they immediately started making a plan. They would try to lead the evil mother and the wolf into the forest, so they couldn’t find their way home and try to stop Third pig and Prince Friendly. Then they would bring Red and grandma back to Magenta’s house so they would turn back into humans. “But I still can’t think of a way to wake Magenta. Do you know how?” Third pig asked Prince Friendly. “Well, for once, my mind is blank and I can’t think of a solution. Usually, a problem like this isn’t too hard for me and I can think of anything right away. But this is different. You can’t always ask me, you know.” So Third pig and Prince Friendly decided to wake Magenta after saving Red and grandma.

          It was early in the morning by the time Third pig and Prince Friendly arrived at the evil mother’s house. They stopped and looked through the windows. Third pig had already warned Prince Friendly that the wolf had a very good sense of smell and hearing. If a twig snapped anywhere around the house, he could hear it all the way upstairs. But luckily, no one was awake and the evil mother was snoring so loud, anyone could hear her from four houses away. Third pig and Prince Friendly couldn’t wait that long, so they went into the forest to take a look at the gingerbread house.

          As they walked through the forest, Third pig looked at Prince Friendly was almost blinded again by the polished crown and buttons. He wondered if he should tell Prince Friendly about it. “Uh, I don’t mean to be rude, but your crown and buttons on your shirt keep reflecting the moonlight into my face. That might give us away. I don’t want to be blinded either.” Prince Friendly looked a little insulted when Third pig told him this, but he took off his crown and put some dust on his buttons. Finally, they reached the gingerbread house. Third pig was surprised, because he had seen it disappear when the evil mother turned Red and her grandma into birds. “Hey, this is weird, but I was watching when the evil mother turned Red and grandma into birds. The gingerbread house disappeared and now here it is!” Prince Friendly had an answer. “I think the gingerbread house didn’t really disappear, it was just hidden by magical dust, I think. Don’t worry, everything is perfectly safe.” So Third pig stepped into the house and looked around. Prince Friendly was right, nothing seemed unusual. “Do you know what time it is? I think we should be going back now. We have to save Red and her grandma!” Prince Friendly seemed to be panicking. “Oh, you’re right! Come on, we have to go!” Third pig had realized how late it was when Prince Friendly mentioned the time.

They both ran back to the evil mother’s house as fast as they could. “Wow! That was close! I think they just woke up. We can still wait, right?” Third pig asked Prince Friendly. Prince Friendly let out a sigh of relief. “Yeah, we’re just on time!” They got into the house through the windows and listened to what the evil mother was saying to the wolf. “...and I have also put a sleeping spell on Magenta so that she will fall into a deep sleep. It should have worked last night. I’ll go to her house this afternoon to check.” “So that’s why we couldn’t wake Magenta last night. The evil mother cast a spell on her and now she’s going to be asleep forever!” Third pig gasped. They watched the evil mother as she opened the closet and took out the cages with two birds inside. Suddenly, Third pig and Prince Friendly burst into her room. “Let go of those birds now!” Third pig and Prince Friendly yelled at the same time. The evil mother and the wolf were so shocked;  they could ony run out the door, into the forest. “We didn’t need to chase them into the forest! They’ll get lost on their own!” Prince Friendly laughed. Then they grabbed the bird cages and ran back to Magenta’s house.

Third pig and Prince Friendly were so tired that they fell on the doorsteps. Luckily, they didn’t drop the bird cages and the birds were safe. “What do we do now? We have no idea how to turn Red and her grandma back into humans, and no one can wake Magenta from her sleep.” Third pig grumbled. “I guess we should try to find the place where Magenta keeps all her magic.” said Prince Friendly. “Yes, but where does she keep all her magic? If it’s a secret, then she would hide them in a place where no one could find them.” said Third pig. Prince Friendly still wanted to try to look, but he couldn’t find them. “What are we going to do? We don’t know how to back Red and her grandma, and Magenta is still asleep!” said Prince Friendly in frustration. “Should we try to force the evil mother to change Red and her grandma back into humans and wake Magenta from her deep sleep?” suggested Third pig. “That is a good idea!” Prince Friendly cheered.

          In the forest, the evil mother and the wolf where still wandering around lost. “When we get home and I cast my spell, that pig and the prince will be sorry they tried to help Magenta in the first place!” the evil mother muttered. They continued though the forest, until suddenly, there was a rumble of thunder and it started raining heavily. “Oh no! My clothes are going to get wet! I didn’t even get enough time to get out of my nightgown before we were chased out of our own house!” complained the evil mother. “Well, at least I’m not going to get wet and take a cold shower when we get home!” sang the wolf. The evil mother glared at him. Finally, they found a tree with enough leaves to protect them from the rain. A few minutes passed, and the evil mother and the wolf were already getting impatient. “Come on! When is this rain going to let up?” the evil mother yelled to no one in particular. “Hey, look! There they are!” a voice suddenly came out of nowhere. The evil mother and the wolf looked up to see Third pig and Prince Friendly running towards them. “Help! Run!” cried the wolf, and the evil mother followed the wolf and ran deeper into the forest. “We didn’t do anything wrong, did we? You don’t look like a monster, I don’t look like a monster, why did they run off like that?” asked Third pig, still speechless from the reaction they had gotten from the wolf. “I don’t think they ran because we looked like monsters, I think they ran because they didn’t want to be caught.” said Prince Friendly. Then they ran after the evil mother and the wolf.

          The evil mother and the wolf were still trying to run from Third pig and Prince Friendly that they didn’t notice that they had run out of the forest. Third pig and Prince Friendly weren’t going to give up, and they were catching up. Then suddenly, the two of the stopped. “Oh no! We’re on a cliff!” Third pig yelled. The evil mother and wolf didn’t pay attention to where they were going, and they both tripped over the same rock and fell over the edge. “Ahhh!” They both screamed, and that was the last Third pig and the Prince ever saw of them. “Let’s go! I have a feeling something happened!” Third pig dragged Prince Friendly back into the forest. “Wait, where are we going?” asked Prince Friendly. “We’re going to Magenta’s house! Hurry up!” They both started running as fast as they could, and they made it to Magenta’s house in four minutes. When they shot into the house, they couldn’t believe their eyes. There were no sign of the two birds. Red and her grandma were dancing around, and Magenta was awake, also dancing. “Yay! Congratulations!” Red laughed. “What’s going on?” asked Third pig and Prince Friendly at the same time. “You mean you don’t know?” Red’s grandma was surprised. “There was a sudden big flash that lit up the whole neighbourhood and the next thing we know, Magenta was awake, and Red and I weren’t birds anymore!” “This must’ve all happened when the evil mother and the wolf fell off the cliff!” Third pig turned to Prince Friendly. “Yes, let’s have a celebration!” Prince Friendly cried happily. After that, nothing evil ever bothered them again and everyone lived happily ever after. 

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