Now, you know, the phantoms are evil creatures. I'm sure you despise them. Now, the Phantoms weren't meant to harm Jammers' in the first place. They were created to protect Jamaa. The Phantoms were created by the Seventh Alpha, now banished. Her name was Lyra. Lyra was Greely's sister. She was always eager to invent things that would keep Jamaa safe. Lets begin our story.

" Meeting!" called Liza, banging her staff against the ground. "We have something to discuss "

Out emerged Greely with Lyra, Cosmo, Graham, Peck, Calypso, Tavia and Sir Gilbert.

"Alphas", began Liza "We need an idea." she announced. "An idea that will keep Jamaa safe for sure, anyone got a starter?"

Lyra's brown eyes lit up."I'm working on something!" she yelled. "It's called a 'Phantom'"

Liza gasped in horror at the name. "Lyra, this is serious, we have no time to work with your foolish creations " she said firmly.

"Why am I here then? " she snapped and turned for her den.

"Stop", ordered Liza. "Before you continue, I forbid you to continue this creation", called Liza

"I'd like to see you try" growled Lyra, and disappeared into her den.

"Watch her " growled Liza, turning to Greely. Greely said nothing and nodded, then followed Lyra into her den. He found her staring at a cage, inside the cage was a horrible black creature with five legs and one eye.

"Liza", she growled. "Her Majesty Liza. Always giving orders..."

"Lyra" began Greely. "Don't be upset. I-"

"I don't care", interrupted Lyra." I am continuing my creation, but you mustn't tell", she begged. "Do you promise?".

"I promise", whispered Greely. "Anything for you, Lyra".

part two coming tomorrow

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