Did u ever wonder why we never see Mira....? Do uthink... She vanished? Do u think.... She comitted suicide?? If so, you are wrong... Read to find out...

A billion years ago when the wonderful land of Jamaa came to be made by, Zios. Zios became lonely, so he met a lovely, last kind, or extinced bird named.. Mira. The 2 spent 1000 years together, until they decided to invite creatures to the land. Each species was lead by an Alpha that are the Alphas we know today. But back to the topic.

When a wolf named Awesome Sunnybrave (fman122) killed a poor, helpless, bunny. Mira cried. Zios disn'twant his firstfriedn to be sad. But thats a different story. After zios gave the punishment, Mira necame happy-sorta since a animal died. Everybody ttried to kake her feelbeter. But what they disnt know is that Mora's tears created Phantoms....

The phantoms took over Jamaa... When they took jamaa.. They took zios with it. Necause of mira.. Zios had fallen.. Mira cried even MORE. All those tears combined to a big black gloop. which created the phantom king. That was when the alphas, mysterious animals, that made sure the phantoms wouldn't dare step foot in it again. Mira was ashamed. She went to search for zios. She didn't believe zios was dead. And hoped it is a myth.

Mira searched and searched and searches. Until she got into a cold area. No kot mt

.shivers. The passageway to the phantoms hideout... She went in.. That was when she was taken away by these phantoms. And was thrown into a cage. She saw Zios! Zios was happy to see her. And she was happy to see him. They didn't care I they may never see there friends and subjects again. Nor that they will never see home again.. All they cared about is that they would die together.

To this day... Mira and Zios shall rest happily in Heaven. The end!!!!!

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