introduction: "...are you (static) lisssstening? I'm ssssure you are lisssstening ssssssmall fellowsssss! (Hiss) (static)"

The story: I stepped out of my den. Wait! I have to go! I rushed to Jamaa township. There was only a few animals out this early. "Hey... come 'ere..." whispered a wolf ... who was smaller than me due to the fact that I was an arctic wolf. Anyways, this wolf wore a solid black top hat covering its eyes entirely. It was dark gray for color one and lighter gray for color two. Anyways, I walked over to the strange wolf. "Me?" I asked "Yeah, you! Can you go out of jamaa?" My eyes opened wide and I quickly nodded confused. I rolled my eyes and ran out of jamaa... trust me it isn't easy! It's a bumpy road down a mountain then you must go through a pathway through the next mountain that is fairly dark. After that cave you are taken to a gate that you must prove that you haven't been banned and your just visiting out of jamaa. Well... it's harder than it sounds.

Well... back to the story, I had just left and past there, there is a beyond amazing long valley I was running through looking around... remember, I have never been out of jamaa before. I can see the end of the valley leading into a forest. I ran into the forest and followed a path. (Five hours later) How big is this forest... it's almost dark! "Hello... (hiss)" said a voice "w-what was t-t-that?" I answered quietly...scared. "Why... it was me sssssss!" It spoke again, I saw two green eyes. "Who are you?" I asked frightened "and what are you doing awake at this hour?" I used the flashlight I brought along to see what it was. It was a black arctic wolf, fully black, but it's eyes... they glowed... green it also wore a top hat and scary bat wings. I backed up... "Oh don't let your fearsssss control you.... you can trusssssst that I won't hurt you..." then he laughed and soon hissed. "Why do you hiss dear wolf?" I asked afraid "Oh, don't worry...I can become a ssssnake... they call me Black Mamba. (Hiss)" He answered quite calmly "Follow me..." I decided why not? So I followed this so called "Black Mamba"

It was about a day of walking... biome by biome passing savanna and mountains. "Thissss issss it! (Hiss)" hissed The Black Mamba "Go in (hiss)" I stepped quietly up the temple's stairs. My curiosity took over me. I was passing statues of arctic wolves on this bridge up. They were stone, they had top hats, spike collars, elf bracelets, pirate swords, and elf tail armor, there was about four and two one each side. The bridge was long but there were two on each end and faced opposite from eachother. Once I ran up the bridge I was near the top... but this time... there was a door. I ran in and there was a pair of black wolves as gaurds of this temple. They snarled as soon as I passed

I backed up and fleed back to jamaa... hours later of flying, running, galloping, and siteseeing I returned to jamaa. That same wolf was in Jamaa township "you did good... but didn't get the artifacts!"

"Wait how do you know?"

"The statues had cameras on them"

Anyways those statues were creepy... I felt as if they were alive... they were

The end

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