Note: This story is very heavily based off of LunaMouse23's story, The Experiment. I'm not copying; this is a story of revenge.

A fox rushed trough the sand, stopping at the water. She was lost, no home, no brushed fur, no food. She drank the water. A panda walked up to her. "Do you need any help?" The panda asked. The fox looked at her. "Liza! Your here!" Flora said. (Flora is the fox name.) "Thank you Liza!" Flora said, hugging Liza. "Follow me, fellow Jammer!" Liza said.

When Flora and Liza got to a large tree with a door in it, they entered. It looked like a large labatory inside. Liza pushed Flora onto a table and cuffed her down. The straps were so tight that it squeezed Flora's legs so much they bled. "Let me go!" The fox screamed. Liza shook her head. "No. I need you to be my test subject." Liza said, pulling out a journal covered in both Animal and Phantom blood. She grabbed a test tube in the corner titled "Phantom Syndrome." Liza squeezed some into a syringe. She pushed it into Flora's paw. Nothing happened. Liza took notes. Flora's paw started to turn black and round. She grew smaller, her eyes fused together and she grew legs out of her fore head. She lost her eye color. Flora screamed, but was cut off by her mouth coming together. Her Tail fused into her body. She was now a phantom. Liza stared. She turned her head and yelled, "Greely! The Phantom Syndrome turns animals into phantoms and phantoms into animals!" "That is very strange," Greely yelled back. "But that is great."

To be continued.

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