There is a rumor that says if you get a fox hat and delete all of your animals except the fox, and wear the fox hat for two days that you'll come across your nightmare. Now, you're probably thinking, "Who? What? What Nightmare?" I'll explain it to you. The truth of those demonic items will be in your hands. Fox hats are officially made by foxes, slowly and painfully they're injected with some sort of liquid which makes them fall asleep. The upper part of their head is cut off which makes the fox wake up and whine before it meets death, and after cutting the upper part of the head, they remove the brain and remove ALL blood stains. Who is "they?" You ask? AJHQ. After removing the blood stains they sew the fox hat and remove the eyeballs and clean the bloodstains which were bleeding and messing up the item. They put buttons simulating the eyes, and then cut off a bit of the ears to make Jammers feel like they are shrinked. When you wear a fox hat on your fox player, it remembers the family member/friend that they played with long ago. The fox doesn't like that at all. So make sure you NEVER wear a fox hat.

(( The rumour is fake, no need to worry :3 ))

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