Once in Animal Jam, there was a Jammer called Prettycuteanimal. She scammed all kinds of things, for the sheer amusement of seeing her victims cry, as their precious rares were taken from them. But before all that.. She was an ordinary jammer, like you and me. Then, something happened..

One day, Prettycuteanimal101, was going into Jamaa Township. She was gradually showing off her new fox hat, non member sword, and beta flooring she had earnt from adventures, and trading. No one noticed her, but one.. This jammer, was a black wolf, orange underbelly and rare scary bat wings. His eyes were red and devil-ish.. He asked Pretty nicely for her Beta flooring..

"Oh please! Please can i have it! I got a brain condition that doesn't let me see properly! And i can't do adventures because of flashing screens and stuff! Please, please don't be greedy!"

Pretty, was a nice jammer at that time, and obviously gave the wolf her Beta flooring, he ran away without any thanks, or anything but simply muttered the words..


Pretty was miserable. She had worked so hard for it, and soon. She got to action.. She had went to the middle of Jamaa Township and continually shouted..

"Please give me a beta flooring! A wolf scammed mine! I worked so hard for it! Please!!"

No one saw, no one took action.. After a good hour.. Pretty got mad. She cursed in her den..

"How dare those people not care about my Beta flooring! I'll show them, just watch me!"

After that, she made another wolf.. A wolf whose name was "Wretched Majoranimal". She stomped out her den, and stalked to Jamaa Township, before she went out in the open, she changed her wolf.. Her wolf looked like a Dark grey base, and dark red underbelly. Her eyes were red, and blood, and her swirls were light red.. She wore some bat wings from the store, and then bought a necklace. She, after that, wailed..

"Trade me rare things! I send Rare spiked collar after!"

Many jammer ignored her, obviously. All but one jammer.. Her name was "Little Cutebunny". She was a pink bunny, with a cute red head flower, and a purple dress. She traded her rare rhino hat, and Puple rare worn for the necklace, hoping to get a rare spike in return.. She asked for the rare spike..

"C-can.. Can i have my rare spike now? Please..? I traded you.. Please send it..?"

She shyly spoke, to the Wolf that nearly she didn't hear it. Wretched replied..

"No! You fell for my trick! You're never going to get it back!"

At that, Wretched ran out of Jamaa Township and into her empty den.. She wondered how well she went. What she would do next? Who would she do it to? When would be next..? She laughed michievously as she fell into a deep sleep under a mangled pillow and couch..

"That was fun.. Tomorrow.. I will do it again.."

To be Continued!

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