The arctic wolf "Mythical stinkystar" was writing a story in her dark den. What was she writing? let us... or lettuce see! "Dear deer Daar.... what ever your name is," she continued writing "Teh fat wolf...." she threw it into le trash can along with her stories, dumb junk, and never made newspaper articles. "Ugh!" She sighed "what about some epic tale... or tail? Wait! A tail! Not a tale!" She wrote for days on and on the final result was this.... and it was based on true stuff... except twisted a bit. -

" I ran out to Jamaa township seeing all the animals" yeah... it was great until she ran out of ideas and used it as firewood. Then she wrote a literal tail it was like this:

" the epic tail of tales, the fat elephant ate my nose

but my nose ran before it went

It ran and ran and ran

I chased it to teh bathroom

Then teh..." then she forgot what she thought

Teh end

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