This is the story of Sparkle Twinkleclaw.

​Chapter 1

Hello, I am Sparkle Twinkleclaw, Sparkle for short.  Umm... I admit I haven't been the best person lately.  Let's see... umm... I tried hacking my friend's ultra beta/rare account... I scammed a seal yesterday... and I... umm... reported a bunch of people for no good reason.  I know, I know, I haven't been the best person lately.

Umm... I now have a bunch of rares and betas, so... I guess I'll give them all back now??  My friend knocked some sense back into me, so here we go!!

2 retpah​C

People have been asking what has gotten into me lately.  They're asking why their sweet, kind Spark had been blown out.  I don't know why!!  I just feel very... depressed and down lately.  I've yelled at my dog even though he probably cannot understand me!!  I've tried returning what I've stolen to the victims, but... I still can't bring myself to give them back.  I can only manage to do an 'I'M SORRY FOR STEALING YOUR ITEM' Jammagram.

I feel sorta bad, but hey!!  I did.. sorta... work for them too!!  I figured out how to scam and hack, so, I guess that counts??


I'm starting to actually get slightly popular!!  You know, I'm getting sorta infamous here.  People have started calling me the 'Fman122 2', probably because I hack accounts and send jammagrams.  It's weird and... cool at the same time.  I've never felt so... feared!!  But I have to keep... you know, switching 'round accounts.  It's.. cool, kinda.  It's weird how you feel so.. important.

No, seriously, I feel bad, but it feels so... good....

h​apterC 4


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