Hi Jammers! This is a story where you can add yourself in. Before I start, I'd like a list of people who are interested in joining this story. It's about the apocalypse time of Animal Jam.

These will be the rules:

No being a power player.

No editing somebody else's role.

Be kind.

Make it related to this story and appropriate.

No changing other things WITHOUT PERMISSION.

No changing your position until one of higher rank says so.

Don't play as another user. They are responsible for their turn ONLY!

Most importantly....have fun!!!!

If you are interested in playing, please sign below this! :)

Character List and Descriptions

IM STILL ALIVE's Characters

1. Miss Toughwolf- A light brown and dark brown arctic wolf with an electronic blue jagged pattern. Wears a brown headfeather with a purple tip. Rare tan bow on back. Rare leaf leg armor. Tan and red tail armor. Wears a silver chain necklace. Electronic blue eyes. Leader of Apocalypse team. Courageous and wise. She wolf.

2. Lucky Fieryspirit- An eagle with a tragic past. Wears the pheonix head and wings most of the time to hide his scars. Silent, moody and mysterious. Very strong. Black and red blood splatter pattern. Wears the black and red claw. Has the pheonix emblem around his neck.

3. Eternal Strongclaw- Miss Toughwolf's baby son. He has a white lightning pattern, grey and black fur. (will edit later, put yours below)

Kosh naranek's Character:

The rainbow warrior. The queerest warrior in town. Fur: RAINBOW. Eyes: Pink. Main weapon: A freaking pair of purple katanas. Sexuality: Flaming homosexual. Personality: He's Kind, sweet, energetic, soulful and fun.

Enchanted Magicbrave- A light purple wolf with a turquoise default wolf pattern. She loves to use her grey bow and arrow a lot. Wears a orange fox hat. Gem encrusted necklace, and a pink glove. Her personality is adventerous, generous, courageous, funny, and smart.

Sparkle Arcticstar- Female, blue eyes, gray and white fur. Of the Arctic Wolf species. Black studded collar from the Diamon Shop, bi. She hates Phantoms from the bottom of her heart. However, she doesn't have problems with good phantoms. Very brave warrior. Carries around a golden bow and dual swords for her weapon. She also uses her claws and teeth most of the time.

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