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This is one of my super old creepypastas from 2014, please take note.

I am going to try and remake this somewhere in the future, so if you are a fan of this story then just remember I have other stories ---even better than this one.

You can look at all my stories which is in this thread


11:31, May 6, 2016 (UTC)

Notes for readers. **MUST READ**

This is How it should end

This is How it should end.

You may think this is just a normal story right? and you may also think that it would be a silly stupid story told by me again right? Well, here you have 2 choices and here you can 1. Leave or 2. Read the story. Now what do you choose? To me, I would choose happy, little number 2. Ahem, lets get on with the story.....

Oh. and also I am sorry I didn't do every user by order, So I only got them all bunched up together because my computer was lagging, and I won't take the requests that say

"Oh! I can I be in it? Plz?" Its just.... I don't really do em anymore... but all I can say about the users are that I only choose the ones from the top of my head that I know.. so ya. Hope you like my story.

Chapter 1: Born user, Here user.

In the Aj wiki we were all happy and quiet and friendly and... etc etc ONCE. But now that Klint had caused his doomsday plan and taken over the wiki now there may not be a chance to stop him in time. No one knew what had happened, except a few users. Who were there all along and I was one of them. Hello my name is Codywife1 or as though know as Cody. I am a young girl of black and blue and is full of imagination. Most users call me the "Other one" but i'll show them, that I am no longer the other one. But a official user of golden and yellow. And thats who I always wanted to be since the beginning of the aj wiki as a user. So bla bla bla bla.... yeah.

"Good afternoon AJ WIKI!" Lunifer called out while we all slowly entered the meeting room and sat on our cushions which had pictures of our profile pics on it. "I feel sooo, tired, and ...." Dozed off Chief as she collapsed on her Cushion, and a wikia contributor tried to pull her up from the ground. "Lalalalalala!!!!!" Sung Puppy who was Derping away to her cushion while another user was failing at doing the cool walk to their cushion.

"Ohh..." Cody sighed "Looks like we have another meeting on our paws again" She fluffed her cushion quietly and jumped down to it. "Shhh!" Icefern said to Cody "We are TRYING to have a meeting!". "Sssh yourself!" Flaming laughed. "QUIET Flaming! I mean it...." Shouted Icefern as they stared at Flaming with a serious look.

"Ahem Icefern, Flaming please quiet down. Gray is about to speak, so quiet down or else there would be a kick coming for you both" Lunifer said while tapping his foot lightly on the edge of the stage.

And that was when Gray walked in. "Thank you Lunifer," He said. "Your welcome Graaay!" Lunifer saluted back as he teleported to his cushion.

"ATTENTION all users! Even the Contributors as well! Please listen up! Here we ave a new user, his name is Klintrin. Or as we call him, he is Klint". "Umm, excuse me?" One user poked Gray for an answer. "Oh yes, this is Legofan" Gray said. "Hi," Lego answered back.

"Now, Klintrin has presented us all to Jayina right? has he given a tour of her as well?" Asked Gray. Everyone nodded except Froststar1 who was quite suspicious of Jayina and Klintrin's group who behaved strangely. "Cool then, Klintrin. You may speak now.... AFTER THE BREAK" Gray screamed. "I declare this meeting over!"

Chapter 2: Rising sun, scouting creature.

My legs shattered as I slowly stood up, but failed. And my eyes turned into lava. 'This is the ... WORST meeting I have ever been to in my life in the WIKI!!!!'  I thought to myself.                              

"I know right Cody..." A quiet, dark voice replied back.                                                                                                                                                                                               "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!, WHOOO ARE YO---" I screamed.                                                                                                                                                                                                         "Shut up, Cody. I think there is something wrong with you right now... you look tired and desperate.... come have a Ssseat..."                                                                                                                                                    I looked around and noticed a dark outline of a creature, and then suddenly it formed into the most hideous thing ever.                                                                                                                            


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "Dude. you HAVE to stop scaring me like that... because if I have a huge amount of fear inside, then bye-bye  old trijion caves and mountains...." I hissed at Escortiah.                                                                                        "well I don't care a thing about my home, right now...."                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "You what?!?!?--" I melted into tears, as I looked into the shiny yellow eyes under the eyeholes of the skull.                     

"Its true... master...." He looked down to the ground. "But even though, I have done worse things to you more than Nightwing... all I can say is... look out, the evil is coming....."                                            

"Wait what do you...---" as I asked him, he disappeared into black foggy smoke.                                                                                                                                                                                                          I wondered, what EVIL was Escortiah talking about? and he loved his home, so why didn't he care for it now?

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