Chapter One - Freezing Skies

Thousands of tiny flakes of snow drifted down from the pale clouds in the sky, the cold substance piling on the freezing grass and branches of the pine trees. Pale clouds were painted across the white sky, the puffs of water vapor shifting with the icy breeze. Between the trees, smoke rose into the air, blowing with the cold wind.

The smoke was coming from a snow-covered cabin, light shining through the windows from inside. Near the window was a hairless, very pale pink-skinned cat with sharp blue eyes stared at the snowy scenery. The cat wore a fluffy, gray vest, which fitted the feline quite well. Its eyes followed a few flakes that fell from the outside.

She heard footsteps and leaped down, padding to her owner. She followed him into a fairly large kitchen as he poured food into a white bowl with the word "AZURE" on it. Azure purred, taking a few bites, the food crunching between her teeth. Her owner walked out of the room.

Azure licked her lips and leaped back onto the window. She watched the snow fall, just about to close her eyes, but a knocking noise interrupted her peace. She turned to see a ginger mackerel tabby with white paws and tail tip at the window. The cat had hazel eyes and its tail was bent. She jumped a bit.

Oh, that was Blaze. He was known for being a derpy cat, a spazz. She knew everyone hated him because of his actions. She didn't exactly hate him, and considered him as a friend. Azure felt a bit bad for the cat, since nobody liked him. Still, she wondered what went on in his head.

"FRIEND! FRIEND! FRIEND!" He loudly meowed. He nearly slipped off the board he stood on outside of the house from bouncing up and down. She took a breath, smiled, and leaped down. She padded out of the cat flap on the door. Blaze rushed up to her. She nodded in greeting.

"Hey Blaze!" Azure meowed. "HEY!" Blaze said in response. She noticed that his eye twitched. Azure smiled, her hairless ears twitching. Her paws grew cold. She beckoned Blaze to come inside by pointing her tail at the cat flap. Blaze rushed in, nearly slipping on the porch. Azure followed.

Blaze ran in, leaping on the velvet couch near the window. He sat there, watching Azure leap up to sit beside him. She heard a chirp, seeing a small, plump gray bird fly over to her and land on her head. It peeped, sitting there.

"Who's that?" Blaze asked, his head tilting.

"This is Fluff. She's a bird my owner found in the woods on a stormy day," Azure responded. "She's nice. My owner also has a baby squirrel."

"SQUIRREL!?" Blaze yowled, fur fluffing up. "WHERE!?"

"Hush, Blaze. It can't get out of it's cage, goofball," Azure growled in response. Blaze took a breath, sitting down.


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