Fauna in her hollow

Hello! I'm Fauna Quietclaws, but please just call me Fauna.

I live in a beautiful Enchanted Hollow. But, where did I find such a beautiful hollow?

Let me tell you how.


It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the wonderful wolves were breaking my door down.

Wait, the wolves were breaking my door down?!

Oh gosh, the wolves! They've come to steal my home!

The wolves are a gang of evil wolves, their gang is called Blood Wolves. Those stupid, greedy wolves! They're going to steal my home, and everything in it!

I ran into my bedroom and locked my door. But, I felt like I was forgetting something...

Metalsky! I was forgetting my beloved little cheetah pet! How could I forget her?

"Anybody in here?" A young wolf squeaked.

"Shut up, Pip! If there is, you're gonna get us caught!" A big Arctic Wolf growled at who I think is Pip.

"Hey, look what I found!" Another Arctic Wolf said. "Can we kill it?"

"No! Don't kill Metalsky!" I yelled through my bedroom door.

"Ooh, look! Somebody is here! Can we kill that, too?" That Arctic Wolf said.

"No, In fact, we're gonna take her little pet. Scar, will you take it to the hollow?" The big Arctic Wolf said.

"Yes sir!" Scar replied. "I'll make sure this little cheetah stays there, so I can kill it!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They were going to kill her.

Still WIP

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