The day the earth stood still...

The day the sky went dark...

The day the world called out...


Who will you join?

Who will prevail?

Who will not?

Animal Jam:


Join us:


Wave One:

(FULL)Bunnies: Tiny FlowerGem/S.C.(Unknown Name)/Count Sportyclaw/Infinity Fieryspirit


Koalas: Blooming Spiritcloud/Lucky Thebrave



Seals: Admiral Themush(aka. Mel)/Lucky Speedyhero/Fuzzy Cutepaw

If you want to join a side, comment which one and what animal you are. Include your character's name(must be an aj name, like awesome Arcticwolf), looks, clothing, gender, and weapon of choice. Once there are four animals in each group, I will begin the story. Only one character out of all 24 will survive to make their team win. Also, I will be turning this into a movie series. On Thank you for participating, and if you have any questions, ask in the comments! I will reply! Here are some good things and bad things about joining a team: Bunnies can hide and ambush using burrows, but they are also very small, allowing them to be easily trampled. Elephants are very large, allowing them to trample other animals, but they are also extremely dumb. Koalas can poison other animal's food supplies, as they are good at making potions. However, some koalas are famous from when they accidentally poisoned their own food supply. Monkeys have the brains even to create machine guns, and they can ambush in trees, but they can be given away if you say a joke or riddle. They will laugh or try to solve it! Pandas can eat your entire bamboo protection hut, or trample you! However, if you hear one crashing towards you it will be quite easy to outrun it. Seals can swim, allowing them to get away from other animals easily or sneak attack. This also lets them obtain more food ranges (fish) than some others. However, on land they are rather clumsy and slow.

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