This page is created to memorialize wikians who had left this wiki. From wonderful story writers to some not-so-wonderful wikians, here is a small page that will attempt to remember them all.

Because this wiki is currently (8/13/16) going through a bad time right now, I wanted to remember a few wikians who had left this wiki and some of their greatest works of art. Since this wiki is coming to an end, maybe I'll just stamp a "Everyone" on this page. Who knows??

But anyway, here are some fallen wikians who maybe one day might come back. Feel free to add anyone.

652Graystripe - THE ALMIGHTY FOUNDER ( currently inactive ;-( )

- The Derp Face

"It stares into your soul"

LunaMouse23 - a great creepypasta writer, maybe even the best (no offence to anyone)

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