After my snow leopard was turned into a cannibalistic monster, my 10 diamonds were refunded after I filed the incident to AJHQ. Now, I was at the diamond shop yet again looking for another beautiful-looking animal. Cheetahs are pretty nice-looking too, so I decided to buy that, the name being Mythical Frozenbeast.

Clicking its profile icon, I changed its pelt to a strong lavender color and the underfur to a light lavender color. Without adding clothing or changing the pattern, I exited the change-your-look page, satisfied with how my animal looked. I immediately noticed that the door was open, even though it shouldn't have been open since my mouse wasn't hovering over it. Looking hard, I noticed the bush outside wasn't the usual lush green color, it was instead a faded gray. Thorn-covered branches poked out of the leaves. It wasn't just the bush, it was with the grass and all plantlife too, except there were no thorns sticking out of the grass.

"Alright CCA," I typed in the chat box. "I know you want my cheetah!"

Immediately - well, almost immediately - a few seconds after after I said it, I immediately teleported to a room called "Graveyard." This - this is wrong! I thought. AJ hasn't made a room like this!

Mental face palm - I had to be ready for what was going to come up next. I wasn't. The cannibal snowleopard appeared before me. She was just about ready to pounce, when suddenly the Eyeless Fox appeared, and so did the Stabbed Wolf.

"Go on.", Eyeless Fox said.

Stabbed Wolf nodded yes. I knew what to do, so I switched to my deer. Mythical looked very scared. But of what? The Cannibal Snow Leopard lunged foward and sank her claws into the cheetah's flesh, blood spurting out of the claw wound. I closed my eyes, just to avoid the montage of gore and blood.

When I opened my eyes, Mythical Frozenbeast's brain was exposed, her ribcage was exposed, and I saw that her guts were spilling out. And of course there was the claw wound! Apparently the wound was so deep I could see the bone. I teleported out of the room before the present CCA members could say anything about the Torn Cheetah's arrival. Grossed out by what Mythical had become, I logged off. Looking around the room, I saw a re-animated cheetah corpse lunge at me, but then... it disappeared before it could touch me.

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