You should know this... But just in case :3

(Y/N) = (Your/Name)

(F/C) = (Favorite/Color)

(F/N) = (First/Name)

(L/N) = (Last/Name)

You get the point

Recemended for Tomboys :3

Chapter 1

(Y/N) yawned and walked out her room after hearing her mother, Miss Sunnylady, called you saying "Take Prettykitty out." That was you and your mom's pink cat. After you came in you walked to your room on the top floor, you lived in the Princess Castle, you had black wallpaper and midnight blue carpet in your room with white and baby blue furniture, you were a black wolf with white underfur and black lightning pattern, you put on a black and blue tail armor with blue leg armor, blue nm sword, blue fox hat and a blue heart locket. You walked downstairs to eat breakfast "What are you wearing!" Your mother gasped she was a pink arctic wolf with a purple designer skirt, purple royal tiara and purple princess necklace "It's the latest trend at least." You sighed "No, no, no... Go put on your pink skirt." She ordered "Mom... I prefer this." You sighed as nicely as you could to your adopted mother "Fine, your walking to school then." She growled before stomping off "Thank you, I didn't want to be seen in the pink thing you call a car." You smiled and rushed out the door with a waffle in mouth. You arrived at school Princess Vonlily and Infinity Cleverjamer were your closet friends, they didn't like each other though, Princess went by the name Alice and Infinity by well Infinity "Hey (Y/N) come hang?" They both called at the same time, then they glared at each other "Um... Alice or Infinity?" You thought




"Coming Alice!" You call back to her and Infinity glared at you but talked to one of her other friends, Alice was a purple fox with black stripes and white underfur "Yay!" She smiled Infinity was a all black wolf, "What's that your wearing...?" You asked her "Oh my mom forced me to wear this pink skirt." Alice sighed "I heard Josh broke up with Rachel." Alice smiled Josh's AJ name was Infinity Fastwolf "Really? She'll be so mad." You laughed Alice nodded then the bell rang "Oh... Bai." You both said at the same time, you both giggled and walked to class, different directions.


"Coming Infinity!" You call back to her and Alice glared at you but looked at herself in her locker mirror, Infinity was a all black wolf "What's that your wearing?" You asked Infinity "My new outfit... Red fox hat, Red and black tail armor, red nm sword, red leg armor and Red heart locket." She smiled "You look like me... but red." You both giggled "I heard Josh broke up with Rachel." You grinned, Josh's AJ name was Infinity Fastwolf "Really? She'll be depressed for days." Infinity laughed with a snort then the bell rang "Walk with me?" You asked Infinity she nodded and you both walked to Math.

Chapter 2

You arrived home, Infinity walked you home luckly your mother wasn't home so you finished your homework without her bothering you "Mom's still not home?" You shrugged for a year now you've been reading Creepypasta behind her back "Hmm... I know that one... Ooooh that one." You read for awhile actually you finished reading "Mom's still not home...?" You walked downstairs and ate dinner you didn't have a cellphone so you couldn't call her and you didn't have a homephone. You walked to your room and took a nap, with your items. You woke hearing a window break, yawning you looked at your clock "11:38" You walked downstairs and almost instantly spotted the window "Did kids throw rocks?" You yawned again but you couldn't find anything that would've broken a window "Maybe it was a bird?" You sighed, you walked back to your room and laid back on your bed you couldn't shake the thought of you being watched so you turned on the lamp, nothing. You turned on your computer "Maybe I can read till she gets home." You thought but you had a new e-mail and read that instead, it was titled Outside, you clicked it and was it read Glad you clicked this... Seriously I am... Now please go outside then walk to the cherry tree. Sure why not, you stupidly walked outside, something caught your eye then you blacked out. You heard voices around you but you didn't open your eyes afraid to see the owners of the voices your wolf's tail twitched "Is she awake?" You heard a little girl's voice from your headphones "She could be dreaming." Another replied "Please let this all be a dream." You sighed in your head "Let her rest." Another voice spoke sounding older than the other two you dared open and eye after the door closed you effortlessly rolled off the table/bed thing and landed on your face "Smooth..." You roll your eyes you stood up and padded around looking for something to help incase you were attacked... You only found a book "Better than nothing." You held the book in your mouth as you walked out the room into a dark hallway "How am i suppose to see now." You growled in your head and turn right towards light the left had voices that you didn't want to meet, you started to run, you turned a left and crashed into someone landing on ur bottom (X3) you dropped your book and looked up to see a giraffe it freaked you out so you ran the other way toward the voices and saw a bunny with a pink dress sitting on the couch with a Panda Plushie not paying you any attention while a fox with a green outfit played on a PS4 you tip-toed pas them and into the kitchen you open the fridge and saw Waffles and Cheesecake

Eat Waffles

Eat Cheesecake

Eat Waffles

You ate the waffles without cooking them and peeked out the kitchen "I wanna play." The bunny whined to the fox "No way." He grumbled back eyes glued to the screen you tip-toed out when your paw touched the door and swung open and you got hit in the head "My poor head." You sigh as you hid behind the door you couldn't see who was there "My precious waffles." You hear a sob from the kitchen, you moved the door a little to see what's going on, a wolf with orange steampunk goggles was crying next to the bunny "My waffles." "Don't be so dramatic... Make more." The bunny patted his head then he smiled and ran to the kitchen with a *tic*

Eat Cheesecake

You ate the cheesecake without a fork and peeked out the kitchen the bunny changed the channel thing and watched Dora "Hey I was playing CoD!" The fox growled (For non-gamers CoD is Call of Duty) "And I wanna watch Dora." The bunny grinned as the fox stomped off you still heard his stomps while he was upstairs so you tip-toed out and grabbed the door handle but it swung open and hit your face "My poor face." You sigh as you hid behind the door "Someone at Masky and Hoodie's cheesecake." Someone gasped from the kitchen you moved the door ajar so you could see, a wolf with orange steampunk goggles was rolling on the floor laughing (rofl) tears falling down his face "Masky and Hoodie will be so mad." He continued rolling around "They'll think you did it..." You heard the fox's voice coming from upstairs "Oh..." The wolf got up "I'll make more." He dashed for the kitchen with a *tic*

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