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Jamaa Township is the place where everyone is welcomed to every time time they log into AJ. However, it is full of scammers, item/mate beggars, drama, etc. That's not the worst part - there is something far, FAR worse...

It all began when I started to show interest into AJ's past, such as the beta days and the different stories on how Mira was created. It's actually really interesting! One day I was praying beside Mira's statue, like I do now on a daily basis since I show her more respect. I noticed a gray wolf sitting a few pixels away. He didn't speak, he just sat there, motionless. He looked like a new jammer, so I was curious why he was so quiet. Usually new jammers would be asking questions or attempting to trade a necklace for a spike. Clicking on his nametag, I noticed that all the buttons were grayed out. I couldn't trade, go to their den or buddy them. I couldn't even block them, JAG them, report them OR play games with them. The only button I could press was the "X", which I pressed after taking a screenshot of his profile. I also noticed that their name was Township. I guessed he wasn't a new jammer after all. He was probably a beta player since his username was so simple.

I was slightly disturbed by this weird profile, so I typed out a message. "Why is your profile gray?" I asked. The wolf moved position, glitching in the process. A speech bubble popped up above it's head. It read: "Not who I used to be :(" before vanishing. The weird thing was that another wolf, the same color and everything, appeared a few seconds afterwards where the other wolf was a few seconds before. The scene lasted for a heartbeat, before the AFK remove message popped up.

"You were gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!"

Clicking OK, I was teleported to the same place where the strange wolf was before I was logged out. I was really scared by now, and started to panic. I saw that all my options were grayed out, like my den, the map, my profile, etc. I was now a wolf, the same color as Township. I couldn't move. Suddenly a member arctic wolf with a headdress on walked towards me. I clicked on their player card to find only one pressable button: Infect. I was terrified by now as I realized what was going on...

This is like a virus. It's a disease spreading throughout AJ. It started with Township himself, who was the founder of the virus. He then clicked on someone else's player card and "Infected" them. This caused that unfortunate player to end up like how this example did above. The only thing they could do was infect. One after the other, the virus spread. Township will take over AJ. It is the most busiest place in Jamaa, after all...

How I know this? Well, I am Township, the place where ALL jammers are welcomed to every time they log on.


TRUE STORY! The actual story now is real! Look here for a better explanation: [[1]]

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