Hi. Before I start this. This is original. And more realistic. This doesn't contain violence/gore. And is rather friendly (in terms of a creepypasta). More realistic, and, could actually happen. THIS IS NOT REAL.


It was a normal day in jamaa. Drama, mate beggars, you know the ordinary jammers. I was dancing in jamaa asking for trades. I was a rare jammer, not too rare. You know. The jammer with the rare orange short collar, a few rares and a beta or two. I noticed there were jammers more rare than me. Not that I cared. My rares were perfectly fine (for me anyway). A couple of minutes later a monkey ran down into the center. Obviously this jammer was a new jammer. I ignored the new jammer. When I noticed that the new jammer was a monkey, a black monkey with little white eyes and yellow pupils, with red paint splotches. Often used as blood. The monkey stood there. Not my problem. I thought. I realized, a couple of seconds later, the rare jammers items were gone. I suspected one jammer, the monkey. Before I continue, I know I may sound rude for blaming a new jammer, but if you saw a creepy jammer sitting there looking like he might hack you, would you blame it? Probably. Anyway, I looked on his trade list, sure enough all her rare items were gone, not just on her trade. BUT ON HER WHOLE ACCOUNT. Later, more rare jammers were suffering too. Just saying their items suddenly disappeared. That meant not only did they get hacked, but they didn't realize the black monkey did it. Before I knew it I was a victim

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