Chapter one

I woke up immediately realising it was a Sunday, smiling happily to myself, I turned on my laptop before logging onto animal jam. Sighing when I saw the usual things people ask on aj like IF YOU LIKE ME MY DEN BOYS/GIRLS ONLY or 

SEND ME THINGS IM POOR :( I clicked my buddy list, it was unusual since when I clicked on to teleport to her den it said Sorry this jammers den is locked, buddy them if you wish to get in. Frustrated I messaged her to come to my den, we decided to roleplay for a bit and when a random jammer came into my den I clicked the lock button, yet it shut out my buddy as well. As I unlocked my den I messaged her to come back, the doorbell ring and I thought it was her but it was my brothers friend who he roleplayedd warrior cats with, I explained to her I was his sister and she answered ok before leaving, my friend,KaylaSearch.