Part 1- The Discovery

Some say the Dark Servers are fake and others may say they are real. Well in 2012 they were real. The was once a Jammer named Pics and she was very famous back then in 2012. Her real name was Ashley and she was 19.  She was very, very rare and had almost all the betas that were available in 2010 because she joined when Animal Jam was first created. She had 30,000 subscribers. Her channel was called Pics AJ.  Everyone got excited when they saw her in Jamaa. She also had a blog called the Animal Jam Pic.

She was on Animal Jam July Friday the 13th and that was the last day she was ever seen in Jamaa or anywhere. What really happened that day was that she went to Club Geoz and then when she entered it, it was not colored meaning it was only the color black.

She said "Weird."

She exited Club Geoz then she had noticed Jamaa Township was also the color black. She saw a bunny that had pigtails and a designer skirt on.

Pics asked the bunny "Why is everything the color black?" T

he bunny said "Welcome to the Dark Servers do you want to play with me?"

"No, but why am I here?"

"You'll never be able to get out of her because once your in you never go back out." said the bunny.  

"Oh my gosh, but why am I here...?" The bunny then left.

Part 2- The Escape

Pics was never heard of again. But, nobody knew where she had went. Because in real life, she was in a coma at the hospital. But, the truth is that was just her body and not her soul because her soul was actually trapped in the Dark Servers on Animal Jam, her soul was attached on her animal until she could get out of the Dark Servers.

She had heard of a video on how to get out of the Dark Servers, but it was a ritual that had to be done she remembered that first everyone had to be gone she had to buy a new animal and she had to sit she had to say awaken the shebeast 3 times and that a panda would come from a random direction and the panda would buddy or not buddy her and it would go to her den.

Once Pics said "Awaken the Shebeast", a panda appeared from the left, the panda buddied her then a 1 had appeared next to her den. She went to her den a panda was there, the panda made a laughing face. Pics waited for the panda to leave. The panda left... Pics then woke up in real life and noticed she was back in her body instead of her animal.

She thought to herself "Could it had been a dream or was it real?" Pics asked the nurse "where are my family?"  

The nurse said "Oh, your family, I'm sorry to say this but your family died in a car crash."

Pics thought to herself " Did the Dark Servers cause this?" Since Pics was 19 she could live on her own. As soon as Pics got a hold of her computer, she deleted her channel on Youtube and her blog about Animal Jam and she never ever logged on Animal Jam again......

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