A story by Jaiden The Fox


I do not like writing, so I will only say one or two things. My name is Jose Angelico, and I have stolen a sum of 10,000,000 gems. My dear Emerald, my only child, look for the eclipse that has lasted for 10 years. Don't follow the pink angel. Senior Zapanta has tracked me and I am scribbling this quickly before leaving.

892 Zshade Roaz aqaiua Eclipse Izdelixequ. The seed is harvested and hidden. Distance filled, gaps opened. It is finished, the veil is torn. Go to the temple and find where we lay.


My name is Jun-Jun, but please, call me Jun. I am a dumpsite-girl, doomed to dig this. To breath this. I cast a distant glance at Gurri, my partner. "Whatdya find?" I asked. "Stupp. Again." He growled. I kicked him quickly. "Shush." I snapped playfully. "What you got?" Turn it over and find: "Broken egg-shell." I cursed under my breath, then a mischevious smile widened. "Lay off, brother," I said, giggling. "Oh no, you're not thinking of....." "Climbing belt three? Heck yes!" I said. Only us garbage workers can climb it. We made a barrier, and only us trash-sorters can get through. We are quick and intelligent. In a bad way. But there is one person who can get up here.

Jose Angelico, my friend's father. Emerald died in a trash-avalanche. Some metal was dumped and made it fall. She suffocated. I mourned because who wouldn't? She was practically my sister when I lost Ocean. Or maybe I did, she just left. Went away like a typhoon wind does. I wiped some muck off and continued to paw through it. "Gur! Plastic!" I hissed. He turned and came over like it was stupp. "Meh, make a few gems or pesos." He mumbled. I kicked him angrily. "The f.....ire!" He said, restraining himself from cussing. I smirked. "C'mon!" I said, running to the tall, broken belt.

I scrambled up the first level, giggling as my bestie tried to climb. He's getting taller, and won't be here long. I paused, as if to cry, then shook my head, took a deep breath, and slid into the Trash Lair, as we call it. "Lulu? Vous ici?" I whispered. "Ici, mademoissle Juin-Juin." Her voice floated into my ears. I chuckled. "Oh, cut the French..." Gurri growled. I giggled. "Bien sur monsieur." I said sarcastically. He swatted my ear playfully. "Anyway, what's up? The popo got ye yet?" I said, using random slang language. "No, but I'm goin' to Missleshed in Western Jamaa." She said quietly. "Oh, Lulu!" I cried, hugging her. "As soon as you can, write me a letter and bid Marissa Greshoi send it to me. She's an old friend of mine." I whispered, pressing 10 gems into her paw. "Now come, I will take you a safe way," I said, giving her my ragged black cloak, and jumping down the belt.


I glared at a red and white house, fury filling me as I waited patiently for a rich gentleman to buy a newspaper. Who am I? Oh- I forgot. My apologies. My name is Liliana Symphony. I make a living swiping, (but my friend Da 'Sean calls it stealing, I don't listen!) and it works quite well. I am never allowed in Mother Rosa's house, she says I am too 'dirty'! I mean, it's just a few mud and dirt splotches! Okay, okay fine. Yes, I am dirty. On the outside though!

"Hello, Lil." A teasing voice spoke. I whirled around. "Oh, hey 'Sean," I said confidently. "Might wanna stop mumbling. Oh, and I'm heading to the dumpsite." He said, running off. I dashed after him. Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks to see two foxes dart into the woods. I followed then saw them going to the river. "Eh, may as well take a bath," I muttered, leaping after them. "Quick, Lu, go across." A fox hissed to the other. They leaped into the river. "Why is the thief running away?" I asked, my voice low. I intend to-

"RUN LU!" The blonde-haired fox screeched and ran at me, her eyes narrowing to slits. She sprung at me and correctly hit her target. I quickly saw black consuming my vision. No! No Liliana! Fight it-

The shadows swallowed me. I came to quickly, finding myself in a weird lair. It smelled really bad, but then, I was used to it. That's all Mother Rosa called me. Trash. Worthless. "I hated to knock you out, but she had to go." The blonde quietly said. "But she- you- turn her in, get pesos!" I blurted. The girl narrowed her eyes. "Lulu is my friend, she was falsely accused." She said, her voice quiet. "I can't give friends for money. I survive anyway." "First of- my name is Liliana Symphony and-" "Liliana?" Her voice quivered. "What?" "No, I've seen you before... Mama........ you...... Angelico!" She said, her words tumbling out. "Oh no- you shouldn't be here, go!" She blurted, grabbing my scruff and running out. I contained my composure and stood. "What?" "GO!" She howled, shoving me.

"Go follow the sunset." She murmured, running back. What?


I ran through the meadow, gotta keep going. My name? Don't have one. Or..... I do, just it's a secret, meaning if I tell you, keep yer jaw shut tight! As I was at, I was running from the police. I have to carry out my papa's orders: Find the distance between the gap. Specifically, the gap, the most famous canyon. The coordinates lead to a buried treasure. Now you want my name? Toscano. Just call me Toscano.

I stumbled. "Papa!" I shrieked, I was seeing an illusion. My papa was being killed by the police. He dropped down, down the canyon. "Papi!" I sobbed, getting up and darting ahead again. "That gal is too fast, Tom. Should we keep going?" "OF COURSE IDIOT!" Tom yelled. I ran harder, my paws crashing the ground. The Canyon. Of course. I laughed loudly and dashed ahead. Death, do not take me! I jumped across. The air aided me. I landed. Thank Mira! Then I pulled a box out and opened it to see its contents.

My turn now. It's Jun-Jun again, and that was the legendary Toscano. What was in the box, I would know soon. As I headed back, I spotted a poster. Should I have turned her in? The cash reward would be a ticket out.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 12.48.02 PM

No, I told myself. No. Lulu and I have been friends since 5 years old- been friends for 9 years. I gazed out, my blonde, tangled hair flowing in the breeze. Memories flooded me."Ocean! Slow down!" I yowled, my sister laughing. I bounded next to her, grinning so wide my face should fall. "No! You can't win!" She blurted, giggling. We were so fast, so free, so happy.

Horrible memories. May Ocean rot in heaven instead of hell. I grabbed the poster, snarling. I crumbled it up and tore it piece by piece. Anger filled me, anger consuming my sanity.......... but then I thought of her. Was Lulu captured? The thought was horrifying. I limped back to my shanty and curled up. The sun shone into my eyes, forcing me to groggily wake up. I couldn't believe where I was!

Cages all around me. "Where am I!" I howled to my neighbor. "Prison." She said, growling angrily. "No!" I whimpered. I was seized by an arctic wolf. I struggled, to no result. He slapped me with sharpened claws. I yowled with pain, whimpering and complaining in my head. "Where is the money bag!" He snarled at me. I shrunk into the corner. "What money bag?" I asked, my voice filled with confusion. "Just give us the bag, and you can go." He said, sighing. He appeared to be sleepy, as there was a tired look in his eyes. "I don't have it!" I softly whined. He sighed sadly but straightened up. "What did you find?" He finally said. "O-only some plastic," I whispered.

"WHERE IS THE MONEY!" The wolf, at last, roared, grabbing me by the tail and hanging me out the window. "I didn't find anything! What money bag!" I cried in anguish. He growled menacingly: "What did you find then?" "Cigarettes in a box, Sir. A-And one or two gems." I fibbed. I felt the air, then ground. All I knew was the pain.

I sat up, gasping. Bright morning greeted me. "Where am I?" I whispered. "Not in prison- it must have been a dream." But there were cuts as if I had. I cowered into the shadows, whimpering, "Don't make me go- don't! I don't have anything!" I yowled. The creepy figure approached me, their paws lightly hitting the ground. "No, I know you don't. I wish I hadn't left, but I'm back." He softly said, the light falling onto him. I turned and sat down. "Go away, Olondriz. I don't have the Star." "Actually, it's Seachester." I jumped up and hugged him. "Driz!" I cheered, holding him tightly. "I found Em's last letter. Here, read it." He said. "Bye!" I called, clutching the envelope.

Then he was gone, just like the wind. Just like Ocean.

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 1.39.22 PM


All I remember is darkness. Then light. Then seeing my fake mother with an evil grin on her stupid face.

"Mother! Uh- I-" I stopped. "You had your warning, Lilian. But now it's our turn." She said. My 'sister' looked at me solemnly. "Mother Rosa, what is-" Before I finished my sentence, she sharpened her claws and slashed at my fur. Then the pain hit me, making me stagger. "What was that-" Dodge her claws "-for!"

She lunged at me. Her jaws clamped around my front leg, tearing flesh. I howled with pain.

Then a flash of peach and blonde launched at Mother Rosa. A growl came from deep in her throat. "Touch her one more time, I dare you." She hissed, lowering her head. Rosa snarled and launched at me. This time I was ready. I crouched as Jun-Jun did, and I jumped up as she was almost there. Poor Angelico, I swear, must have been with me at that time.

Because Mother Rosa was the thief!

I woke in a sweat, and I must admit- I was attracting attention. From her. Her emerald green eyes locked into mine. "Liliana.." She spoke softly, "Come here." I slowly got up, fear making me quiver. When I was next to her. she swung around and grabbed my scruff, and ran. "What are you doing?" I hissed. She lurched to a stop. "Get in." She whispered. I obeyed after she dropped me. "Stay in there." She spat, shoving me in." "Rosa is coming."

I was scared.

Jun-Jun here, because no one else saw it. Rosa came towards me, her teeth bared. Panic flooded me, and I struggled to leash the beast inside. She lunged at me. I could slide aside or- I jumped at her, growls and snarls bursting from me. I was too late. The monster was out.

Saliva dripped from my jaws and I narrowed my eyes. I tackled her and bit her leg. She howled in pain. I raked her belly with my claws, she was lashing out blindly. One blow caught me, tossing me aside like trash. Trash. A Determination in her eyes, she charged where Liliana was hiding. I lunged forward and grabbed her scruff, holding her back. "RUN LILIANA!" I howled as she made a dash for it.

Then I collapsed.


It's Liliana, and I must say one thing:

Thanks, Jun. You saved my life from her and gave me freedom. I am so thankful for that last ounce of strength you gave me when she came for me.

You are a true friend.

I was running for my life, two times in a day. I was panicked and stressed. I wanted to turn back, to help Jun-Jun up, but it was too late. They had her. Tears blinded my vision as I persevered through the desert. I would hate to see her die! I ran harder and faster. Then I halted because I saw a blood trail. Not mine.......... who's is it? I followed it, cautiously, but quickly. Terror filled me as I saw the mysterious wounded one.


Her eyes were closed, and she has labored breathing. I hurried next to her, then began to shake her swiftly. "Jose stop it- OH MY MIRA WHO-" I held my paw against her mouth. "Who are you...." I whispered. "My name is Princess Angel of the Highlands. I cam for Jose Angelico. Do you know him?" She asked me. I gaped. "I know he....... Angel...... Jose was killed."

It was only a few words but she gasped and hit the sand hard like someone punched her in the face hard. "D-do you know his best friends daughter... I think her name was Jun-...." "Jun-Jun?" "Yes..... Jun-Jun Forester. Do you know her?" "Yes, I do." "Give her one message, say it's from Angel Ica. Tell her........"

"Tell her the ocean has struck the sand-castle." She whispered before laying back down. "Go now, please find her. It is her last chance and....... Liliana........... you are loved." She feebly barked. I nodded, waved, and hugged her before running again. I didn't want to leave her to die. Nor do I want to finish this chapter, or my part, anyway, but Jun-Jun has to go now.

Remember I collapsed. Well. forget that. I was pulled up and put into prison. Ooooops, Jun-Jun here again. I forgot. Here I was, in a frikin dog cage. A dog cage, swallowed by others. With jammers that used foul language, I couldn't hear myself from all the cussing. Ahem, people! "QUIET!" An officer roared. You could've heard a pin drop after that. "Where is Jason Hardom?" "Here, sir." "George, get 'im out." He roared at a young wolf. "Yes, Sir." George saluted and dragged poor Jason out.

"And... Jun-Jun Forester?" Should I speak up? Yes. I can't stay here forever, even if he's gonna give me a thrashing. "I'm here, Sir," I said. He looked at me and a jovial grin spread on his face. "I ain't seen ya in years! George, grab her." He said. The wolf took me down, and I must admit- I was scared. Scared of death. Scared that my nightmare might come true. That I might die on a cold, stone floor.

Scared I won't get justice.

He took me down a corridor, where a guy was sitting at a table. "Miss Forester, please sit." He said. I sat down, squirming, wanting to escape. "Did you attack Mrs. Raniak?" The question hit me with a terrifying realization. She wanted me gone so she could get Lilian. "She was trying to kidnap my friend, Sir, and I protected my friend," I said softly. "Bring her to the window, John." He instructed a police nearby. I was hung out the window. "Did you attack her? Do you have the money she claimed you stole?" John asked me. "What money? I was protecting my friend! I don't know what money!" I howled, squirming. "I can drop you if I don't believe you. Tell the-" "ROSA IS LYING SHE DOESN'T GIVE A FRIK ABOUT LILIANA SHE JUST WANTS ME GONE SO SHE CAN GET MY FRIEND! I DON'T KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS! OR WHY I AM HERE! JUST...... DON'T DROP ME!" I screamed. I was lowered back in. "Drop her." The guy ordered. Instantly, I took action. I darted out of the room and I remembered what this place looked like. I took a turn, then I curved and took another turn. I saw the gate lowering. I shrieked, "NO!" and sprinted to it. I slid out before it closed, then dashed for the exit.

Once out, I checked my 'mail-box' also known as a little hole in a wall. It had one- two- three letters. I hid in my cave and opened one.

Dear JJ,

Jose has been found. Check locker 101, to find the code for the treasure. Also, I have been found too. When this is sent, you know I am dead. I have commisioned Georgeo send this to you. Remember:

Vixen is chased, either prepare really early so I don't eagerly nauseate Tyler. Or find Olivia, under Rachel(her fake name), lace and neutralize daily. Help and sort trash rates in Edom. Don't target only finds, Indian necklaces, do try really easy stuff, unique, rare eggs.'

Love, Adrien

I smiled and translated the message (can you find it? I dare you!).

Vice president won't find it, sorry to say.


Somebody else for once, geez! Lulu, it is. I have an important part because I am the one who sent Jun those letters. George gave me them. I sent it, and I added a note to each one: "I love you, Jun-Jun. I have a good life now, thank you."

Truly, thank you Jun-Jun. I miss you. I heard paw-steps from the hall and I shoved a letter under my mattress. "Hey, Madelyn. Uh... tell Rev. John I'll be there soon, I have to do an errand." I told his eight-year-old daughter, Madelyn. "Okay!! Bye Lulu!" She squeaked, bouncing through the hall. I grabbed the letter and ran to the door. Where was I heading? The post office. I had to deliver something important.

"Hello, can I mail a letter?" I asked the lady at the desk. "Of course, dear! Hand it to me, who is it to?" "Jun-Jun Forester in the Highlands." "Okay. Five gems." I pulled out five from the ten Jun gave me and pawed it over.

I then said a quick thank you and ran to Reverand's house and entered. "Lulu, where were you?" "Sending a letter to my friend... I promised I would." I whispered with a blush. "Sit down, and eat. Good Heavens, you're a stick, from how skinny you are! Eat all you can, missy, I can't have you starving!" Mrs. Helen, Rev's wife, exclaimed. I blushed deeper and sat down to eat. Indeed, I was skinny, and also very hungry. All my life I've been skinny. And hungry, too.


"Lulu, have you heard of the water princess?"

(next to this is what she looks like. REMEMBER HER OR ELSE YOU WILL HAVE A BAD TIME IN THIS CHAPTER!)

"No- no Ma'am," I whispered softly, fiddling with my fork. "Well, legend says she's an underwater horse who blesses the unlucky, and well..... my mother says she's seen her before." Madelyn piped up. "I have!" Her mother insisted. "She told me to look out for a girl....... Lulu, just like you. Described you, but no name. To take her in and... Lulu, you're special to her." Ms. Helen sputtered. I stopped and began to ponder. I have a vague memory of water...... strange for someone like me.

"Hide Luciana, mother. Please, I am concerned! I don't want to lose her!"

I dropped my fork from my mouth when I heard the voice. "Did you hear something?" I asked. "No, dear." Rev.'s gentle voice soothed me.

"No, Aqua. Luciana is her mother's to care for. Don't go running to Starry and telling her to hide Lulu."

I tried to contain my posture, but my ears twitched. "May I be excused?" I asked, quickly getting up. "Shall we save you some food later?" Rev. asked. "Yes please, sir," I said, hurrying into my room. I started to hear a conversation. "Mom! Lulu will be killed and it will all be your fault if you don't warn her!" "AQUA DON'T TELL HER!" "WHY!" "Because Lulu needs to die. She is not water-related, is she?" "No, but she is my cousin!"

"Hold up, cousin?" I said. The silence was tense. "I suppose I'll have to save my cousin on my own! Without you!"

Slowly, I began to see the princess swimming away. I must be hallucinating, I thought. I can't be her cousin! But I began to see more. Am I seeing the past? Wait, if I can see the past, can't I see who I used to be?

I focused on the moment I was born, and I came to see a mother fox crying in pain. I entered softly, not realizing I was invisible. "Mother?" I cried. She didn't raise her head, only looking down. I turned away and focused on an hour after. I turned around and saw the fox lying down. I quietly removed the baby fox from her arms and looked at the past me. I set her down and hid in the doorway. Aqua burst in. "Aunt Starry! You have to hide Luciana!" She cried. Starry looked up. "Oh no, is it your mother?" "No, worse. Aunt Starry! It's the jammers! They think you are long gone and-" "Looking for me?" "Yes! And your former fiance suspects Atlantis!" "Aqua, trust me?" "I trust you with all my soul, Aunt." "Then take Luciana and hide her. Hide her true appearance, and take her to the upper world. I love you but....... save my baby girl, please!" Starry said, giving baby me to Aqua. "Yes, I will. I love you, aunt Starry.... bye.." Aqua said, swimming away.

"Lulu?" Madelyn whispered. "You look pale, princess. Are you okay?" I asked, holding her on my lap. "Yes... but are you okay? You heard something, didn't you?" "I did, and it was scary," I said, smiling. "Now go on to bed, you shouldn't be up this late!" I scolded her gently as she hugged me and ran out to her room. Now, if I could only understand.......


Jun-Jun again. Sorry, have to finish my letters.

I tore open the next.

Jun-Jun Forester of Autumn Lane.

Dear Jun-Jun, it's Angel. Jose? Is my brother okay? I swear by Zios if he is killed or hurt I'll come for the police!! Off track; whoops. Anyway, Jun.......... it's happened. We're being hunted. First was Jose, and success. Next was me, fail. Then George- but George is dead. Success. Jun, they're coming for you. And they won't stop until you tell them where he hid it. Jose's poor wife was murdered by a lady by the name of-

I gasped as I saw the name.

Rosanna Raniak. And Pia, Pia is hiding. Good luck, the veil is torn.

Tears rolled down my face as I realized how the puzzle went. First Marie, by Rosa Raniak. Liliana's mother. That's why she was after me- she worked for the vice president's secret police! She accused me of stealing the vice president's money. Is it true?

Fine. Yes. I stole it with my buddies. Marie distracted them while I slipped inside. Now, where do I know Liliana from? I bribed her to help steal some money. If she helped me, I'd give her pay. She did and helped alot. She was only a few years old, maybe five years old, maybe six? I didn't bother to read the third letter. I had too much on my mind...

Liliana here this time.

The police caught up with me. All I knew was that Jun-Jun was thrown in prison and well... I was scared. Handcuffs were thrown on me. I cried out, "Jun-Jun!" And what do you know, Angel appeared randomly and the police disappeared. My cuffs came off and I turned around and fainted.

When I woke, I was confused.

Suddenly, a guy in front of me grabbed an ax and swung at me. It hit my neck and the last thing I knew was darkness...

But I saw an image.

It was Jun-Jun


It's the mystery character, I'll nickname myself Sea. I'm in prison for risking my life for the noblest one I know. His name was Jose Angelico, and he was my..... well, my best friend. I'll be taking the story from now and.... well, not all of it (wow Sea you stupid), anyway. I'm still in bars because I said I stole it. After I was thrown in prison, they went after Angelico. Lastly, Angel was found and nearly murdered, but she lost a leg in escaping. I remember there was also Liliana Symphony and Jun-Jun Forester. And Marie. I only hope my son, yes, Jose is my son, is alive and well.

"Mr. Seachester!" The guard yelled. I wheezed and looked at him. "Yes?" "There is someone special to see you." "Send him in." I hoarsely whispered. It was the executioner. "I have come to announce to you something." His voice boomed. "Remember that squirt you lied about?" "Jose?" "No, the Symphony kid." "What?" I whispered, knowing what was going to happen. "She's killed."

Fury shook me and I clenched my paws. "And a letter." He added and gave it to me.

Dear Mr. Seachester, it has come to my wisdom Jose is dead. George is most likely, and I don't know where Liliana has gone. I sent her off to freedom. But Marie, she most likely turns in her coffin because of this injustice. I was taken hostage- well, prisoner to Colva Prison same as you. Rosanna came after me and......

I shook again, sadness this time. I coughed and read the next lines

it seems death will take me just as Jose and Marie. But.... remember something: It is finished.

Love, Jun-Jun

Jun is alive and well. I closed my eyes and with my last strength whispered the words I had begged for again and again:

"It is finished."

It's Jun-Jun now, and well...... it was after I sent the letter I hear the news. "Liliana Symphony was killed," I whispered again and again. "My best friend was killed." I knew what I had to do, but it would take risk. I had to find the treasure. I hunted through my cave again, and succesfuly found the hollow rock Jose had told me to open in emergency.

I found a letter and after I read it, I recongized the code. "Of course! Eclipse Isle!" I cried. "Eclipse Isle.... Distance filled..... gaps opened.... that's it! It's Zapanta's address!"

I instantly thought of our code. Gege must be gone... and killed off by now.. I hadn't done it, nor thought of it... of course again, Gege was killed. It was in the news.... but it must have been where Liliana was killed.... which must mean that the Senator AND Vice President Zapanta paid the executioner to kill them...

It all made sense. Now all I had to do was find Angel to find the treasure. Senator Zepanta must have at least 2/3 of the map to treasure. All who helped plot this got a section of the riddle to where the treasure is. Jose gave me his piece, so I have Jose's and mine, and Angel has hers and.... maybe Marie's.

I looked at the broken clock and my home. I could lose all this. I shook my head. "It is finished." I repeated again and again as I made a run for it.

"It is finished."

"What is finished, Juin-Juin?"


It's me!

"ANGEL!" She screeched as she cluthced me. "Jun-Jun!" I whispered happily. "I know where to go but.... I need your help. Your still the Temple Keeper, right?" "Yes." I replied. I think I know what she's getting at... "Because we need to find 'where we lay'. Aka the familt grave." She said. "What?" She showed me the letter. "So the next clue is at Zapasta's house." I mused. "Correct!" She yelped. I wagged my tail and said exuberantly, "Let's go!"

When we reached the Temple, I gave my rank card to the guards and rushed Jun-Jun in. Once inside, we entyered my office and I pushed a button. "Quick, go down." I whispered. "I'm expecting The Temple Master soon." She nodded and briskly raced down. I pressed the button again and the passage closed. "Angel." A clear, sugar-coated voice spoke. "Master! Uh... I.... I mean.... um.... er, Master of Temple! No- it's Master Shawn. Welcome." I said, blushing. "I am indeed happy to be here." He said. My fur reddened. (Oooooooh Angel has a crush) (shut up author) (nuuuuuu)

"This is certaintly a lovely place, Angel." He complimented me. Inside I was squealing, but of course, I couldn't do that. I'd be seen as crazy and-

"Where is your companion?" He asked. Instantly I went rigged. "What? You think.... that I brought someone into this sacred temple without anyone's permission? Auugh! So rude! I'm going to call the Police about this false accusation!" I cried, acting angry. Of course, who could really be angry in his presence? Not me.

"Remember don't get caught up in love with him. Remember Jacks?"

Jun-Jun's words rang through my head. Now is not the time to get flirty, Angel. I stood up tall and spoke. This time, I spoke coolly. "If you're such a fool to think I would unlawfully bring a dirty stranger into Zio's Temple, you are suck a frikin idiot, Sir." His jaw dropped. "I am Master of The Temple, young lady!" "I am The Temple's Keeper, my good sir." I spoke steadily.

After he left, I sighed and pressed the button before pressing it again and dashing down the stairs.

"Jun-Jun!" I shouted, as I saw the room splattered in blood. "JUN-JUN!" I howled and leapt at the killer.


Yes, it's Jun-Jun. Shhh, don't tell Angel, but I let the Killer in. I had to do something for my friend and former companion.

I charged at the cave and my paw started to glow yellow and red; orange. The cave exploded as I hurled it. What had I done? I took some one Angel's test blinkers and drank some of the liquid.

I dash in and took a look at the bodies. Spotted the correct one. I slung the dead figure over my back and ran off, ignoring the Executioner's cry of "No!"

I ran down to the Special Temple and slipped in.

I layed the figure on the altar and began the miracle.

"Breath, breath of Zios." I whispered and breated into her mouth.

"Breath and come alive." Another time.

"Come alive and see your reviver." One more time.

"Now awaken!" I pawed her stomach.

Slowly, she began to awake and started coughing.

Who was I reviving?

Totally not Marie.





This is where things get dangerous.


It's someone you totally couldn't guess.

Yeah, it's Jun-Jun.



Won't you revive me?



Okay the story NOW.


I locked the still-sleeping Marie up in a closet (wow author very original) because......... why not?

Yeah, I lovked her away 0.0




I ran down the templ stairs and fumbled for the switch.

That's when I heard it-

screams of pain, anger, and regret, along with sorrow. "Angel!" I yelped, slamming on the button. I spammed it until it opened. I hurled at the Killer, as I saw Angel lying on the floor.

"No!" I cried as my claws slashed the Killer's scales. I ran at him and halted.

Of course! I sprang at his right hind leg. I slashed his scales and bite through them. They tasted like sandpaper. Blech, disgusting. OKAY JUN! Forget about how sandpaper tastes and focus! (Blech, sandpaper? Where'd she taste that?)

I watched and as my fury grew, the room grew hotter. The- the thing, which I presume was a huge lizard, panted, but refused to give in. I eventually grew impatient and hurled a fire-ball at him. He collapsed and the heat cooled. I came over and I drew a sword clumsily from the wall. I stabbed it in the heart (once again clumsily), and I dropped next to Angel. "Angel! Please....." My voice faded as tears began to leak. "Angel!" I shouted, shaking her. Nothing.

"No! Angel! You can't! It's not over!" I wailed. No reply. I almost gave up and I whispered: "The fight is not over! Keep on! Fight death! I need your help, Angel!" I pleaded.

I felt the urge to leave and called before leacing, "Keep fighting, my friend."

To ignore the pain shooting into my heart, I blinked and began to think. She should be awake by now...... Who? You STILL want to know.



It's my dear, dear friend.

Liliana Symphony.


Your former mystery revived animal here.

Yeah it's meee! I'm back!



"it's goood to be back, author."

I had it planned out before I killed you.



"Sure. Why not, won't get any worse-" *pales*

Exactly. Now go do your girly girl stuff with Lilac *sniffs sadly*


*locks in house*

Oh can you tell her I'm mad at her this time?


Okay bye.


I sniffed the air. Smoky and... strange. I noticed the room I was in was dark. I saw a small flame creeping in the corner. Fire. Fire! I started banging at the door.

Then I fell on the floor, and ropes tied me up. "Who are you?" I harshly spat. I looked at the spies in front of me. "We are your 'friends'. Rosa Rani-" A claw slit his throat. A whir of navy blue charged at another.

She bit his neck and he lay limp as a crack erupted from his neck.

I stared at my friend in horror. Why would she do this?

"For my friend." She answered. Wow, am I really that precious to her?

"Of course, you idiot. Now stop talking in your head, I can hear yu out loud. And scram, this pace is gonna blow!" Jun-Jun shouted at me, running down the hall.

It's the Angel now becuz... why not?

I heard pawsteps and thought, They're here. They? The police. Got a price on my head and well... you know the rest. The door bust open and as I expected, the Popo were here. I was cuffed and slapped and abused...... it was painful. Just when I thought all hope was lost, she came.


A flying, navy-blue stream attaked. Yeah, Jun-Jun gets crazy in a fight. She has a thirst for blood, for revenge. For anyone. Ask her for vengeance, she'll do it.

This is why she met me and Jose. My poor, timid brother, had called her up and asked for help. "Revenge," She had told him, "that I can fix. I'll do for free- one condition." Her condition had broke my heart at first, because I knew, "I want some money. Only a bit."

But no, you know what she said?

"I want to stay with you two. You know ciphers?" We had nodded and that was how our 'secret' letters were made. All because of her. Jun-Jun was quite smart, considering she had NO schooling.

A ear-piercing scream made her pause.

"LILIANA GET BACK HERE! GET OUT!" Jun-Jun screamed urgently.


At that, I struggled up and ran to Jun. "Let's go." I whispered.

She made no reply but nodded, tears begining to leak.

"LILIANA I'M COMING!" She shouted as she leapt to her aid.


It's Liliana.

I swatted at the spy, trying to spot Jun-Jun. "Liliana!" She shouted as she darted towards me. "Not you again!" Mother Rosa's angry voice spat at Jun-Jun. I saw that look in her eyes.

Let me at you, it said. I dare you; try me.

And Rosanna did. She lunged at Jun, Jun-Jun dodged. Slowly, the anger on Rosanna wore off onto Jun-Jun. Jun-Jun lunged at her and wrestled her to the ground. Wrestling, occasionally, Jun-Jun would make a sarcastic remark.

"I must say, Mrs. Raniak, you smell like a Rose-a." She smart-mouthed. Rosanna bit her. Jun-Jun snarled, her eyes now said:


I stared in horror.

But Jun-Jun stood there and she grabbed Rosanna's scruff and growled.

"I dare you. I dare you to get Liliana."

Then Rosa's voice.

"I'd like to see her friend try to stop me."

Jun started laughing then slammed the frail figure into the wall. She gestured to me to get out, and Angel limped alongside me as we left.

Later, I saw Jun-Jun, smilin' like she won a million gems.

"She's in jail." She stated. Then I flung my paws around her and hugged her tightly.

"Hold up, we need one more person." Jun-Jun said. "Then we can go for the reasure."

"We'll need Lulu." Jun said. "How will we get to her?" I asked. "Oh. We'll send her a letter."


Now it's me. Luciana, actually, but PLEASE call me Lulu.

That day the letter came, I was granted a vacation. "You need a break." Ms. Helen had scolded me, "You're workin' an' playin with our lil' gal. Ya need a break."

Finally, Rev. had agreed.

Now here I was, staring at the letter like it was my life. I told Rev. and he smiled. Go on, he had said. I laughed and got on the trolley. I passed the driver 2 gems. He gave me a wide grin and dropped me off at the right place.

I looked around. Then I saw Jun-Jun, waving and grinning widely. I hugged her. "C'mon, we gotta go. I came to pick you up." She whispered and covered me in a cloak. I nodded and she led me to the teahouse.

"Get in." She whispered. "Someone's coming." I obeyed hesitantly. The approaching wolf glared at Jun-Jun. "Ye look good enough." He grumbled. "Ye want some work?" He said loudly. "No Sir." Jun-Jun shyly replied. I knew who he was, so I crouched even lower. "Ye got some friends who want to work?" He asked again.

"No, Sir."Jun-Jun repeated.

And without warning, she jumped at him. He quickly reacted and dodged her blow; It grazed his back. He jumped at her. I crouched lower, fear making me tremble. Don't move dont-

Jun-Jun slashed at his face and reached her target- his eyes. He grabbed a metal stick and whacked her on the head.

But he collapsed too, dead.

I was scared, scared of what I was goin to do, but I had to. Wait...... I have a job.... of course! I am servant to Reverend John, the holy priest! You're a genius, Lulu! Most of the time, anyway.............

I dragged Jun-Jun inside and I went to the market. I had my dress on that signaled who I was. I bought a couple of rags and ran back. I dipped them in cold water and layed them on her head. After that, I dropped off promptly to sleep.

"Lulu stop!" Jun-Jun's voice broke the silent night. She was writhing around.

"Lilac- LILIANA!"

"Jun-Jun!" I hissed.

"Don't leave me.... Liliana the fight's not over! You need to- LILAC!!!!!!!"

I shook her awake. "Jun-Jun! Are you awake?" I asked, looking concerned. "Where is Lilac." She spoke hastily. "Who?" I asked. "Lilac. Where is she? I- I need to see her!" She looked scared now. "And- oh no! Where is Liliana! We need her and-" I cut her off quickly. "No, Liliana is-" I paled. "Liliana? Oh no! Lulu!" She wailed. "Jun-Jun, what's wrong?"

Jun-Jun was now pacing, terrified. "They're coming after her! Oh no, dear Mira! We need to find Lilac! Liliana, no!" She moaned. "Who is?"

She turned her icy glare to me. "They are! Zapanta's police! They want her for clues! We need to find her, Lulu! She's in trouble!" Jun-Jun was now practically yelling. "Shush!" I slapped my paw on her mouth. She took a few deep breaths and began to recite a old poem:

"Out of the storm of life,

Out of the hurricane she shall come.

Though danger and fatality shall come;

She and her companions will stand.

One of flowers, one of music,

and lastly one of wings. One of hidden secrets,

and she who constantly dreams.

So lift her up to the surface, O princess of water,

and give us our savior.

For after the storm, the horizon is clear."

I began to understand. "One of flowers- the Lilac you spoke about in your sleep?" I asked. "Oh no! I did it again?" She paniced again. "Yes but-" "That's it!" She shouted. "One of music-" I knew what was coming. "LILIANA!" We shouted in chorus. "And lastly one of wings. Angel!" It all came together now!

"So lift her up to the surface, O princess of water! That's it!" I talked to myself. "Who is it?" I began to laugh. "It's me!" I giggled. She made no reply but stared at me.

"One of hidden secrets. You again." She told me. "And?" I prodded her. "She who constantly dreams!" Jun-Jun lost the happy gleam in her eyes. "That's me." She admitted. "Oh- I need to talk to someone. Lulu, have you heard of Colva Prison?"


It's me, Jun-Jun.

"You're crazy!" Lulu yelped. "Just to see some stupid Mister Seachester?" She exclaimed, annoyed. "You-" I could feel my fur getting hot. "He's my friend! I need to-" "Jun-Jun, listen!" Lulu yelled. "You are not going to see some stupid, hallucinating man just to get information!" She snapped. I could image my old friend waiting for me. Waiting, a terrible thing for him.

I sadly realized Lulu would srictly refuse to let me go.

I would have to do this alone. I need to speak with him.

___time skip__

It was midnight. Poor Lulu, but I had to do this. I slipped outside and raced away. I could hear Lulu shifting in her sleep.

I started laughing

Jaiden the Fox scolded me because I was laughing at Lila-

Jaiden The Fox, has kidnapped Jun-Jun because she was being weird and unnecessary.

Author's Note

Please ignore what Jun-Jun did. (Oh geez Lilac is gonna hate me) Hearty, please shush her when I tell you about the future of Trash (and Symphony!)

Back to the story now

I looked at the prison in front of me. It's black, barred gate looked like it would kill someone the instant they touched it. I slowly, shakily, opened my paw like a blossoming flower, to look sadly at a gold key. Before fear overtook me I shoved it in the lock and turned it. It fit! I held my breath and grabbed a can and filled it with water. I watered a vine and it grew up. I climbed as fast as I could and then entered the room. I tapped the vine and it shrunk. I whispered into his ears, "Olondriz."

He snapped awake and looked at me with hollow, pitiful eyes. "Junie." He teased me in a soft tone. I thrust my arms around him and whimpered. "I found it. I know where it is." I whispered. "Go, under the bed." He hissed. I nodded and shrunk under the metal bed. "Mr. Seachester?" A guard asked. "I'm okay." Seachester pretended to be tired and weak. "Leave please." He hoarsely whispered. The guard nodded and locked the door. "Jun-Jun," he whispered down to me, "Liliana is dead."

I couldn't tell him what I had done because well... what if she WAS dead? I wasn't sure anymore. "Junie, I'm about to be let go. Leave me. Go find it, and finish the court case I...." He began to wheeze. "Sea!" I cried.

"No, it is about time you call me my full name..... Gabriel Olondriz." He was going into a fit. "Okay, Gabriel but remember..... when you leave, find the special present Jose gave you." I whispered. How could I tell him I had lost Lili? "Gabriel?" I asked. "Will I be able to-" He shot up, erect. "Go!" He cried. "Wait.... I revived SYmphony..... but she left again. Pray for me and her, like I for you." I said before smiling. "Here." He rolled a bookbag to me. I hauled it on and tapped the sill. I climbed onto the platform and the vine lowered. I hesitated and thrust the key in a lock in the vine.

"Bye-Bye, Olondriz," I whispered. Then, hearing footsteps, I darted to the trees to spot a figure I'd waited for. "Lili!" I whispered, trying to keep up. The figure whirled around. Not Liliana... Rosa! "This is the last time!" She hissed. I angrily stood my ground. I knew what had to be done but...

I slashed at her eyes. She yowled. "I'm sorry." I lamented and bit her neck fiercely. Why did I lament? She was my friend at one time. One time she was good. It all changed with Jose's rebellion.

Let me explain.

Changed: How the world revolves

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon when Jose started the whole stupid thing. "What time is it, Junie?" Angel asked. "Five o' clock," I replied. "Jose!" I cried as I saw the station wagon pull up. I waited for Jose to enter so I could hug him. He burst inside. "Angel! Zapanta has chosen Granpapi's verdict!" He cried angrily. I gasped. "What is it?" Angel shyly asked. "He is to remain in Colva Prison until twenty-thirty!" Jose was furious now. I dropped the china plate I was holding. "What!" I cried. Angel looked at the broken plate on the floor. "Injustice!" I growled. "It's just a punishment and-" I cut Angel off. "He's my best friend!" I cried.

"What's this I hear?" Rosianna Raniak entered the door. "I come inside and find-" I silently looked at her. I lowly muttered, "You find an unfair verdict."

Then the door bust open behind her and Senator Zapanta and his police came in. "Jose Angelico." Zapanta barked. "I found you." Jose stared at Raniak. "Rosa?" He asked. He sounded so broken. Raniak looked down. Probably feeling guilty. But the leader hit her shoudler and she looked up and coldly glared at him. "You will go to prison soon."

"Jose!" I screamed as he was dragged away with Angel. I was slapped. I slashed at his lower body, anything to get away. Jose lumnged at the officer. "Run Jun-Jun!" He yelled. I knew I had to get out and I cast one look at him and Angel.

That was the worst day. They were like my family.


I found myself trudging through puddles and mud, tears streaking down my face at the memory. I had to find the home one last time I-

Oh. It's.... me I guess? Jun-Jun. At least I think so. Right now I feel like nobody. I was tired and hungry but most of all, alone. I feel invisible and weak. But Jose is all my mind everyday.

"You make me feel invincible."

I gulped and smiled as I remembered.


I laughed and swatted at Jose. "You'll never win!" he growled. "I will!" I was three at the time. "Roar! I got you!" He smiled as I hurled at him. I barely impacted him but I squeaked as I bounced off. His eyes widened and he jumped forward and wrapped me in his paws. "You okay?" He asked.

I jumped at him once I wiggled free. "I got you!" I cried triumphantly as I jumped on top of him. He chuckled and I remember him telling me, "You make me happy, Junie."

I started to laugh as I replied, "You make me feel invincible!" He smiled and responded. "Same here." He chuckled. "Same here."


I was now standing in front of the old building. I looked at the weighed on the roof and then a brick slipped out of place. I began to stiffen. Rain poured down, and I began to recognize the crature that slid out. "It's you!" I gasped. "It's me." The cold voice said. "Stop, Sabrina!" I cried as I hopped to the side. Her claws sliced my fur. I did not attack.

"Please! Sabrina!" I cried into the night. A misty shadow raced at me and I collapsed, waiting for the final stroke. Waiting to die. I closed my eyes and sighed as her claws scraped my back. "Sabrina!" I thrashed around with new vigor. "Sabrina! STOP!" A loud, roaring voice called. Sabrina froze. The figure met her halfway there and slammed her against the ground. "You will pay for your lies!" The Shadow (my nickname for it) cried. "You will pay for harming my charges! Jose, he should be ashamed for trusting you! You exposed us all!" I finally looked up and whispered, "Angel?"

"No, Angel has fled." The Shadow said as she surged forward again. She swiftly broke the cat's neck and looked at me with yearning, longing eyes. Then she turned and sped off.

"Wait!" I yelled. "Wait!" The Shadow turned. "WHo are you?" I begged. She was silent. "I am your Guardian, Hero."


She/he was gone.

Now I'll give it to Liliana..........


It's me, Liliana now.

I had no idea where I was, or why I was chained up and- hold up, chained? Oh yeah.... whoops...

"Is she awake?" No..... I'm not awake, you idiot! "Yes she's almost." "Whatdya think Chief's gonna do to her?" "Hostage." "Yeah..." I opened my eyes. Three really big guards were standing next to me. Without thinking, I screamed with pure terror. He slapped his paw over my mouth. I slashed at him furiously. I bit him as hard as I could, without success. Something pricked me and I felt my body harden. Not to stone, but to the point where I could not move, or feel my limbs.

"What have you done?" The first one cried. "Paralyzed her." The second one observed. The first guard, bellowed some strange language at the third and backhanded him. Blood oozed out of his mouth. "Jazz!" The second spat at the first. The first, presumably Jazz, punched the second. I came to have little movement freedom and looked at my surroundings and stumbled onto a stone bench to watch this. Who knows, it may be entertaining. "Hey! Jazz! Jazzi! Boss!" The third try to cancel the fight. "Shut up, Jazziz!" The first bellowed. I giggled softly and watched them. "G'morning, Boss." A black and grey leopard-cat padded in. "Hello. boys." They froze right on the spot. "Uh......"

She noticed my humored expression and stated, "The hostage seems quite entertained, boys. What have ya'll been doing?" She approached me and purred, "Perhaps you could tell me?" I nodded stiffly. She slit the bandana around my jaws and sat expectantly. "They were fighting..... uh..." I tried to dig out the rest. "That one," I rather stiffly nodded to the supposed Jazziz, "gave me a shot, I think to paralyze? And him," to Jazz, "yelled at him and slapped him. Then the other one scolded Jazz and I-" "Boys?" The cat said, glaring at them sharply. "Uh.. yes Boss?" "As for you, Jazziz, you know we don't paralyze our guests! And you, Jazz, need to control your temper or to the torture room you go! And Jazzi, you know better! You all act like five-year-olds!"

They fell silent. "Now, release her to her chamber, and I will have a talk with you three! Privately!"


Now it's Lulu.

I didn't know where Jun-Jun was! She ran off, I think, but why? Maybe because I refused to let her see.....

Oh. I see now.......... She went to see him. Why, Lulu? Oh, my frijikin Mira! Lulu, you mother-phantom!

I looked up and with a terrified shriek, ran for the trees. "Lulu! It's me!" Jun-Jun cried. I whirled around and tackled her. "Jun!" I squeaked happily. "Um........ hey," Jun-Jun said. "What now?" I asked. "Well...." She began to explain.

After she finished, I hugged her and led her to the teahouse for bedtime. "Goodnight, Lu." She whispered.


My turn. Jeh- I mean, the shadow. Uh....... I didn't almost say my name.... totally not...

"Boss!" Jazziz complained. "Straight out. All three of you are confined to your chambers. Send the prisoner in!" I demanded. Jazz muttered something and marched out angrily. Moments later, the 'prisoner' entered. "Sit." I tried to sound mad.... hard, really hard.

"DO you know who I am?" I asked softly.

"Someone who kidnapped me like a pyscho." She replied.

I paw-palmed. "Not how it works but okay. I need some information. Where is JJ Forester?" "Who is thta?" Liliana quipped. "Your friend. Where is she?" I confronted her. "WHich one?"

I bashed my head against my desk in exasperation,

"Okay, okay fine. Miss Forester? Is she who you want?" She asked. "Yes." I raised my head. "I need to know where she is." "Wait," She came to a realization, "are you Senator Zapanta's..." "No." I replied. I wonder where she is...

"I'm sorry. I can't tell you." She admitted.

I leaned in real close and whispered to her.

"She's at the Teahouse with Luciana." She informed me.

I nodded. "Thank you. JAZZIZ!"

He appeared. "Yeah?"

"Escort this young lady out and leave her be."


Liliana here. I had been so scared of her... but now I know who she is... well part of who she is. I trotted by the pond and remembered where it was. "I remember." I murmured. I began to think. Where is the Teahouse? Of course! I ran to the town square only to remember. I was hunted. I was gonna have to sneak inside. Um... how to do that?


I began my ascent at the hospital. I climbed one ledge after another. One time I'd missed the ledge and my paw slipped. The patient saw me but ignored my presence. I was at the final ledge, and the police were up there. I'd have to risk it. I scrambled up and realized. The caught me. I scrabbled for the top and succeeded. I climbed the fence and jumped onto the roof. Bullets shot past me. "Paws up!" The leader yelled. I made no reply but ran harder. Something stabbed my flank and I fell onto my other side.

Then a cloaked figure grabbed my paw and pulled me up. "Go!" She yelled. "I can't!" I quipped. "Well, lean on me then!" Shadow growled. I did so. She hoisted me onto her back. She is much smaller than I am... how is she holding me?

The wind gushed around me and she leaped onto another building. She suddenly froze. "Get down." She hissed. I got off and she pushed a trapdoor open. Both her and I fell down. "Ahhhhh!" I whisper-yelled. "Shush." She replied. I nodded. I hit something with a splash! Shadow's paw gripped mine and pulled me out. "Who- who are you?" I asked. "Well, just call me... Shadow. My actual last name is ShadowSpirit, but either works." "Well... I guess I can call you Spirit?" "Sure." I climbed out of the area we were in. She stopped and took a right turn. It appeared to be... a medical room? I climbed onto the not-so-white bed. It had smears of what looked to be blood... Uh...

"Here, hold this." Spirit gave me a cookie. I started to munch on it. She took some ointment and put the container on the side table. She grabbed some tweezers and pulled what was on my flank. I yelped and jumped. In her paw, was a lead, green-tipped bullet. "Poisoned." I guessed. "Correct. Another?" She asked and extended another cookie. "Yes please." I was starving. "Wait, after I cleanse the wound I'll bring you some real food."

After I had eaten, Spirit had to take me somewhere. "I hear you've gotten lost and fallen into my- s-sister's prison, right?" "Her? Yeah." "No, actually," Spirit said. She whispered something in my ear and I gasped. "Y-you!" I cried. She gazed down. "Yes, but hurry." I followed her into a room. "Take these," She handed a few papers, "put them in this. Hurry!" I did as told. She grabbed my paw and hurried me into a room. "Up the trapdoor! Quick!" She shoved me up. I moved as fast as I could.

When we reached the top, she led me down a ladder. A... a tea house! "Stay here! Wait- see here? She pushed some earth down. A trapdoor popped up. "In!" She hissed. I did so.

"Wait! Spirit!" I cried.


It's now Jun.

Lulu and I began our search at dawn. "Shouldn't we wait for Liliana?" I asked. "No," I responded to myself. "No."

We follow the first clue: Zapanta's Summer House. It was freezing cold autumn, so we had quite a while. Waiting, waiting, waiting. "C'mon, Jun." Lulu pleaded. I sighed. "Fine." We began our walk to the subway. "Wait!" I cried. "Where is our-" "On the train." Lulu cut me short.

Oh, I thought.

We got on and I began to listen for any interesting conversations. Nothing. II dropped off to sleep.

"Junie, wake up." Lulu poked me. "Huh? Oh." I said and sleepily stood. "Sit," Lulu corrected me. "Whoops." I said.

Suddenly, the train tilted and all the passengers began to scream. "PLEASE GET UNDER YOUR SEATS!" The conductor screamed. I tucked my tail under and crawled under. The train flipped over and sparks flew everywhere.

It's Spirit. I KNEW something was happening. "Liliana!" I yelled. The fox appeared. "C'mon!" I shouted. I flicked my ear to the south and ran towards it.

Soon we arrived. "Stay here, Symphony!" I yowled and darted towards the train. I ripped the door away and looked under each seat. "Jun!" I whispered as I pulled her under. I grabbed the unconscious Lulu and ran out before it blew. Behind us, the train exploded. "Come!" I hurried Symphony away and towards the woods. Shortly, we saw a big yellow house, abandoned years ago, and I rammed the door open. I set Lulu down on the couch, Jun on the armchair, and I grabbed the first-aid. I attended Lu first.

Jun slowly awakened. "Aye, there you are." I greeted her with a cold cup of water. "Drink it slowly, now." I instructed. Jun-Jun did as told. "S-Shadow?" She asked. I gulped and said, "Who now?" "Shadow, she called me H-Hero..." I closed my eyes and murmured, "Yes. You are a Hero. You will save the Phillipines."

"It's you!" She gasped. I held her chin and told her, "Yes, it's me. Now shut it and drink!" I said, not unkindly. She hesitantly glanced at me. "Okay..." She gulped it down. "See your friend here?" I pointed to Lulu, "She's the Promised River."

I recited,

"One with the flow,

One on the go,

Two on the run,

Three soon united,

Four found one time

Five for good measure,

Six for saving

And then there are the Fellowship."

It was an old promise, Jose was one of the four. One with the flow- Lulu. One on the go, Jun. Two on the run, the first two. Three soon united, the tow and Liliana. Four found one time... me. Five for good measure... Jose and Seachester's spirit. Jose is gone, but Gabriel remains. Six for saving. I have yet to find that one.

"Spirit, where are we?" Jun-Jun whispered. "We are at Senator Zapanta's abandoned Summer House. Where you will find the map fragments." I responded. I held Jun down as she struggled to get up. "No time to waste!" She protested. I firmly set her down. I went to the basement and grabbed the fragments. "Here." I tied them and handed them to Jun-Jun. She clutched them. "Only two?" She asked me. "One more, hidden with the treasure," I said. I know this because... why do you want to know?

Geez! It's a private matter.

I gently placed a blanket on the sleeping Jun-Jun and sighed before quickly running into the woods. I had to do this...

Kill Him.

I spotted the big white house. I snuck up and knocked. I glanced at my white hood. "Shadow? Shadow four two three. Coming in, coming in." I whispered. "Spirit. Spirit three two six seven. Code warning, code seventeen." The reply came in. "Perfect. Six seven, nineteen distraction code." I retorted. "Will do, Captain." Shadowspirit said.

A black-hooded figure took my place. I snuck onto the roof. "Hello, Sir. What do you-" A cry of pain silenced as I peered down. He had stabbed the housekeeper. "Okay, code three-tirn. Tirn, tirn. Distraction code peaceful." I whispered. He nodded. "I'll be back, my Little Star."

I smiled ruefully and jumped down. He entered. I quickly snuck up and gasped as I realized- Jun's "shadow" donuts! Quickly, I grabbed a box from my bag and entered. "Mrs. Burtram, I would like to bring the good Senator some refreshing donuts. May I?" The cook glanced at me and said, "You may." I place two dontus on a plate.

I layed them at his door and knocked. Zapanta came to open it and saw the donuts. Yess! he grabbed the plate and gestured me in. "Thank you-" GHe went into choking noises and I grabbed my knife from the scabbard and stabbed him. "Thats for killing Jose!" I hissed and climbed out the window. I closed it and jumped down. "Code dead, code run!" I shouted and darted off.



Lulu and I had left, afer Spirit said so. We hunted down the treasure, and found the cold body of Toscano. In her paws was a box. I opened it and gasped. "The map fragments!" Lulu yipped. I stared in shock. No, it couldn't! It was, though, so jokes on me. Quickly, I grabbed the map pieces and put them together. They glowed and came together, knocking Lulu out in the process. Insert "lameo" face. I dragged her and the box away, also stubbing my toe(s). Ow. And don't forget, my claws grew blunt from the walking on dry, hard soil. Double ow. And FOR A THIRD! Guess what? I FELL ON MY FRIKIN FACE AFTER I TRIPPED ON A OBVIOUS MOUND OF DIRT!

I'm such a moron sometimes.

I limped along, as Lulu had woken up, and we found a small woodland/swamp. I saw a hut, and we met a old lady inside who housed us that night. I would at last, be free of my burden. The burden of guilt. I feel Jose's death was my fault. Same as Rosa's betrayal. Also, Spirit's hatred. And Zapantas.

Augh! I sat and bleakly looked at my breakfast. Lulu was gulping hers down. It looked like slime. "Not slime. A special Jello, it is. Not poisonous. Eat, eat." The lady had broken Jamaalian. I tasted it. Strange, but filling. After we ate, we left with a "thank you" coming from us to the lady. Never learned her name, thought. But in the end, it didn't matter. We found out later, rather than sooner.

But... at least I helped kill Zapasta.

(this is short, may be added to later, okay?)


It took a long time to walk to the canyon when we fell in. Oh, it's me, Liliana, here. Great. So we are TRAPPED in a deep, dangerous canyon with FREEZING COLD water. Yeah, great.

"MEasure the distance." Jun-Jun sighed.

"NO! WITH TAILS YOU PUNK!!" A angry voice yowled.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Oh, sorry Symphony. My name is Jetleap, Jetleap ShadowSpirit. And I am here to help you." The voice called. A black cat landed in the water next to us, and rose to the surface, splashing us. She grinned at us. "With tails." She repeated. Jun-Jun nodded.

"Six and a half tails," Jun-Jun informed us. "Wait, so you ARE the kidnapper?" I asked. Jetleap blushed. "I had to. I couldn't find Jun-Jun. Also, I'm known as two different names. Spirit and Shadow." Jet said. Jun-Jun gazed at her in awe. "So, it was you?"

"Yes, but what does six tails remind you of?" She asked impatiently. "Six-Tail Tavern!" I cried. "Right, Symphony!" I sobered and growled, "Don't call me that." She didn't hear. "Now we need to get out. Come, follow me," And with that, she led us into a long, dark tunnel, and out of this wretched canyon.

Soon we spotted light, and Lulu lunged forward, but just before she fell, Jetleap grabbed her and held her back. Rocks crumbled. "This way." She led us to the left. "QUickly, now! And carefully!" She seemed to be in a hurry. A bi one, too.

We continued in silence. What else was there to say? Nothing. My point exactly.

"Jetleap... where are we going?" I shouted for I was the last, behind Lu, Jun-Jun, and Jetleap.

"No time to explain, hurry!" SHe shouted, begining to run. Lulu has short legs, so she straggled behind while I ran on ahead. "Stop!" Jetleap snarled. I stopped. "Lulu, get on my back. Hold on tight!" She called as Lulu crawled onto her back. Nearly touching the ground, I might add.

Jetleap was surprisingly fast, even with a slightly heavy fox on her back. Now it was I that was behind. "Come on, Symphony!" She snarled. She gave no mercy and shoved me in front. "You too, Forester!" She yanked Jun-Jun in front of me and we continued to run. A growl echoed from behind us. "Faster!" She cried.

I stumbled on a twig.

Jetleap stopped and Lulu slid off. I grimaced. My leg was hurting.

Jet propped me up and calling Jun-Jun back, put me between Lulu and Jun. "Go fast!" Jetleap screamed before her voice was blocked out by a snarl. I turned, and with blood slightly streaming from my leg, I saw Jetleap facing a huge beast. "Go! Now!" Jet desperately yowled. "I can't hold them off for long!"

Instantly, Jun-Jun and Lulu began to run, and since I was partly on both of them, I was techinacly running too.

Eventually, we made it out, and now we were at Six-Tails Tavern, talking to Angel, who now owned it due to Jose's death. "So you think his last memory is here?" Angel asked.

"Yea," Jun-Jun said, "we think so."

"I don't. I'm still convinced it's- ow!" I yelped as Angel tightened the bandage on my leg. "Sorry," Angel apologized. "I'm not such an angel at medication, either."

"Ha ha. Very funny." I said.

"I'm still convinced that Jose meant something else..." I continued.

"Why do you think that?" Angel inquired.

"I don't know," I replied.

"What?" Lulu said.

"I don't know, but let's check- AAHHH!" I screeched as my stool flipped over and I fell through the floor.


I found myself in a room with a lot of chests. I flipped open each one. Gems, gems. Gems. More gems.


How was I supposed to get out?

"Symphony! Liliana!" Jun-Jun peeped at me through the hole in the floor.

"Gems!" I yelled up.

"Now we need to get you out to sue someone." She said.

After a few hours, I got out. Thankfully.

On Tuesday, Jun-Jun broke into the Court buiding and said in a clear, strong voice.

"I have a case against Zapanta and his police."

The End!


Bonus Chapter

Gabriel Olondriz was running. His paws steadily tapped the earth and bounded up. Where could he go? Nowhere, really. He knew he was done for. Atg hearing voices, he froze and turned. "Mr. Olondriz, we have a legal right to kill you on the spot. Put your paws up and weapons down!" A vested alligator, (Investigator XD) bellowed. Gabriel chuckled. "I have no weapons, I just escaped a Hospital-Jail. What could I have on me, Mr. Police?" The alligator was confused.

"Firearms," he suggested. "No," Gabe said. "Enough!" A burly tiger came behind the first Police.

His gun went off.

Gabriel Seachester Olondriz was dead.

(lemme see Lilac's reaction!)