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Creepypasta: Travelling Animals' Destination

Act 1: Junior Wonky Foot

Junior Wonky Foot was a goat who was very cheerful and playful. Usually he'd roam around Jamaa Township, yelling, 

"Art Gallery my Den!"

"Shop my Den!"

"If you need a buddy, come to my Den!"

No one was much more happier than Junior Wonky Foot. Junior was also a very kind and gentle animal. Though most jammers fear that his unusally big yellow horns may hurt some jammer, no one ever got hurt. Not a single sign of violence or blood was shown on Junior's horns. Junior also respected the 6 Alphas; Liza The Panda, Peck The Bunny, Greely The Wolf, Sir Gilbert The Tiger, Graham The Monkey, and Cosmo The Koala. In his opinion, Peck was his favorite Alpha.

Out of all of the six, Peck seemed to be the most cheerful, friendly, and playful just like him. He'd had to confess to whoever asked him where he got his joy, or what is his key to happiness, that he used Peck as his role model as a young kid. Honestly, though, Junior used to fear the Alphas, thinking that if he'd wear a simple costume of a phantom, they'd banish him to the Phantom Portal, forever... but that never happened. He knew that Peck would always be there to save him. He knew that Peck was always going to protect him. He knew that Peck was always there. 

Junior rarely got sad, well, except the time when his parents died.

Ah, yes, when his parents died. Never before had such two innocent and gentle parents die for almost no reason at all. Junior had heard that his father's boss, ( the general, in other terms, of the navy against Phantoms) had said that his mother, Sparkle, got stuck in Phantom goo. Sparkle's wife and Junior's dad, Sir, tried to pull Sparkle out of the sticky and mucky purple goo, but ended up being electrucuted alive by the terrifying Phantom King. Yes, this was a very hard moment for him to take, but Peck cheered him up right away. She taught him how to defend himself,even to survive in the cold weathers and hot seasons.

He appreciated Peck, but did not entirely fell in love with her. He would just count Peck as a best friend. Anyways, Alphas are supposed to be best friends with everyone, right?

Act 2: Horrible News

As Junior was trading with one of his best buddies, Lucky, he picked up a small short spiked wrist and said, "Lucky, is this wristband enough for one of your betas?" Lucky replied, "Yes, but you don't need to pay that much. Perhaps two of your Rare Item Mondays and one of your worns will do. Do we have a deal?" Lucky stretched out his wing. Lucky was truly a penguin, so his skin always felt too slipery for Junior to hold on. "Okie-doke!" Junior stretched up one of his stubby legs and shook wings and paws with Lucky. As they finished trading, Junior got his newly found den item and waved his tail goodbye to Lucky.

"Don't forget, we'll see each other next time!"

"Yes, on Jamaa Township by the bridge!" Lucky called out, waving his right flipper up and soon after, turned his back on him. Junior trotted off to his den, a small wooden cottage with straw as the roofs. He had a grazing field of pumpkins outside, which provided him food. Peck had built a small well for him to drink on, helping him avoid thirst. 

The small witty goat, feeling more jollier than ever, started to take out his beta potted plant and think of somewhere to put it. Just as he was about to place it on a corner on a small space, his eyes rolled towards a blue envelope. It was sealed with a fancy red wax, giving it a sign that it came from an important jammer.

As Junior broke the seal and placed the envelope to one side, he rolled the letter open and started to read it quite aloud, his eyes straining to read another word:

To Whom It May Concern,

All goats are requested to leave Jamaa at Animal Jam Head Quarters's wish. The alphas have all approved of this, and we request whoever is reading this is a goat, to pack your luggage and say goodbye to your friends.

You will not leave permamently (well, at least, if you want to stay there) and stay there until the Head Quarters have approved of you coming back.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, because animals are soon to be crowded at Jamaa, and we are doing our best to refrain this.

Toucans will be the new animals, so show them respect and may you have good luck on your journey. 

Officially Signed, 

The Alphas

Act 3: Journey through the Sea

I- I can't believe this... Junior thought coldly, they want me to go away from Jamaa! Other goats like him were also surprised to be leaving at such an early time, and his friends, Frederick, Lucky, and Enchanted have all wished him their best luck, hoping that his journey was going to be safe, and that his return would be, too. 

Junior couldn't sleep last night. He kept on tossing and turning in his bed. Out of his anger, he kept on throwing Peck's picture frames on the ground, sending shards to fly off, and throwing any of Peck-related stuff to his trash can. He wasn't happy with this, no, he could not imagine it. His temporary mother, his best friend, his rolemodel... It had all come to an end.

As Junior stepped up the ladders towards the ship called Maryline, Junior couldn't help looking at the weary and sorrowful faces of the animals down below. So many animals seemed to be lucky that they weren't traveling. Junior was in fact nervous and excited at the same time. He wondered if he'd end up in a paradise for goats to stay there, all like eating his favorite food, oats. Or he thought that he might be stranded alone in an island, a giant, vast line of blue waters in front of him. One thing was for sure; if he left Jamaa, he was going to miss it. Judging by the look of his shipmates' faces, he could tell that the rest of the goats felt the same.

As the Maryline cast away its anchor, he could see giraffes, lions, tigers, bunnies, spring bunnies, foxes, wolves, almost any animal he knew, waving goodbye with their tales or paws. Others had a handkerchief in one hand, wiping away what seemed to be like tears.

He could also hear a lot of jammers yell;

"Have a safe trip!"

"May the good will of Mira be with you all!" 

"May Zios look after you!"

"Enjoy your journey!"

"Don't forget about us!"

He smiled and let his fur wave along with the wind. His pelt was snow white, his golden horns shining at the dropping sunset. He wondered darkly where the alphas would be right now, not even giving the goats warm good-byes to end the sunset. 

Oh Peck, oh Peck, Junior whimpered, curling up and placing his chin on his two front paws, why have you abandoned me?

Act 4: The Small Island

When the Maryline landed, it ended up in an insland filled with a lot of pinetrees. As Junior eyed the island a little further, he could see huge tall stones. It looked as if a lot of caves, caverns, and canyons must be in this island. He jumped with excitement, ready to explore his temporary home. Another goat, who happened to be a female, had purple glossy fur and blue horns. She approached Junior and squealed, "Hey! Do you want to go together? I want to check out those pile of stones over there!" she nodded her head towards the same rocks Junior was looking at. Junior nodded and smiled. 

"What are you called?"

"Blossom. And you?"

"I am Junior."

"Nice to meet you, Junior," Blossom shook his stubby leg with her own. "Come on, let's go!"

As Blossom and Junior rushed through the vast pine trees, holly bushes, shrugs and twigs, Junior noticed that other curious goats had already followed them. Junior forgot his homesickness, and was filled once more with more enthusiasm.

Maybe my sleep and the cake I've eaten a while ago made me energized, Junior thought as he rushed beside his new purple friend.

At last they reached the bottom of the high rocks. There were 3 cave mouths open, crystals dangling from their sides. Everyone gasped in shock. This had to be the most beautiful scene that Junior had ever seen in his life! Blossom immediately rushed towards the one with the most crystals.

"Blossom, wait!" Junior cried.

But before he could complete his last word, Blossom had disappeared through the cave's mouth.

Act 5: Last Day

Uneasy murmurings filled the long-lasting silence.

"Should we follow her?"

"Is there treasure inside?"

"Should we just leave?"

Junior did not want to abandon Blossom like that, so he rushed to the same cave that Blossom entered. The goats followed. As he stared around at the crystals and took his stubby legs around the rocky floor slowly, the goats followed. But then, as Junior heard a "click", the ground beneath them opened, and all of the goats fell down, yelling their last words as they plunged into the deep darkness.

Junior tried to reassure them, but all of them were panicking. It was if they were going down a bottomless hole. Junior closed his eyes and thought this was the end. When he opened them, it was just the same as closing them; pitch blackness showed.

But then, they reached the ground, and they landed on something very hot; something very hot that they wanted to get out of. Junior stared in horror at Blossom's unmoving body at the far edge, burned to death.

Junior struggled to get up, only to feel steam rising on his body. He yowled in great pain as his paws turned red from aching burns.

Out of the darkness, a purple silhouette appeared. He thought it was Blossom, but when he looked closer, it had big ears... a familiar face..

It was Peck.

"Enjoying the heat, little guys?" Peck asked in a friendly but eerie tone.

"No! Get us out of here! Right now!" Junior yowled angrily, trying to stomp his hooves, only to feel the heat grow hotter.

"Never." Peck hissed.

"Don't you see? Many animals suffered like you before. They all burned to death. Why? For the rebirth of new heartstones. We will have to let go of a few friends to let in new ones, don't we? That's why your here. The toucans will be happier if your gone. That way, Jamaa will have less goats, and the survivors will come back to Jamaa."

Junior stomped restlessly as his whole lungs fought for air, his vision blurried because of a mixture of pain and fear. Dead goats were around him, fox and wolf bones, all of them were a jammer's nightmare.

Goodbye, Jamaa... Junior thought, the last of his tears hitting the ground and turning to steam before he fell down to his death.

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