Trolleopards, what are they?

They're a species like the uniwolf and the bearfly, a one-of-a-kind species on Animal Jam.

It all started with 3 snow leopards. Problem was, the three were bought, and they had Yeti masks on.

Like the unicorn horn of the Uniwolves or the angel wings of the Bearfly.

You could change the color of the 'manes' and the 'horns'. Thus the Trolleopards were born, because they looked somewhat like trolls. They weren't called Yetopards (Yeti-Leopards), although some people called them that. No, Trolleopards seemed more suitable.

The three Trolleopards, one orange and blue, one light blue, black, and white, and one black and white, ventured out into Jamaa Township, as done by all Jammers who log in. Jammers began to notice the three, the three friends who decided to buy Snow Leopards together. They called them Trolleopards, and laughed at them because of their appearance. They thought they were fakes, and they were wearing Yeti masks. But two Jammers were there to see the three friends buy their leopards, and argued that they were not fakes.

One of the three screenshotted the picture of the horn and mane section to change the colors, and posted it to her blog. Her blog, being a very well known one, was viewed by many Jammers, and then many Jammers started to log in....

Noticing the Trolleopards

The trolleopards went through some very, very weird name changes.

The Yetopard,

The Leatroll,

The Leoti,

and the Yepardi.

But Jammers stuck to the Trolleopards, and then, that's when it all began...

Artwork! Blogs! Stories! Even AJHQ knew about it!

AJHQ planned to remove the Trolleopards and replace them with the normal Snow Leopards, not this glitch. But some Jammers found out, a good 20 of them, and started sending AJ e-mails begging them not to delete these wonderful creatures.

These Trolleopards were on the edge of extinction, like the poor Bearfly and Uniwolf. But there were enough e-mails to make AJ change their mind and let the Trolleopards be. One of them, Snowflake Fastclaws, took a screenshot of her Trolleopard with socks and a sun necklace and posted it to her blog, with a following block of text.


" I love being a Trolleopard, it's so fun going around and being a weird animal, not being like everyone else. I wish everyone had their own Trolleopard, to see how fun it actually is going around in one. But this animal is one of a kind, if I delete it, it's gone forever! Like a den that only comes every once in a while, but one den which comes once then its gone. If you buy the den, then delete it, you can't get it again. By the way, I like the Yetopard better. " - Snowflake Fastclaws's Epic AJ Blog

The Trolleopards recieved art as well, one made by a very talented Jammer (the author of this) and wanted to share it with all Jammers, especially the Trolleopards. (Its the black and white trolleopard.)


That's the artwork of the black and white trolleopard, Explorer something-something.

The Trolleopards even got fan blogs and fan fics, according to one AJ blog and Snowflake's blog.

Yeah, the Trolleopards were a big hit until something even bigger took hold of their fame.

The Coon Tailed Hyena

By the title, you're probably guessing:

Hyena with a Raccoon Tail Item?

And right you are!

A hyena with a raccoon tail, or a Coonyna, was soon spotted in Jamaa.  He was very selfish, and thought that he was the absolute best animal in the history of Jamaa.

Move over Trolleopards!: a new animal has just arrived.

" I'm going to wipe the smile off their sorry, little, ugly faces! " The Coonyna said once.

The Coonyena's name was Major Majormajor, which some Jammers thought was awkward.

But AJHQ favored the Trolleopards most, so it was obvious that this little guy wouldn't get anywhere, as long as the Trolleopards were around.

So the angry little hate filled Coonyna plotted against the three, and his plan became a terrible one.

Chaos Erupting

Major hacked into one of the Troll's accounts, the one he hated most, Snowflake's account, and deleted every single one of her items, all her animals, except the Trolleopard. She ended up with a lot of gems. Major quietly logged out of her account and waited.

The next day Snowflake posted on her blog:

" I've been hacked! The hacker deleted all of my items, including my rares and betas! Oh, it wouldn't help if I posted on here, would it? Your friend Snowflake has been hacked. All my items gone. There's nothing I can do about it, it's like starting all over again on a new account. But, I did end up with a lot of gems, like 50 thousand, I didn't even know it was possible! Getting to work on buying stuff, but I lost all my rares and betas...can't get them back now... " - Snowflake Fastclaws's Epic AJ Blog

Everyone who read her blog, and the Jammers who knew her, helped her out by sending her rares and beta. On her blog post, she even posted a picture of all her deleted items and dens and stuff, and even made a video about it.

Major was super annoyed, and went on to hack his least hated account, the Trolleopard called Ivy.

Ivy didn't have much in her account, so Major sent only the stuff worth taking to his account, and left it as it was. The next day Ivy logged in, and noticed her rares and betas and the stuff she loved was missing, so she told Snowflake.

Snowflake obviously made another blog post, and this time Jammers from all around sent rares and betas and some good items to Ivy. Ivy thanked Snowflake and all the Jammers that had sent her the gifts, by returning a Jamagram with 'Thank You!' on it.

Hearing the news, Major got really annoyed. His jealousy and ambition to get to the top was so strong he swore he would even hack Animal Jam if he could.

Gone Forever

Major quit Animal Jam, and sent Ivy back her stuff and even gave out his account to Snowflake by e-mailing her, saying,

" Take my account! Keep the coon tailed hyena, for all I care! Take my items! Here, I'll even give you the e-mail too! Just keep far away from me! I'll tell you all my Animal Jam stuff, just leave me alone! I failed at being the best, and the best is all I ever wanted! So just take it and leave me! "

Snowflake, being the huge blogger she is, posted about it and told every single one of her readers that the Coonyna gave her his account and let her keep it.

Jammers celebrated, and even had a well known blog throw an internet party.


This is yet another story about two special species who have a 'war' with each other, this time, it wasn't a war, just one trying to be a famous jerk. He gave up, leaving his everything behind, and not being spotted again.

Along with the Uniwolf and Bearfly are the Trolleopards and the Coonyna.

So what did you learn from this story?

I learned to not be a huge jerk, unlike Major Majormajor.

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