Warning-mild language Character intro Dave The cheerful, potion loving hugger Carl The confused mechanic Kevin Weapon lover-crayon gun Prologue Ever wonder why phantoms are evil?? Three Jammers take step into the Phantom Castle to find the mystery orb... Chapter 1 Daylight Kevin's POV I was chilling in my bed, that's when Carl went banging on my door. "Dammit, he's gonna break the door..." I thought. "Get up you lazybones, get down here and look at Dave's room!" Carl bellowed. "Oh fine, be there." I put on my AJ jammies (pajamas). Chapter 2 Just the right amount of wrong I took a teeny weeny peek at Dave's room to see everything was polluted! Phantom pipes sprouting from his bed! Phantom vines all over his Swoopy Eagle video game! Dave lay on the ground, not breathing. Carl fainted from horror. Chapter 3 Heaven Dave's POV I lay in a comfy bed, to be confused with where I was. Heaven. I died? Okay... Awkward.... So I'm basically dead :| I take break and come back ok