Phantoms are like the mascot of jamaa. They help out a lot. It is kinda babyish that animal jam added them. They were pretty annoying till I met one. Let me tell you about it.....

Snowy magicclaw

  "You have the weirdest username ever!" I snorted at %111. Yes that is a horrible name!

"Lol fog," she snorted back. I watched snowy leave and then I left. I went to jamaa township and got some stuff. I sighed and went to my den. I went on my favorite adventure. Dark forest. It was the newest adventure. I played it when it came out (December 22,2030). I Put my Cami in my den and made it look like it was playing on a laptop.

   I sighed as I watched the "breaking news" on my HD TV. I watched a little closer. 

"Snowy magicclaw (%111) found on the rock ground with phantom goo on her." the news reporter said. I looked at snowy, on the ground, weak as ever. I locked my den and went to Aldan. Of course jamaa was full! I asked, "gift me please!", and someone did. It was a empty phantom cage. They said, "keep it, it will help you.", Then they left.....

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I'll finish later

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