Awesome frozendog was a normal Animal Jam deer, avoiding most clanners and having fun.....until one day.

" DEER HEARD MY DEN", a jammer yelled, Awsome loved claning with other deer so she went to the girls den.

Wolves every where, biting deer, she was angry, just angry. Then a wolf bit her , and she snapped.

"Try and hurt me if you will but i always get my kill". The wolf froze with fear. "Perfect", Awesome said, she took her spiked collor off and WHAM!  " ITS FUN TO SEE YOUR LIMP BODY HIT THE FLOOR!" the wolf was gone , and so was awsome's sanity. She laughed and more wolves surrounded her, a wolf jumped and ZAP! Little did they know frozendog was an elemental deer, the wolf was burnt to a char " GO OR DIE, GO OR DIE, GO OR DIE " awesome chanted over and over " w-w-why" the wolf with awesome's spiked collor in her said. Awesome grinned at her last words " the last thing you will here during your slow painful death will be the laugh of this psychopath " the wolf screamed in agony ZAP! WHAM! ZAP! WHAM! ZAP! WHAM! One by one every wolf died all but that first one. " Try and hurt me if you will but I always get my kill " Awesome laughed hysterically as the last wolf died. "You don't tick off a psychopath and live." 

I sit here now and tell you that was the last wolf to die I watch Awesome every day now killing every hacker and scamer , power players and last but not least the wolves that kill and attack deer all with that saying " try and hurt me if you will but I always get my kill"  

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