This story is made up. It is super bad.  It takes place in the future. Criticism allowed as long as you include tips. Please don't edit beyond spelling mistakes.

Mistress JellyBelly was hopping through Coral Canyons, when she saw many wolves hopping on the bridge, trying to break it. Mistress wanted to hop too, but all the wolves turned her away.

"Wolves only. Go away."

"You're a tiny bunny. Shoo!! NOW!!"

Mistress was mad and sad. She was about to go a wolf with antlers said, "Don't turn her away!! It's mean and rude!!" Mistress knew the antlered wolf in real life. She was her best friend in real life. Mistress went to the Adventure Base Camp when Little appeared next to her.

"The wolves were angry at me for allowing you to hop, so I decided to join you. Is that ok??" She asked.

"Sure!!" Mistress replied. For the next couple minutes, they hung out at Sarepia forest, when another bunny chanted noisily at Little, "Stinky wolf, stinky!!" Other animals that wolves are supposed to hunt joined the chant. Little said sadly, "C'mon Mistress. Let's go to Kimbara Outback,"

"I have to eat," Mistress lied. "I'll be back in a minute, trust me," and she logged off. She angrily went web surfing and found a program you could download so that only you have special powers on any game. She wanted revenge on any bullies who dared cross her way!! She downloaded the program, logged back onto AJ, and hung out with Little. "I want to try out something that will probably freak you out, but please don't tell anyone or ask questions. I trust you. Will you trust me this won't hurt you??" Mistress pleaded.

Little paused for a long moment. "Fine. Since your my best friend in reals, I trust you. I won't tell."

Mistress replied, "Good," then clicked on a special button. She then turned into a HUGE phantom with a big mouth and a jelly-belly. Then she clicked the key "s" and ate Little. Little screamed in real life. Then Mistress made it so Little can't log off, can't turn off the computer, can't get on another tab, and can't report her. Then Mistress tried out a couple more things, and then spat out Little and turned into a normal bunny.

"That. Was. AWESOME!!" Little gushed. Mistress was pleased with the results. Little and Mistress now had a rare spike collar, a Cami's Frog, and Mistress had the program succeed!!

"C'mon. Let's go to Coral Canyons. I wanna test this baby out on some bad peeps," Mistress hooted. Soon enough, there was the wolves jumping on the bridge. Suddenly, this story switches to really bad horror mode:

"You can't jump. If you do, we will all report you," said the lead wolf named Mean 'StrongWolf. His followers agreed. They all started taunting and name-calling.

"C'mon, Mistress, let's turn awa-" Little started.

"FEEL MY WRATH!!" Mistress shouted. She turned into a phantom and ate all the bully wolves. Now, we shall revert to what Mean co. are seeing.

Mean and his group were stuck inside a bunny/phantom!! They all panicked like crazy. "OMG, Did we really get eaten by a phantom?! Like, let's go report her!!" said Mean in a snobby voice. They all tried reporting, but the button was gray. Suddenly, acid appeared and started to rise in the Mistress's stomach.  A sign appeared, saying: You made me turn away. Now it's your turn.   Mean & Co were dissolving, all their rare and beta things disappearing. "OMG, like, are we really being digeste-----" Mean's head went under the acid. The acid turned scarlet and all that remained was bones, gems, and the rare and beta things.  

FYI: Little didn't experience this because Mistress didn't try this on her.  

Back to Mistress.  Mistress turned back into a bunny and spat out all the gems and rare and beta things.  Then, using the special button, revived Mean and Co. but made it so that they had to live in her belly with all the other meanies.

"Did that really happen??" Little stammered.  Mistress reminded her that she couldn't ask questions relating to "the topic".  Little apologized.

"From now on, Little, we will never turn away from a bully.  We will fight tham," Mistress growled.  Then, still in bunny mode, she ate the whole bridge and replaced it with a senser.  "Now, if any big bullies step on this bridge, this senser will sense them, send a notification to me, and I will come and eat them." She patted her bulging belly.  "And don't worry, Little.  I'll never turn away from you."

"Never Turn Away.  I'll do that too," Little replied. "Never Turn Away."

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