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Layton, Luke, and Chemly and the draft for Happy Skeleton mask Salesman belong to Level-5

Everyone else belongs to Capcom.


If you don't know already, this is a parody/ripoff of G a n t d r o w n s, the infamous trollpasta written by me. There's actually a lot of backstory to this lil' piece of crap than you know.

Here is the original; believe me, it's comment section is the best part.

~Chapter One, Happy Mask Salesman?~

"Hey...I wonder what this game is?" A girl, about the age of eighteen said as she picked up a broken and mangled Nintendo 2ds off the side of a garbage can. As she examined the game, she smiled and said, "Looks real neat! I'm gonna take it back to the office, okay?"

"Yeah, sure..." A man said, "Just, if it's really broken, throw it away, okay Athena?" He asked as she nodded. After pressing the power button, she watched as the scratched up screen showed different things, such as a blue camera, an orange record, and a wrench. But an image of a DS card came up while spinning, and on it was a image of a man pointing, and some japanese words.

"Hey Apollo...." She said, "That guy looks like Mr. Edgeworth!" She said as she pressed the "A" button. He looked at the screen as an image of the exact man Athena was talking about came up. He yelled, "Objection!" and a nice, orchestal song came on. Whereas it was slightly faded and cracking up, Athena enjoyed it humming along.

The game, in itself was fairly simple. Once she got ahold of the controlls, everything was a piece of cake. Most of the game aspects were like courts for her in real life. Objecting and investigating. But once she finished the second trial, everything changed. The words were in English, but jumbled up. For example, the third trial was called, "Zsqabyujg". Whereas Athena disn't understand what they meant, she continued anyways. The people were speaking in English compared to before, but their names were also mismatched.

About halfway, a different character came up. This one with an all-black suit and a small black tophat and a skeleton hood only stood with no movements whatsoever. When Athena's character came up to him, all he said was,

"All will be revealed in time."

She pressed it again over and over.

"All will be revealed in timE"

"All will be revealed in tImE"

"all will be revealed iN tImE"

"aLl wIlL bE rEvEALEd In tImE."

Once she stopped spamming the "A" button. The voice started. talking again. This time it kept swicthing over from the female to male text voice and said, "Do yOu noT reaLize What yOu haVe donE? You wIll paY..."

Then, he started to laugh. He opened up his cape on the right side to show five masks. One of Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Hershel Layton, and Luke Triton were all smiling. Blood was oozing out of the eye, nose, and mouthholes. Athena jumped and they the 2ds on the ground in shock.

~Chapter Two: Everything Changing~

"W-what the hell is going on with that thing...?" Apollo asked in a nervous state.

"Uh...I don't know." Athena said as the music slowed down and the text voice turned into a real voice.

"You're friends are gone." It said with no emotion.

"What!? Who!?" Athena asked angrily.

"ChECk OuT My mASKs" It said, returning to text-voice.