There's nowhere to run,

And nowhere to hide

From the hell we live in,

Most of the time,

As long as we're in reality.

We are not. AJ Wiki LogoThis is a story of the AJWiki Adventures! SagaAJ Wiki Logo
Ace Attorney belongs to Capcom.

All users belong to themselves.

Chapter One:

Do you ever realize that moment where something is bound to go wrong? As in, if someone causes unneeded drama, and that starts a whole hellhole of opinions? Take it from me- I'm super-used to it. But just this once, I was not ready or prepared in any way. Even if I'm a teen, after all.

I mustv'e forgot to mention--All of this takes place on the internet. It's my home, for God's sake. The Animal Jam Wiki.

I stumbled upon it last year, using it for trading. I joined back in Februray, and have now become a mini-mod. This place is full of different people, and lots of different interests. But when you combine about 10-15 active teens, and a really annoying new user. The results are...not good.

I also forgot to mention my name (good job). I'm usually known as Anna, but my psyodeum is Anna15790. Here's a story about how an Ace Attorney gets sent to our world. Partially in my narriative.


It was a bit into October on the wiki. I got into chat like it was any other day. A few of my friends were on. Ghost (GhostKat), Luni (Lunifer), Pika (Pikalil), and a few other users. I just took a seat and listened to the general conversation going around.

"Hey guys, what're you gonna be this Halloween?" Ghost asked.

Most people just said they didn't know or something like that.

"I WANT to be something rad, but I'm GOING to be something lame." I said.

Another one of my friends, Amber (Amberstone) came in, and stopd up without sitting down.

"Another person's being annoying again and ignoring me about edit reversion and stuff." They said.


"Show me." Ice said, "I can try and explain."

Just then, Cody (Codywife1) came bursting in. She looked really upset, and screamed "BOSS IS DEAD!"



"Did they dIe irl?"

"You can't die on a wiki."

As soon as all the pandamonuim calmed down, Ice and Ghost looked at Cody intently. They were the wiki's two 'crats, and Sea (Seaofclouds) Xytl, and Mooziq were the admins. Together, they were all the admins, amd were usually in charge of how this place works.

"GhostKat." Ice said, "Get Sea, Rinz, and Mooziq. It's an emergency." GhostKat nodded, and left for their message walls.

"And...Uh...Lunifer's..." Cody started. "They're uh....."

"Speak." Ice said, looking both scared and confused.

"LUNIFER'S ACCUSED!!!!" She yelled. More chaos arised.

I looked around at Amber. She signaled me for a PM, or private message. I went to a corner of the room, flousrihing with tropical plants.

"Anna, what the hell is going on." She asked.

"I have no idea. But I wanna see the body or some living piece of crap proving this happened." I said angrily, "Boss's our friend. Nobody here would kill them." I said as I looked around. Especially at Lunifer. I was really worried, especially what the penalty would be.

But then, it struck me right in the head, and I got the perfect idea.

"I got a great idea, Amber. Just wait, and I'll tell chat, you first and then chat, okay?"

"This better be really good, Anna, or we're screwed."

"It is."

Sometime later...

"So, explain this again, Anna...? I'm confused." Ice said.

After we rounded up all the active users, we started a big group pm about this issue. We didn't talk about it in main, because if a random person just came around, we were doomed.

"My plan is..." I said again, "We can bring the one and only Phoenix Wright here."

People laughed at me. I blused.

"That's impossible." Sea said, "You can't just bring random people here. They'd have to have an l account."

"Well," I thought, "Couldn't there just be some way to summon him?"

"No." Ice said, "Anna, I know you're trying to help, but this is pointless."

"Yeah, stop acting like a little kid." Amber said, "I know you want to help but..."

"Help!?" I yelled, "Lunifer's going to get the death penalty if we don't do something! Do you guys just want that to happen? They're banned from chat now, but there has to be something...!"

"We know. But getting a stranger to help is...stupid." Sea said.

Furious, I left chat, and headed for one of our partnering wikis, the Animal Jam Stories Wiki. Created by Graystripe. this was the place to write any story, mostly creepypastas, about Animal Jam. There are some active users, but I'm not friends with many...I had decent friend there.

It was slightly different from the main wiki, but not by far. It just had a monochrome gray feel.

After at least an hour of searching, I sat in the chatroom with nothing to do. One of my best friends, Rockymountainsands (She changed her name to Mystic Maya), came in.

"Oh. Hey." I said.

"Have you heard the news?! Boss is dead!" Rocky said.

"Yeah. I was there when Cody came in, screaming." I sighed.

"Hey, why aren't you in main chat; everyone's there!"

"I was looking for some help..."

"Hey, can I help? You look down?"

"Sure. Do you know if its possible to hack into the Wikipedia system?"

"I don't know how, but it is. Why do you ask?"

"I want to get someone into the Animal Jam Wiki."


"Phoenix Wright."

"WHAT?!?" She spazzed, "Why?"

"To defend Lunifer in court! Luni wouldn't kill Mabel, if it wasn't clear already. Wanna help?"

"....YES!" She said. "Now, let's figure out how to do this!"

Chapter Two:

Wright Anything Agency

October 23

10:49 A.M.

It was easily one of the slowest days at the Wright Anything Agency. Everything was quiet, for once, and Phoenix Wright liked it that way.

It was just him, Maya Fey, Athena Cykes, and Apollo Justice. Trucy and Pearl were off doing something elsewhere.

"So, how's life, Nick?" Maya asked, "I've been away for so long-and I barely know who these guys are!"

"Well, lets just say....I now run an agency, have an adopted child, and thats about it." He said.

"Don't forget about the explosions! And the orca!" Apollo yelled back. He was on the couch playing some card game with Athena,

"Oh, and the Phantom! You can't forget the Phantom..." Athena sighed.

Maya laughed, "What do you get yourself into when I'm not around?"

Suddenly. everything began to vibrate. Things were falling over off bookshelves, glass broke, and the pothos, Charley, fell over.

"Do you guys feel that...?" Apollo asked.

"K-kind of?!" Maya yelled.

"Is this an earthquake?" Athena asked. "It feels really strong! Like a 9.5!"

Then, everything around the four of them began to fade away into pitch black, and they were falling, like Alice down the rabbit hole.

"How did this happen?" Phoenix asked, "Nothing was happening in the minutes before..."

And that was the real question in need of an answer.


Inky blackness could only been seen for miles for the twenty minutes they were falling. The scray tense (and screaming) had died down, but returned when they saw tan. Maya began to scream, and veryone closed their eyes, hoping everything was a dream.

Until the fell. On someone's back.

"Hey....Watch out....!" They said, struggling to get up.

"Oh, sorry." Athena said, "Somehow we were transported here."

The person got up, and stared at the four of them. "W-what the hell?" They said, and then began to yell, "ANNA! WHERE ARE YOU, ANNA!?" and stomped off, angrily.

"What was that all about?" Apollo asked.

"Who's 'Anna'?" Maya asked.

"I literally have no idea." Phoenix said. "One second everythings all normal, then we're falling down a pitch black hole, and now we're in this"

Amber's POV:

"It was another day of me being a freaking dolphin. Why this been done to me?" I asked myself.

Watching Pika get smushed by the Wright Anything Agency and Maya was hillarious, and then she ran off to find Anna. Probably to warn her about "bringing her idols to a wiki". I don't think thats a good reason, but eh. I was still wondering whether to tell Ice or Dia, or to just let them stay.

Because if random strangers from a DS come to your house, what do you do? Make them feel welcome, or tell them "Get out you unloved losers"?

Either way, I just ran and told Dia.

Maybe because they like Ace Attorney.

"Woah dude what happened?" He asked.

"If you didn't already notice, Phoenix Wright is outside of chat and he's freaking out because he's in a random place." I said.

"Nice try Amber." He said, while looking out the window, and then saying, "Oh"

"What do we do?"

"Make them feel at home?" He suggested. "Maybe tell Ice, Sea, Mooziq, and Xytl?"

"Uh no freaking duh."

"...Anna did this, didn't she?" Ice asked as she came into the chatroom.

"Yeah." Basically everyone said.

"You shoudlv'e seen! They smushed Pika like a pancake." PhoenixKrystal said, while laughing.

"Oh." Ice replied. She usually was one to say that a lot.

"I think we should let them inside." I said, "I mean, they must be scared as much as hell."

"True." Ice said, "But they always could be some user pretending to be Phoenix."

I then thought about Anna. She did have a Phoenix Wright alt. "Why not I go check?" I asked.

"Nah, I'll do it." Ice said, she walked outside, and stared at them, and began circling the four of them. She looked at them, and shrugged.

"There's no username whatsoever." She called out.

"That's not...possible." Cody said.

"POKE THEM!" Someone screamed. It was probably some new user or something.

Icefern sighed, and tapped them. "Uh, are you lost?"

"You think?" The red-suited one (Apollo Justice) said sarcastically.

"Uh, yeah." Icefern said, "You should er...come inside...?" She opened the door, " the uh Animal Jam Wiki..."

Athena looked at her, "You sound mad. What's wrong?"

"Eh, it's nothing." Icefern said.

Just then, Pikalil came in chat with Anna and Rocky.

"We need to talk." Ice said, glaring at Anna.

Chapter Three

-Anna's POV-

Okay, I knew I was in trouble.

Take that back, a lot of trouble.

"Anna..." Ice said, grabbing me off for a pm, "What did you do?"

"I just added <wright-anything-agency> as a coding. So, it's basically a template. When I get rid of the template off the talk page, they go home." I said honestly. I wasn't lying. Rocky just helped me make a template that said, "Trial in Progress" with their images on it.

"Urgh." Ice said, "Someone told you not, righ?"

"No, they just said it was pointless." I shot back, "And its for Lunifer, and this whole wiki."

"You have a point..." Ice said, "I'm gonna let them stay. Just you're in charge of the whole coding issue."

"Easy enough." I said, "But you..." I smirked, "Are helping them with investigation or something."

"Fine." She said firmly, and nodded. We walked back.

"Oh! Hi!" Rocky said happily, "I'm Rocky. Who are you?"

"Uh, I'm Maya, and this is Apollo, Athena. and Phoenix Wrighr."

"Jesus Christ, are you kidding me?" Ghost asked. "What are you doing? Here? I'd uh...expect you to be off lawyering."

" do you know us? I don't know you?" Apollo said slowly.

"Oh. Did I say something?" He asked, "I didn't say anything. I've just heard of you from somewhere. Friends."

Then, I knew we had to break it to them the Wright Anything Agency was a work of Capcom.

But I didn't want to.

"So uh...It's really a coincidence someone's accused of murder." I said, "Uh...could you help us?"

"I guess. Probably not getting home unless we help you guys." Apollo sighed, "So, we might need to do some investigating. Anyone know where the body might be?"

"I think I do." Ice said, "Dia and I'll help." She nodded towards the door, and I smiled happily- things were maybe going to be okay in the end. Icefern then proceeded to walk towards me as the four stared in confusion. Ice pulled me to a corner.

"Since you're the one who brought them here-you're going to break it to them, got it?" She whispered. I nodded, knowing that I could do this.

"What was that?" Maya asked as she pointed to me. Ice smiled-only recently had she gotten into Ace Attorney, but I knew she was enjoying this as much as I was.

"That was just me private messaging Anna. We do that when we want to say something to only one person, or if something is obscen, but others want to see it." She began as she was walking out the door.

-Icefern's POV-

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