Twin Sisters Scammers Forever

There were once twin sisters that both played Animal Jam. A cute and pretty little bunny named Mythical Berryrabbit. The other was an Arctic Wolf named Beautiful Icybelle. And they were both scammers. To most they were known as Twin Sisters Scammers Forever, or TSSF.

Mythical had a brown coat with a black love heart pattern with a rare Jamaaliday bow and long red spike collar. Beautiful had a cream tail armour, pink fox hat, short blue spike wristband, and a long dark purple spike collar.

The two of them always hanged out together, usually in Epic Wonders (the place of 'rares'), where they would compliment and envy each other's new scammed items. Other times, they would be in different servers trying to scam unsuspecting Jammers.

The two of them each had favourite methods. Mythical's favourite method was to shout out in Jamaa Township that there was a contest at her den, and the contest was that whoever could send her the most rares in the most shortest amount of time will win a fake item that was very desirable yet didn't exist.

Beautiful had a different method. She would find a Jammer in the Township that had rares, and trick them into believing that she was their real life family member, and then she would tell them that she was planning something special for their birthday gift, and would ask them for their dream item. She would then say she would get the item for them only if they agreed to give her their most valuable rare, and she would also promise them that she would give them an item very desirable that doesn't exist. Then once she got the rare, she would leave.

The TSSF's favourite fake and desirable (or better known as F&D) were:

  • Rainbow tail armour
  • A golden sparkle wolf hat
  • Two-toned coloured glove with two colours of their choice
  • An iron top hat
  • Tan and rainbow striped worn blanket
  • Spiritual spike collar that will give the Jammer the ability to teleport, run fast, and fly no matter what animal they were
  • Legendary bows and arrows with rainbow angel wings

Anyway, the two of them decided it would be funny if they swapped their scamming methods, if they were so good at them, then there was no doubt that the other could do the same. Right?

Wrong. The idiotic twin sisters swapped their methods, and before you knew it, Mythical was that fake long-lost sister and Beautiful was a cheeky, unfair contest scammer.

Mythical had trouble with pretending to be a family member, many people kept taunting her believing it was pathetic and they demanded for last names. Beautiful wasn't doing that great either. The Jammers were calling it a scam, in Jamaa Township they believed it was a friendly fashion show or something.

Mythical and Beautiful shut down their computers and logged off. They were safe. At least they THOUGHT they were safe. The next day they logged on AJ and both opened up their buddy lists since they were eager to find a friend of their own to scam, since a few had recently gotten a few rares. But instead of a buddy list the TSSF's got a list of all the usernames of the people they had scammed and when they clicked on their player card, there was the item that they scammed with the sad face of the person's avatar.

The girls, being very sensitive and prissy, screamed and logged off and shut down. An hour later they logged back on to see a room of scammed items, and they saw that their own rares and membership have been stripped, and a message popped up on the screen, a warning from AJ.

"Twin Sisters Scammers Forever got what they want, they wanted rares, so they got the RARE thing: having no items at all. Serves you right! Don't scam and JAM!"

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