(I am very bored, this may be bad because I've never written the horror genre before)

Twinkle and her friends sat around a toasty warm campfire deep in Sarepia. Twinkle was currently stuffing her face with marshmallows, competing with Peck to see who could eat the most without getting a stomach ache.

Peck and Twinkle laughed at each other and themselves as they got covered in more and more gooey white mess. Liza, Hudson, and Tavie (who was currently swimming in a water bubble contraption Graham invented, by the way) were chatting the night away gleefully as phantoms had temporarily been driven back to their fortress.

Greely and Sir Gilbert, of course, were shooting one another dirty looks. Ever since their latest argument, they had refused to speak to each other.

"Typical." The white tiger cub said, looking up from her book and adjusting her glasses. "I just wish they could get along." Twinkle nodded at her friend, coated in sugary, mushy, squishy marshmallow mess.

"Ptth murf mumba moof!" Exclaimed the pink rabbit next to them, shoving a marshmallow in her mouth as Twinkle did the same. "Muf muf!" Greely rolled his eyes at this. "Typical kids." He thought, chewing idly on the marshmallow roasting stick that was handed to him an hour ago. He hadn't had any marshmallows. Greely was never one for sweets.

Tavie swam in circles inside her contraption, her artificial tail fin swaying as she poked her head above the water to say something, but her mouth promptly closed as Peck fed her a marshmallow. Tavie swallowed it. "Thank you, Peck, but may I just speak?" Peck nodded and did a backflip right back to her spot.

"I have a story to tell." Tavie said, and five of the other Alphas gave her their attention, alongside the younger jammers. Greely had been focused on watching the fire, so he hadn't even heard Tavie. "There is a myth, deep in Jamaa's oceans, that is undisclosed and suppressed..." Tavie began her tale, everyone giving her their full attention to Tavie as she told her story.

A little over an hour later, Tavie added on; "Jammers that have seen this monstrous phantom creature are few and far between, if they even survived the encounter." A small wolf pup that was sitting next to Twinkle blinked at her and tilted her head to the side a bit. "Can I tell a story next?" She asked. "Sure, Sparkle." Tavie answered, sinking down in the water a bit. Sparkle then began her tale, stepping a bit closer to the fire for 'Dramatic effect'.

"There was once an ugly barnacle. It was so ugly, that everyone died. The end." Sparkle stated, then grinning and sitting back in her spot. "That was...Very nice, Sparkle." Twinkle said to her adopted cousin, a bit muddled. Greely rolled his eyes and mumbled something. "What was that, Blue?" Lizzy questioned, looking over to the grouchy wolf Alpha. "I could tell a far better story than the one the puppy told." Greely grumbled, his amber-gold eyes glistening as he focused on the fire. "That wasn't polite!" Sir Gilbert scolded, only to be answered by a stone tossed into his face by the wolf.

Liza stood up before Gilbert and Greely would start mauling each other to death and picked up her staff. "Instead of murdering each other, how about we sing a campfire song?" She suggested and Sparkle jumped for joy. "I know one! I heard it in a play!" She shouted, then began singing.

"I call this one the Campfire Song song

Let's gather 'round the campfire And sing our campfire song Our C A M P F I R E S O N G song And if you don't think that we can sing it faster Then you're wrong But it'll help if you just sing along!" Sparkle sang loudly, her deep gold eyes bright with excitement.

A young monkey jumped from her tree and tossed in a "Bom, bom, bom."

"C A M P F I R E S O N G song C A M P F I R E S O N G song And if you don't think that we can sing it faster Then you're wrong But it'll help if you just sing along

C A M P F I R E S O N G song Mimi, sing!" "Song C A M P F I R E!" Mimi yelled in joy. "Greely, sing! Good" Sparkle sang, pointing at the wolf Alpha with a paw. Greely rolled his eyes and covered his ears as Sparkle continued the song without a word. "It'll help, it'll help... if you just sing along!!!" Sparkle shouted. "OH YEAH!" She laughed then sat back down.

Greely yawned and stood up, stretching his legs. "If you're done singing that blasphemous atrocity, it's my turn to tell a story." He growled. "No it isn't, it's mine." Twinkle countered, while the otter Alpha Apprentice, Hudson, jumped up in glee. "Yay! This is gonna be good!"

"Once upon a time..." Twinkle began, with the classic story starter.


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