The young pup, around the age of nine years or so, entered the phantom cavern beside a tiger cub and a pink and purple bunny, trailing behind a larger tiger and a panda as they carefully avoided the phantom thorns. They were on a search for a strange object, the Shock Stone, which was rumored to be the source of the phantom power.

The blue and gray wolf, who was already inside the dark phantom cave, was rather excited about this, which was a tad surprising, considering his normally grim personality. Greely had an odd obsession of rocks, rubies in particular. If the Alphas and their Apprentices found the shock stone, Greely could study it and figure out how it powers the phantoms. Then, they could disable it, and remove phantoms from Jamaa once and for all. And being inside a cave, it was an excellent opportunity to find some new stones for his collection.

Twinkle was maybe even more excited. The young Jammer was always eager for an adventure. Brushing the thicker fur on her head back over her left eye, she followed Liza and Sir Gilbert with her two closest friends as they entered a tunnel.

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