The Trolls

Want to be a troller? Read this story, become one. Unleash the power. OF TROLLING! AJ Wiki LogoThis is a story of the AJWiki TROLLFIC Adventures! SagaAJ Wiki Logo

Trolling Start

Trolling, hey, want to troll? Well, how?

Get a lot of backup accounts, maybe with a lot of similar names. It don't matter. But you'll use these accounts a lot. Make sure to buddy them all. Start with the troll Purple Men, it's very easy. Don't make the username too long either. Jest do random stuff for most of it. But, instead, you can do it with friends. Either way, with friends or without, jest have fun!

Purple Men

By now you should make a lot of backup accounts. The easiest troll is PURPLE MEN.

Go to some random place, and look for a person with an unlocked den. One by one get each account in there. Then, you'll all need to dress purple. Start dancing, when the person comes say random stuff or use random emojis. The objective is to get locked out of the den. I got this idea by Slushy AJ.

Non Creepy Pasta- Trolls- Purple Men- The Purple Attackers

Like Slushy did, she spammed them with Jam A Grams, you don't have to do that but it'll make it more funnier. And maybe they'll block you! But, of course if you don't like to do that, then don't! You can do about a couple friends, a couple of backups, and couple new accounts.

Also, this will get revenge to scammers. Somebody saying, "Spike giveaway my den" go, and then start dancing. They'll have to lock the den and make everybody mad at you! But, it'll be funny. Revenge to that scammer. The deer = Scammer

Non Creepy Pasta- Trolls- Purple Men- 'Spike giveaway'

It could be a lot of fun. Purple men, ROCK. Now, it will be cool with any color but purple men are more troll-like. Most people will use purple wolves for those kind of trolls. NEXT TROLLSSSSSS

Carrot Attack

This idea I also got from Slushy. :-3 How to do it is you get a penguin and green spike hair. You make the penguin all orange but jest some random black eyes.

Non Creepy Pasta- Trolls- Carrot Attack- The Carrots

These are the carrots. THE CARROTTS. Invade peoples dens as normal. They are the same as the purple men, invading dens.


This idea was from Twinkle012 (I forgot how many 2's XD) You pretend that you were restarted by taking clothes off all animals and taking everything out of an small den. It can't be any other den. Small dens is how everybody starts. Anyway, go to a friend and say: "I restarted.." and then make up a reason. After a while, say TROLOLOLOLO!


WIP (Work In Progress)

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