Under the bush, if you look closely, you will find a jay's feather, a smooth stone, and a gold ring. You take the items and run off into the forest where you found them, until you stop at an oak tree. It was very old, and you heard from an old legend that you could summon a forest creature with these items. You've been hunting these items down for a year, hoping you'd get your chance at summoning one. The rest of your friends have amazing stories about these summonings, but never got a forest creature to stay for long. They always wander off into the forest, as if they're afraid of something.

You stare at your feet for a while, making up your mind. It was only one chance you got, unless you got the items again. It takes some time trying to get the correct items since the smooth stone had to be white, the jay's feather had to belong to a young jay, and the ring had to be of pure gold.

You lifted your head, looking at the bright purple and pink flowers that grew at the base of the old oak, which loomed over you like a giant. Looking up, you saw that the leaves were tinged with gold, gold and mottled green. These leaves didn't belong to any old oak, these leaves belonged to an enchanted oak. They never fell, no matter the season, and strangely, no bird dared perch on its branches.

In the middle of the oak was a hollow high enough for you to extend your hand and put the drop the items inside. Nobody knew where the items disappeared, and you hesitated before dropping your items inside. To some, no creature appeared. To some, a forest creature appeared for just a minute. But it was rare to find a forest creature that would follow you home. Your head was spinning now, you didn't know where was left or right.

You woke up on the ground, and what did you see? Two pairs of eyes staring at you.

. . . . . . . . . . .

You slowly opened your eyes and awoke in the same clearing, with the same, enchanted oak. You sat up and looked around. You swore you saw something...two eyes staring at you? You surely couldn't have summoned a creature...from the forest? Nuh-uh. As soon as you got up, there it was again. Two eyes staring at you from the bushes. What was it? Should you go investigate? You hesitated before making up your mind. You'd go check in the bushes, see what was hiding in there.

The leaves rustled before you could part the branches of the bush, and out popped out a small fox. This fox was a strange looking fox...but it had three tails instead of one? There was a collar around its neck, with a small bell and a tag on it. Surely this fox belonged to someone? You went to check the fox's tag, who in response stood completely still. The tag had your name and address on it, which said to return if lost. You stumbled backwards in disbelief. This fox couldn't be yours! Tripping over a rock, you fell and landed on your bum. The fox stepped forwards, making a strange sound that sounded like a cross between a whine and a bell.

This fox was now your fox! You had successfully summoned a forest spirit and managed to be able to...keep it? Whatever this fox was, you vowed to bring it to no harm and protect it with your life. The fox vowed the same, and it followed you all the way home.

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