I blame it on Thecursedgift12

I blame it on myself

I blame the world. Every small scrap in it.

I hate this cruel world I hate Animaljam. Its a dumb game luring kids into darkness.

All I see is white. Its Animaljams fault. Im not mental, I'm not seeing things.


It started on a Sunday. Some dumb eagle kept joining and rejoining the adventure. It was really getting on nerves.

I told her to make up her fricking mind, which I regret now. Thecursedgift12 told everyone to report me for swearing.

I reloaded my page but got frozen on the dumb black screen. " Damn it! " I said. The screen was a faded jet black.

Its not supposed to be frozen for this long? I reloaded again. Bad choice. I was loaded into darkness.

I didn't get any sleep last night. Until I saw it. The black figure behind the curtains. One of Animaljams dark secrets

I cant describe it. Jet black shapes. Meandering shapes.

" Help me " I screamed. The thing was long gone when my family came in. My dumb sister sneered and said " I think he's crazy mother " I vow to kill her. Im getting ahead of myself. My mother nervously nodded as I screamed. She told me she was taking me somewhere 'special'. As in the white room I'm sitting in. Im getting put on deathchair. I HATE ANIMALJAM.

I laughed and said " The next person who reads this will be killed I hate life and will repay by destroying others "

I am the mental patient of Help for paws Mental home. Armed with a axe. Goodight

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