UOO: Hey! I'm Unpopular Opinion Owl, and it's pretty obvious that I have unpopular opinions.. If you have a question or want me to opinionate on something, feel free to edit. Ya'll can say dumb stuff like 'r u a cheeseburger Lola', but just don't pretend to be another wiki user or anything! Without Further Ado, Let's Get Asking! And for each their own!

KoishiSan: How many den betas is an orange long collar worth?

UOO: 20.

WilliamShadow: Can you name me an item that's considered rare? A spiky item maybe?

UOO: Nothing in AJ is rare, really. But fox hats and rare bows are rare like WHAT

Beaniebag3: If someone doesn't want to trade back, is it scamming?

UOO: No.

Beaniebag3: This is sort of serious, but is it righteous to hate comment on 'how to scam and hack' videos?

UOO: No. Many people think scamming is bad, and yes, it certainly makes you feel guilty and upset to scam and be scammed, but anyone can scam if they want to. But you're not in the right if you keep telling people how 'horrible they are' and how much they should kill themselves, et cetera.

SweetKawaiiPup: What would you do if Kipper tried to kill you?

UOO: Since I have a boring life, I'd hurl myself into her jaws, and just by miracle... (Suspenseful music)... I'd die.

(Load applause at the unpredictable experience much!?)

missingno52: would you eat a mealworm donut??????

UOO: Yeah. Since I am an owl, I'd probably like worms. Heh

BUT WAIT (preview)



Williamshadow: Um... Idk what to ask lol

UOO: lol


KoishiSan: What would you do if you found out your friend's (best friend) password?

UOO: I'd raid him/her. But just to be a scumbag, i'd take everything - Even the rare Monday's. Sadly, I don't, and never will have friends -sniffle- :))


☀if you found the most rarest item in AJ because there is no other items like it, what would you do with it?

UOO: I'd use it to scam other people, complain to AJHQ that they didn't give me WootMoo and Nemachu's password, and hoard all the items I'd scammed, recycle them, and continue until everyone else were peasants co pared to me and my trusty necklace.

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