Chapter 1: Guns

One day I was walking around Jamaa Township. I saw someone saying, "See an unreleased item my den!". I went to his den, but what I got was nothing. There was nothing in his den but an arctic wolf. His name was Major Stinkymaster. I rolled my eyes and tried to get back to Jamaa Township, but the world map was grayed out. A bunch of other jammers came too. The guy who told people to go to his den came back. His name was Old Prettybelly. Weird name for a boy. Old said, "Trade me your best items for it." Someone shouted, "Scammer!" The guy walked over and said, "Orly? Am I a scammer?" He took out what looked like a gun. Guns? I thought. In a child's game? Must be the unreleased item. Suddenly, something that looked like a bullet shot out of it. The jammer had died. Blood splattered all around the den. My friend, Awesome Supercheetah was there too, right next to me in real life. "I'm going to trade him my only founder's and my rare black long. I don't want to be shot too!" She traded it. "That's a dumb trade. I have millions of them." He shot the gun. It came out of the screen and killed her! It was a silent shot, so her parents didn't hear. "Hey, if you go and tell her parents, I'll shoot you too." I traded him my rare blue spike, a rare vampire mask, a beta hood, and I actually traded him another unreleased item, the Princess Bed. He accepted. I now had the gun. I saw Major Stinkymaster walk toward me and do the love emoji. I suddenly became insane.

Chapter 2: First Victim

I could go back to Jamaa Township, so I did. This one arctic wolf did the love emoji, so I did it back. I had an innocent love beggar as my first victim. I told him to go to my den. He did. We had a few weeks of "love", and then I killed him. I managed to get him to give all of his rares and betas to me. I was now a rare jammer. I got a second victim, a bunny who wanted to be adopted. I usually hate adopting people, but in this case, to kill someone, I was going to. I had her for a few days, and then she brought a boy. I was happy. Two victims in one day! I shot the gun at the boy, first. The animal screamed. "Please don't hurt me!" "Oh, I'd be happy to!" I said. I shot her.

Chapter 3: Revenge

A few months later, I did an adventure. A rumor spread out that everyone who came to my den, never came out. Everyone was afraid of me. I went to a trading party. No one was there. Suddenly, all of the people I killed came. They were all laughing, trading, playing games, etc. A girl, Happy Icypaws, came up to me. "Hey, wanna trade?" she said. I walked to the basement. Everyone followed. "Wanna trade?" they repeated. "NO!" I screamed. They walked toward me. I felt a pain, like my eyes were being gouged out. Then, it felt like my eyes were being ripped off. Blood was all over my room, and in Animal Jam. The gun was out of my inventory, it just disappeared. I disappeared too. I live in a dark, dark room. Each day, I feel that pain again. I have nightmares. About YOU. You're next. You will be shot. You won't live through the day. Good luck avoiding it.

-Littlespiritmaster123, aj account is teddybear5678.

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