(First creepypasta dont hate plz!)
One day, I was playing Animal Jam. My arctic wolf, Sparkle Arcticstar did her normal expression. Somehow, when I was about to walk in the diamond shop, a loading screen showed up, but instead of saying things to protect you, it said "Be careful, Animal Jam may not be normal today." I was a bit creeped out. I was in the Untitled Room, with millions of other jammers. Some of my friends were here too. But there was something a bit strange. There was a wolf, and it looked unmodified, like it was just a new jammer. The only thing changed on him was that he had the eyes that looked like girl eyes, but without the eyelashes. His eyes were a bloody red. I tried to change my character's eyes to that color, but it was impossible. So I changed her eyes back to blue. I was like "That is weird... How did this guy get red eyes? Is he a hacker?" But I let that go for a while. His name was "Duke Darkwolf" and then he said "HELLO" in the chat. But something was weird. His chat bubble was black with a shade of his eye color. And instead of the words being black, they were a dark red. Then, he said "TIME TO DIE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I almost wet myself. Then soon, the screen went black, and when it came back, all the animals (excluding me and my friends and him) were doing the sleep action, but not moving. All their patterns were red splats. Then he said "You... I spared you because I wanna make you suffer longer." I typed in the chat "Who are you? Why are you doing this?" I was shaking. I was about to close the tab. As I clicked the x, it did not budge. Then, I opened the list of worlds. I was in Tigris, and there was only another world. It was called "Gore". I stayed in Tigris. Then, somehow, he said "Goodbye..." However, a voice played on my laptop, saying "Goodbye..." at the same time. It was male, dark, distorted, and demonic. The background was no longer gray. It was a deep blood red, with a lighter shaded liquid dripping. Then, the Kefka laugh played, distorted. Then, a terrible cutscene played, he was ripping me and my friends' animals apart. Realistic blood and organs spilled out. I gagged. I was about to shut down the laptop, but somehow, it did not shut down. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled. I was glad no one was home when I shouted. Suddenly, the screen turned black for a while. Then it came back, I saw a fox. It was my sister's animal, her name was Pouncing Cutelady. I saw she was in Jamaa Township, everything looked normal. She clicked on the buddy list. She clicked on Bunny622, who was online. However, Bunny622 did not look normal. She laid down, like she was on sleep action. But she did not move. And some red liquid was coming out. "Wake up... WAKE UUUUUUUUUP!" Pouncing Cutelady shouted. But she was automatically taken to the gory Untitled Room. "SPARKLE NUUUUUUUUU!" She yelled in the chat. Suddenly, another terrible cutscene played on my screen, of Pouncing being thrown at the wall and being torn apart. Then, the same "You have been gone for too long and got logged out! Click OK to play again!" screen appeared. But the "OK" button was gray and red. I clicked ok, but when I was taken back to the homepage, instead of the alphas and the cute little animals, it was Duke Darkwolf. He had a huge grin, with blood on the teeth, and his eyes were black with red pupils. I shut down the laptop, it worked! Well, no more Animal Jam for me for a week.

1 week later...

Things are normal again. No more blood, no more violence. Duke Darkwolf was banned forever. He was not a new jammer, he was fman122 in disguise. Also, AJHQ said they were sorry that stuff happened. So they regenerated our animals, it was normal again.