Did you know that animal jam once had a virus? If you sit still and listen, I will tell you all about it. Just ignore the screams above. Sometimes the torture chamber gets a little busy. Above that is the guest bedroom. Anyone who goes in never goes out. Don't worry. You wont be sleeping there tonight. My servant is digging your bed right now. The soil makes a good mattress. And try not to step on Hazel over there. The last person who stood on him went home with his leg missing. Now sit on that armchair over there, and listen. I will take you to a time when all went wrong...

Chapter 1: AJHQ

"Oi Molly, have you seen this?" Amy McLeod shouted to her Best friend, Molly Stander. They both worked at AJHQ i.e Wildworks. "Seen what?" "This idea on It says we should add a new game called 'Overflow'" "Great idea. Lets do it" " And a anonymous person suggests a secret button which says you can get free rares and betas, but because of their greed, we change all his animals to a bloody pattern, his screensaver to a ripped - open animal, and when he sleeps, he doesn't move. And it is all stuck like that." Molly was outraged. "Who does he think he is?! This is a kids game, not a horror game! Of course we won't do that!" Little did Molly and Amy know, Jordan Souphlate (Pronounced Soof - laa - tae also he becomes Fman122 later) Was listening from the shadows. Hmm, a type of virus, eh? He thought. I can do that!

Chapter 2: Midnight

Jordan typed away. "Done!" He said. "Finally" Jordan had set it so the button is pressed, all the violent things anonymous suggested happened, but he had made it so all their buddies got it and all his buddies - buddies got it, and so on. Perfect.

Chapter 3: The White household.

Payton and Maia White, Alexandra Yang and Jasmine and Sophie Calthrop were sitting in The white household, bent over 5 laptops, one for each member. They all belonged to the KlubKitty, the most popular group in all of AJ elementry school. KlubKitty was a club, and every year, 10 students were chosen to try and get into the club. They all had to pass 9 tests, and If you came last at any of them, you are out and it continues the tests without you. The tests included: Racing, art, writing, dancing, singing and more. Anyway, they were all on a laptop, playing animal jam. The principal of AJ elementary, Mr. Souphlate worked for wildworks, so he helped with animal jam. "Hey guys, check it out! " Alex, the deputy said. "A free item button? Well better not press it, It must have been hacked into the game" Said Jasmine, the Omega. This, the others agreed with, and that was that. Little did they know, Payton, the President of the clubs buddies had pressed the button, and that was when it all went wrong.

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