Hello Jammers! This creepypasta of mine is a little different, so enjoy reading! (C) Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

Middle 2013

Hello. I am a newbie, sorta, I joined Animal Jam recently. I found out about it from my real life friend, she constantly talks about it and I always ask what it's about, and she never seems to explain why, but one day she told me to go on the home page. So I made a new account for free and it looks so cute! It's the most happiest game on Earth. But I had a really bad feeling about this game, something sinister and dark, behind all the cute little happy animals dancing and playing in this virtual world.

Early 2014

I feel... AWESOME! I have membership now, things have changed and I actually have a few rares. Bow and arrows, a beta arctic hood, and a long green spike collar! I even have a couple of den betas! A red fox hat, long green spike collar, epic purple worn, a short purple spiked wristband and blue tail armour were all perched on my blue and pink rabbit. I am extremely proud of myself. My strange feeling about this land has gone fainter, I don't think what I believe will happen will come true.

Late 2014

I didn't think that my bad feeling would come true, until now. I was chatting to my real life friend on Skype, until she mentioned something about a virus spreader. "A virus WHAT?" I screamed.

"A virus spreader." She replied, a grim look in her eyes, "Apparently, he's a completely black tiger with a gltiched top hat. As well as a virus spreader he is a hacker. When he enters the room, a portal appears and everyone gets sucked in. Then BAM! All your items are gone and are sent to the hacker immediately. I think that's how it works. And your computer gets a virus.. Nobody has been able to tell the rest of the story." My eyes widened at the information.

"So you mean... He's a hacker AND a virus spreader?! OMG! What's his name and how do you know it's him when you see him? What colour is his top hat?" Questions flew all over my mind and I was expecting my friend to answer them.

"Well... Yes, a hacker and a virus spreader. Nobody knows his name, at least people who have experienced him have never been able to report the news of his name, and we don't hear from them either." She said.

"Then how can you all possibly know that he exists if nobody has evidence?" I asked. My friend paused for a moment.

"Because we see him in our minds." That's all she said. Then it clicked. It all came flashing back. The strange feeling I had? Oh, the image wasn't very clear to me, all I was imagining about was a black tiger with a strangely coloured top hat (yucky green, ugly brown, dark yellow, and blood red) who would destroy us all. Oh no, this is bad!

The Skype call suddenly ended because my Internet went down. 4 hours later, the Internet was back up, so I went on my laptop and logged on Skype to see if my friend was on, or if any of my contacts were on for that matter. But no, no contacts online. I was very bored so I decided to play a little Animal Jam, I had a lot of fun for quite a while until I went to Jamaa Township in the Aldan server to do some trading. With no doubt the land was full, but I managed to fit in anyway. Until BAM...

A completely black tiger with a yucky green, ugly brown, dark yellow and blood red top hat entered the room. His name tag read "Broken Happyfriend". I clicked on his tag to see his player card, the username slot was blank for a second until pixelated and glitched letters appeared on the screen. BROKEN, in all capitals. Suddenly, a strange portal with the colours of BROKEN's top hat appeared on my screen. I had no control over my avatar...

My rabbit was there, looking around with a terrified look in her pale, gloomy eyes. All the animals that were in Aldan were in the portal too, but suddenly what was going on in Animal Jam went in full screen. I could see BROKEN at the top of the portal, completely still. Then I heard a 'click' sound. The items that were on my rabbit flashed and flickered for a few seconds, and then disappeared completely. My inventory zoomed up and it showed with NO items. I couldn't believe it! All those rares and betas I had worked hard for, completely gone. Tears formed in my eyes until suddenly, a yucky green, ugly brown, dark yellow and blood red top hat appeared on the top of my rabbit's head.

That's when my rabbit changed. It had an insane, creepy look in her eyes that disturbed me, like they were looking deep in my soul. Blood dripped from her jaws and scars covered her pelt. I screamed as my inventory closed, until suddenly I heard a loud BANG, I had to cover my ears to block the noise. Then the most shocking thing happened: The portal that was in the game appeared in REAL LIFE. I wailed and screamed, stepped back, but the portal was like a vacuum, sucking me up and pulling me in the game. I clung onto my chair, but with no luck, I slipped right through the screen.

I felt different. I scanned my body and realised that I had transformed into my rabbit from Animal Jam! She still had the top hat on but no longer had an insane look in her eyes but a frightened one. However her pelt still had scars. Then the portal faded. I was stuck in my computer.

The Virus Takes Action

I crawled around my computer's desktop, crawling around. Until, I felt everything go pitch black. The computer had shut down, but 10 seconds after it turned back on again. When it faded into the computer's desktop, I gagged when I saw pixels scatter everywhere. I ran around some more, screaming. I ran into a new land, a new page. It was Google Chrome, on Animal Jam. I wrote in my username and password and logged in, however it took a long time to load.

But there were terrifying decorations on the front page, of a spooky forest. The trees were dead and the feeling was gloomy, cold, grey and miserable. There were rotting plants all around and animal guts were scattered all over the floor. Rotting bones were hung on every bush and tree branch, with pieces of skin and animal fur attached on them.

I shuddered at the horrible sight, but finally Animal Jam loaded. A video began to play. My rabbit, oops, I meant MYSELF, was running through the forest that was on the home page. Until suddenly, a glimmer glowed in the dark. I had hope as the video ended, and the glimmer faded slowly as a beautiful heron walked towards me. Mira! Thank goodness. But as Mira got closer, her image was more clearer.

She had ash grey feathers, and had stitches and cut open wounds and gashes. Her feathers were scratched and her wings hardly had any feathers on them. Her talons and legs were completely made out of bones, and her eyes oozed a sticky black liquid I couldn't identify. "Mira?" I whispered. "Is it you?" The horrid creature suddenly roared.

"MIRA? WHY DID YOU CALL ME THAT? I AM NO MIRA! I AM BROKEN!" She roared so loudly that my ears nearly blew off!

"You mean the black tiger with the glitched top hat?" I muttered in fear. Mira, or should I say, Broken, cackled loudly like a witch, before silencing herself with a snarl.

"Liar." And with that, she picked me up in her talons, I shrieked in pain. Surprisingly, her bone talons were super sharp. She eyed a burning fire with an insane gleam in her eyes, then glared back at me. "You really are a sparking fire, aren't you?" She said.

"What do you mean?" I screamed, but it was too late to clarify. She chucked me over in that fire, RIGHT in the fire. I screeched in pain as I felt the heat overwhelm me and the flames burn my skin off. I felt light-headed due to inhaling too much smoke. Suddenly, I saw BROKEN, the black tiger with the top hat. He slowly walked up to me, with an ashy grey face and surrounded by sparks.

He whispered something so horrible to me, I can't even explain in words, and my life ended.

(Woah! This took AGES to write! I hope you all enjoyed! Did you like this creepypasta? Would you like to see more? What about? Comment down below!)

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