Yo, I'm Tobias. Who am I? Oh, I'm just a new character.

Just kidding, I'm Spaghetti. But my name is actual name is Tobias.

Anyways, my brother, Emilio, and I are really close. Have I mentioned that? We're twins...kind of.

Ruben, the one you know as Admiral, is another one of my friends. He's a bit...weird I guess? But still, we're friends.

Reimund, the one you usually know as Awesome, is my friend as well! He's kinda weird as well, I guess he and my brother are really close together. Now, you see, I don't ship them like everyone does. I just think of them as best friends...I guess!

My other friend, Julien, or the guy you know as Little, is pretty quiet but he's good and helpful and...I guess he's fine.

Now wait just one diddly-darned minute, I'm not getting to the point here! My point is that all of us have been transferred to the human world, and now our secret real names have been revealed! I must tell the rest to you later, something seems to be following us.

Something, er, unearthly.

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