This takes place in the Realistic AJ times. Read the story and you will understand what's happening. I do not own the story Realistic AJ.

I curled up on the metal floor of the tiny bar cage, my body quivering. I looked to the side, seeing a few more cages stacked on one another against a pile of bricks, animals shaking and crying in fear. A hunter snatched a fox out of a cage, grabbing a metal object.

I watched as the hunter slammed the metal on the canine's throat multiple times until it coughed up a clump of blood, tears streaming from its eyes like flowing rivers. The fox's fur began to flatten, the metal beating through the skin, the spot bleeding out. It let out a howl of agony, swinging his head side to side, dangling. The hunter held him by his tail, slamming his body against the ground. A loud crack rung into the air, the canine dropping to the ground. It twitched madly for a few seconds before going limp, its wild breathing slowing.


(Art by me.)

I gasped. Other animals in cages turned their heads to the dying fox, an expression of sadness and fear stuck on their faces. The hunter put a large gun to the fox's head and pulled the trigger, the fox yelping as a bang split into the air. The canine went limp, its body slumping over, a hole in its head bleeding madly. On the other side of his head, flesh hung out of another hole, blood welling out of it, forming a large crimson pool. At the sight, I fearfully curled up tighter against the bars of the cage, whimpering.

The hunter began to come my way. I shut my eyes, bracing myself for a fatal beating. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes. I was still in the cage, untouched. The hunter snatched a bunny out of a tiny cage. It let out a shriek of pain, held painfully by its ears. The bunny flailed its arms, squirming in the man's grasp. Angered, the human slung the fragile creature against a tree. It fell limp from shock- but it was still alive. The man slung the white ball of fluff against the tree multiple times until the side of its head began to bleed.

I could almost feel the pain by just watching.

The man grabbed the metal piece and hit the rabbit's head, a long crack splitting into the air. A loud shriek erupted before being silenced with a bang. Once the rabbit went limp, the man picked it up and threw it aside, along with the fox, creating a gory pile.

My stomach began to turn. I felt sick. I couldn't erase those horrible images from my mind. A feeling of dread swept over me. I wanted to go home, back to mom and dad... Back home.

But I couldn't.

I watched the other animals get beaten and bruised, then killed with as little dignity as possible. They were all thrown aside, forming a heap of dead, bleeding bodies. The last animal, a wolf, like me, died. The howls, cries, breaths, whimpers and painful wheezing rang through my head. The wolf was thrown aside. The man turned to my cage.

It was my turn.

I began whimpering loudly and wildly shaking. The man stared at me, a smirk crawling across his face. He began laughing at my actions. Thoughts rushed through my head. I was going to die a painful death. I wanted to go home. I wanted to leave. I want to disappear from this world. I knew I would end up like the rest. I may not even move on- I'll be on this earth forever, my spirit endlessly roaming. Will I vanish? Will my soul disappear? Where will I go?

I let out a frightened howl as the man very slowly walked toward my cage. He began laughing as I shrunk back, my ears pinning back. I began wheezing from fear. My head began buzzing, my ears ringing, my stomach twisting...

I knew I should've never went out of the log my parents told me to stay in.

Stupid me. Stupid actions. I'm such an idiot. This is my fault. All my fault. I'm to blame.

I was lost in my thoughts. A silence fell over my mind.

Well, that silence was quickly broken.

The man slung the cage door open. I tried to run, but he grabbed me by one of my forelegs. I let out a loud howl. He dragged me out, grabbing the back of my neck. My head thrust up, pointing at the sky. My legs flailed wildly as I heard him grab something.

A sharp pain hit my side. I let out a cry, my head swinging side to side, my jaw gaping open. With a laugh, he placed a stick in my mouth, forcing it open. I felt something go down my throat. It was something small and cold with rough edges. It scratched my throat, causing me to gag. A few more of the small objects went down my throat. I tried coughing them up, but I ended up swallowing them. They were probably sharp stones.

He yanked the stick out of my mouth, popping out a few of my teeth. I let out a whimper, my jaw snapping shut. A cloth was tied around my jaws, forcing them shut. I slung my head side to side, but I stopped when something hard hit my side. I let out a few muffled whimpers. The man slung me to the ground, stepping on my neck. I couldn't breathe well.

A pain hit my head and I felt something crack. My ears loudly rang, my eyes rolling in the back of my head. I felt the inside of my stomach being ripped apart by the sharp rocks. My head painfully throbbed. My eyes began to close.

Something hit the same spot on my side again. I flinched, my legs locking. I couldn't move- I was paralyzed. Blood trickled out of my nose and mouth, turning the cloth a crimson shade. I could feel my blood pouring out the wound. It really hurt. It felt like something inside of me was cracked.

My head began throbbing worse. I began twitching. My side throbbed hardly, causing me to sling my head against the ground. I felt something hard drop on the spot, a crack ringing into the air. I let out a loud, muffled yelp. My legs began to flail madly. My vision began to fail.

I heard the man say something. "Useless. This wolf pup has no good quality." He laughed again. I constantly twitched. He knew he ruined me. Who would think this was funny!?

I felt something hit me again. My vision suddenly blurred. I couldn't make out any shapes.

I am sorry. I guess it's the end now.


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