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The Animal Jam Wiki is generally a peaceful place. However, three or four times in our history, disgruntled users have planned full-scale attacks on the wiki. None have succeeded, nor were they expected to succeed.

While undesirable, an attack on the wiki - staged in rather medieval times - would be interesting. That's why I decided to write this story.

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Rated PG-13 for extreme violence, minor language, and adult references.

If anyone can find the references in here, comment below!


Ajfan52 laughed crazily at his computer as the shocked admins scrambled to press the button that would ban him from the wiki forever. The chat was covered with swear words, the main page in shambles. As the button was pressed, anger started welling up in the hacker's heart. They should not have banned me. I can do more good for the world than any of them could in a thousand lifetimes. How dare they. I was doing nothing wrong - just a bit of fun. I hate them. I HATE THEM.

Far away, one of the banning admins was watching silently out over the barren plain, scattered with tiny wikis that no one had ever bothered to develop. He turned around and looked out over the gleaming city of the Animal Jam Wiki. This wiki had been built up from nothing, first by Sageleaf, then by JaguarStar190, then by himself. Gray gripped a bow that flickered with blue light, still gazing out over the lands.

A flicker of pixels and electricity announced the arrival of Randomized, a master of code who could change the fates of anyone on the wiki. "Gray. Ajfan52 is threatening to run us down. Destroy us. Burn us. He wants to destroy our walls and take control. He's raised several wikifuls of people against us."

Gray grinned, looking at the ramparts beneath his feet. "Let them try," he said in a voice quiet with menace.

"Ladies and gentlemen

of the Animal Jam Wiki, I'm terrible at making speeches, so listen closely." Gray's deep voice was heard by everyone in the wiki chat. "That user, Ajfan52, you know him?" Chainsaws revved in the crowd. "Apparently yes. Well, he's decided to raise several wikifuls of people to take us down. We're talking maybe 2000-user wikis, some a lot bigger. He plans to bore through our walls, kill us, and let the wiki burn behind him as he makes a totally awesome exit into the sunset. Well, I don't think he's going to get what he wants this Christmas." He grinned evilly. "We'll defend, with allies, and stop him."

There was an immense cheer from the crowd. Gray started to walk away, and paused to turn back. "You know, I'm getting the feeling I'm not so bad at making speeches. Or maybe they're just so bad they're good."

"Lookie here. Our nearest

friendly wiki is the Minecraft Computer Wiki, fifty-nine kilobytes away." Gray pointed at a map of Wikia in front of his hastily formed "war council." "We'll need to go there first. From there, it's a short walk to the Hexxit, Mineplex and Terraria Fan Ideas Wikis. They'll all be helpful." He paused. "If we need a last resort, there's always the Amazing Everything Wiki. The founder and I are not on particularly good terms, but we're not on particularly bad ones either. We've worked together before, and we might need their help. Any questions?"

"Yes." Caspiea raised her hand. "Why is Flaming here?"

"Flaming is here because he's my friend and he can be very helpful," Gray said with a tone indicating this issue had been discussed many times. "I mean, when he's awake."

"The plan is

for me to go to the Minecraft Computer Wiki. I'll get Jeff's help, send his group here under the guidance of Percy and Spy, and go with him to the other wikis, raising their help. You guys will send a messenger or three if things get dire, to tell me to go to Seacactus and get his wiki's help. Chief is in charge, Uni and Random are helping her out. Understood?" Gray asked.

His friends and colleagues all nodded. Chief extended her hand to Gray. "Good luck, Gray," she whispered.

Gray nodded, turned around, and jogged off to the west.

Gray had been

gone for almost a week, six days, before the attackers showed. With Ajfan52 at their head, they charged toward the walls of the Animal Jam Wiki. However, they didn't get far. A team of archers launched arrows into the ranks of the attackers, directed by Roadhawk. The man with the wings himself took to the air, screaming down to pick off two or more of the enemy. Wikians on both sides fell, pierced by arrows or struck by stones.

Thirty or more of the enemy detached themselves from the front line, dashing toward the walls. They flickered with blue light. When they met the walls, they charged right through, leaving blue-white rifts where they had passed. NightshadeTheWolf and Koalala101 dashed toward these, killing off the codebreakers and sealing the rifts. They were soon joined by PuppyGirl1244, mowing down invaders with her chainsaw, and Caspiea, whose body flickered and split into four, each looking slightly different.

At the Minecraft Computer Wiki

Jeff was just finishing telling his wikians the situation, and what to do. He and Gray were ready to head to the nearest friendly point: the Hexxit Wiki.

Spy, MC and Percy gathered the troops of the small wiki and marched to the east. They had a wiki to defend.

At the Animal Jam Wiki, Roadhawk was the first to see the light to the west: the flash of MC's camera, lighting the path of the Minecraft Computer Wiki. "Allies!" he cried.

The gates of the Hexxit Wiki were dark, and only one solitary figure leaned tiredly against the left post. SilverHexxitFights, editing dynamo, minor code changer, chat moderator, admin and bureaucrat, greeted his two friends with open arms. "But there's a problem," he said. "Kalbintion and Jeter have gone into a deep sleep - I haven't been able to wake them up." Jeff looked distraught, while Gray just snorted. "I have an idea," he said. "C'mon, let's wake 'em up." Silver followed him in.

"So... wait... what?" JeterNYY was sitting at the table, a pot of coffee in front of him. "Good coffee, by the way, Gray. But what?"

Kalbintion interrupted. "What Gray's saying is that the Animal Jam Wiki is under attack by a disgruntled user. And he wants us to help them. And we're going to help them."

Full of energy, the two awakened-by-coffee admins marched a large force across the grasslands, prepared to help the Animal Jam Wiki. Jeff, Silver and Gray marched on toward the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki.

The battle 

was becoming desperate. As soon as he had arrived, Spy had locked himself and Random in a room together, trying to heal the breaches in the wiki's walls. They ignored all of Flaming's sex jokes, which was a rare thing. Chief, meanwhile, went down to the dungeons of the wiki. She traveled along the narrow corridor until she reached Cell 17, where wind rushed through the tunnel. She knocked on the door of Cell 17.

A cautious voice answered as the door opened, "Chief? What do you need?" Inside, a tall teen with windblown blonde hair was staring at her, looking nervous and excited at once. Chief answered shakily, "The wiki's under attack, Tornado. I need someone else's help - someone who was here and knew Gray well. I have no idea what he would've done."

Tornado considered for a moment. "Alright," he agreed, "but can you spare some guards to keep me under, ah, surveillance? I don't trust myself."

Chief nodded. "We can spare Lolrus and Rek. They'll guard you."

Tornado sighed. "Looks like it's time to talk to everyone about this."

At the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki

Jeff, Gray and Silver knocked on the door and were answered by two smiling faces. Hunt, with pencil in hand, gave Gray a one-handed slap on the back while Swaggins bro-fisted Silver, grinning excitedly. "What do you need, bro?" he asked Silver. The reply came: "The Animal Jam Wiki is under attack by a disgruntled user. We need your help to defeat him - we're hopelessly outnumbered."

Swaggins nodded slowly. "I'm game," he said. "But first, look what Hunt's managed to do."

Hunt bent over his sketchpad. When he was finished, he was holding a massive red-and-orange sword with a blazing skull on it. A small lump of slime hopped off the board and began bouncing toward Hunt. He swung the sword and three horned skulls blazed off it and slammed into the slime, melting it into nothing.

"Wow!" Jeff exclaimed, as Gray wolf-whistled. "Your sprites are becoming reality! You're that good!"

Hunt blushed, then picked up the sword again. "Let's go," he said.


Hunt, Jeff, Swaggins and Silver made their way across the grasslands toward the Animal Jam Wiki, Gray continued on to the Mineplex Wiki, hoping to find an old friend and ally.

As usually, the wiki was quiet, but Rinzler was sitting at a polished table, awaiting Gray. He immediately volunteered to help.

"Thanks, Rinzler," Gray said. "We're a little low on code changers at the moment. Spy, Jeff, Road and Random are stretched to the limit."

When daylight broke

Rinzler and Gray were in sight of the Animal Jam Wiki. There was fire on the north and west sides, lapping at the battlements, and the west battlements were crumbling fast. Rinzler dashed in at blazing speed, making for the center of the city. A blue-white light was emanating from there, where the code changers were at work sealing the city.

Gray rushed

behind his friend, vaulting the battlements and nearly running into his Minecraft Computer Wiki friends. FireSlime was engaged in heated combat with three enemy warriors, bouncing over their heads and landing with a plop! MC slammed his enemies with a stick. Percy led the charge, stabbing his trident into enemies.

Gray joined them, wheeling in a circle and demolishing a pack of enemies. Swaggins and Hunt joined them, each clad in battle-armor of Hunt's design and swinging a huge broadsword. Silver leapt into battle, ducking under the guard of enemies and slamming into them with an immense battleaxe.

Night began to fall

but the battle within the city raged on. Gray and his Minecraft Computer friends had demolished the enemies in the northwest corner of the city, but there were more elsewhere, pouring in at the besieged warriors.

On the other side of the city, Chief and a battalion of Animal Jam Wikians was struggling to put out the fires on the east wall.

In the center of the city, Jeter, Flaming, Tornado and Silver defended the code changers' room, gusts of wind sweeping them and ruffling their hair. The winds kept the enemies at bay so Flaming could scorch them with fire and pierce them with beams of light. Silver's battleaxe smashed anyone coming too close, while Jeter dropped a huge hammer on enemies who dared get past their defenses. "Banhammer'd!" Flaming said whenever the hammer hit three enemies at once.

Ajfan52 himself

came riding in on pure darkness, sweeping over the combatants. Bolts of shadow struck the walls, tumbling them down. The walls struggled to rebuild themselves as the code changers reacted to the destruction. As Ajfan swept over Gray's group, he twitched his hand. MC was thrown into a wall. Percy's trident turned to ash. FireSlime's bounce sent him far away, into a patch of fire.

Chief was pressed against the wall. Koalala and Night were frozen in place, unable to continue repairing the breached walls.

Diamonddragon88 leapt into the air, swords flashing, and lunged at the disgruntled user. He caught her in midair by the throat and launched her far away, into the tower rising in the center of the city.

The enemies receeded as the master himself came flying in. He floated, wraithlike, down the center avenue of the city, ready to kill. Anyone attacking him was thrown away by a gust of dark air.

He was then pressed back by a gale-force gust, beating against the unformed evil body. Tornado stood at the end of the avenue, pressing him back.

He soon faltered, however, when Ajfan increased the flow of dark wind. He tumbled backwards into a wall.

"Haxx0r," Flaming muttered, then burst into a fit of phony-sounding laughter.

Jeter was thrown away by the dark wind.

Silver leveled his battleaxe and threw it. It was sent winging off into the storm.

He pulled out a blue book and opened it. Reading quickly in an ancient language, he cast occasional glances toward the advancing figure. The pages fluttered in the wind, but the damage was done: Silver lifted the book to the heavens, and a blue ring of light came sailing out and slicing through Ajfan's darkness. It sliced through once, twice, seven times, crumbling the darkness apart. The darkness just reformed.

"Haxx0r," Flaming said again, more loudly. He then yelled, "Ajfan too op - pls nerf!"

Those were his last words, as he and Silver were blown backwards into the mist.

A figure came riding in - the Ultimate Chimera. However, it was thrown backwards into the mist and exploded violently.

There was nothing between the code changers' box and Ajfan52 - except a small amount of skinny teenager, wielding a longsword and gritting his teeth. His hands crackled with electricity, and the lights of the wiki went off. The only light left on the battlefield was the blue-white light of the code changers' workings.

Gray dashed at lightning speed toward Ajfan, grabbing hold of the villain's neck. Ajfan did likewise to Gray.

There was a flash of blue electricity, the lights came back on, and the mists cleared. There was no sign of villain or hero.

The citizens and allies stood silent, unsure what had just taken place. The door to the code changers' box opened, and Jeff peeked out. "We heard a lot of kabooms!" he announced, then stepped out.

A loud shriek cut through the air. "SQUEEE!" Hunt screamed, tears running down his face, hugging Swaggins like a teddy bear. The uncomfortable warrior patted his arm awkwardly.

"The eternal quote," Uni commented dryly, then bowed her head.

Funeral services

were held later that day, in the main hall of the wiki. Everyone who had fought was present.

An empty coffin to symbolize Gray was at the top of the hall, with Flaming's and Silver's by him. A little way away, Diamond's lifeless body, or the largest bit they could salvage, more accurately, lay inside a plastic bag.

Tornado was lying in the corner of the hall, a note from Gray in his pocket. It read:

Dear Tornado you idiot,

I wish I had gotten the chance to punch you in the face, but I never did. Take this as a souvenir or whatever, show your kids, assuming there's a woman stupid enough out there to have you.

Your friend,


P.S. Good to see you again, old pal.

Tornado smiled through bloodied lips.

FireSlime was in the infirmary, bandages all over him. MC and Spleef sat next to him, still pondering how a fire slime could get burned.

A distraught Hunt gave Gray's coffin one last brohug, then trudged off heavily toward his home wiki. Swaggins followed halfheartedly, Light Matter and TrueCobalion behind. Percy stood behind them, marveling at the new trident Hunt had made.

Kalbintion and Jeter bowed over Silver's coffin, acknowledging him as one of the finest users they'd ever met, then went their own ways.

Chief was later given the pendant that signified leadership of the wiki. She took it with tears in her eyes.

I must say that was way more interesting than any attack on the wiki that's ever been threatened.

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